Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Criger's Visit for Spring Break

My BFF knows that I love surprises! She and John had been planning for her to visit with the boys for a while when John let it slip a few days before she was coming.  We were out to eat at the Olive Garden when I got the call saying she was coming with the boys for their Spring Break.  I was over the moon excited!

Job wasn't able to make it so Amy packed up the boys for a road trip and headed to Colorado.  While they were here we played in the back yard; zip lining, racing down the grassy hill on big wheels, swinging on the swing set and jumping in the trampoline.  We also took them to our favorite winter indoor hangout - Evergreen Rec Center.  We did some rock climbing, swimming, and then rock climbing again!  I think we sufficiently wore out the kids while they were here.

The kids had sooooo much fun.  Ok so did the adults!  I love hanging out with my Bestie.  I think we killed two bottles of wine one night!  Good friends are so good for the soul.  I was having some baby blues.  I feel very blessed to have a husband and a best friend who look out for me and do so much to lift my spirits when I'm down.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Skinner Mountain Hike

Time to get out of the house!  Skinner Mountain is a relatively short and beautiful drive from our house.  We would like to get out and go climbing here one day so we decided to take the family on a hike, Cinder and all!  She was so tiny that John had to carry her off and on.  But she loved every minute.  Little Chloe rode with mom in her little pouch all snug and warm.  We made it to the climbing area and took lots of great scenery photos.  The boys actually did really great.  They can get whiny sometimes but they do enjoy a good hike overall.  The best part was the walkie talkies.  Of course!  Each kid had one and they are so cute.  After everyone was good and worn out we headed out for a post drive and ended up in Deckers where we stopped for some ice cream.

 A very tired pup!