Sunday, September 28, 2014

1st Family of 5 Hike and 12 year Anniversary!

One month seems like long enough to wait to take your baby on a hike right?  We couldn't pass up such a beautiful day and it was our 12th anniversary.  So we decided to pack the family up and head to Staunton State Park.  The boys were kind of cranky.  Well mainly Aaron - but we still had a good time overall.  It was nice to get outside for a while.  It did start to cloud up so we kept it on the short end.  Chloe did awesome all tucked inside her little Tula carrier.  I love that thing!

Happy anniversary honey.  I love you.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grandma and Granddad Visit

September was a busy month.  Two days after my mom and dad left, John's parents came to visit.  Actually his mom came first and his dad surprised her by coming on Thursday instead of Friday.  It was so great but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Teresa stayed with us and helped with the boys and Chloe.  John went back to work that week so it was so nice to have someone to help me out.  She let me sleep every morning while she got the kids to school!  Chloe was going through a phase of not sleeping at all until the morning so it was a huge help.

Thursday was Matt's birthday and we had planned on doing a birthday dinner at our house on Sat.  We secretly planned a dinner out on Thursday after all since John and I knew his dad would be in town by then.  It was also a special day at school for Aaron.  They had a spirit run and we all got to go cheer him on.  Granddad surprised him by showing up during the race!

We spent the whole day Saturday driving around and looking at the beautiful Aspen trees.  First we went over Guenella Pass and then on Boreas Pass.  The second one was so much fun!  It was a little off roading but not crazy.  The colors were just so beautiful.  We ended the day by celebrating Matt with dinner and a cake.  It was the perfect end to their visit.  Matt and Jacquelyn stayed the night so we could all see off his parents on Sunday morning.  Our time together always seems so short.  We'll see you soon though!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nanny, Papa, Aunt Katie and Big A visit

I know it was killing my mom to wait to visit.  We had planned on her and my dad coming on September 12th since Chloe was due the 11th.  We had no idea that she would be two weeks old before my parents got to meet her!

Mom, dad, Katie, and Adam (Big A) arrived on Friday before Aaron got home from school.  It was so awesome seeing his reaction when Nanny and Papa and Aunt Katie and Big A met him at the bus stop after school.  We had a great time with everyone here though the time flew by.  Katie and Adam only got to stay for Sat and part of Sun.  We made a trip down to the mall on Saturday and to Coney Island Hot Dog stand on Sunday for lunch!  We've been wanting to go there but the line was an hour long!  Crazy for hot dogs.  We also visited a local historical museum/park and got some amazing pictures.  Katie is so talented.  I want to post her pics here but I will wait until I get her disc in the mail of all the finished files.  They turned out even better that Bella Baby.

Nanny and Papa spoiled the boys while they were here - especially Ethan while Aaron was at school.  It was nice to get to take a few naps and have all the help doing dishes and laundry.  I wish they could have stayed longer.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Brothers

One of the first things I get asked after "how's Chloe doing" is "how are the boys doing with her?"  They are doing well. They love her to pieces and want to hold her.  In fact we have to remind them that they have to wait for mommy and daddy to help them hold her.  Aaron says things like "I can't wait until she gets bigger so we can play" and "oh she's so cute."  Ethan just wants to snuggle her.  He marvels over how little her fingers and toes are. I think they are going to be great big brothers.  Of course there is some jealousy.  A lot of our time is spent on taking care of Chloe.  Aaron defaults to acting out while mommy nurses and Ethan just wants to crawl in my lap WITH Chloe which is sweet but not really feasible.  They both seem to save their mischief for when I'm nursing.  But I have become quite good at nursing while walking.  I'm just not as fast!

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Bath

Chloe tolerated her first bath pretty well.  I wouldn't say she loved it because it was kind of chilly but it was short and sweet and relatively painless.  Amy got to share in the experience which made it even more special.  Chloe now loves her baths.  If only mommy could remember to bring the diaper and clothes into the bathroom with me!  She totally soiled her clean towel and has several times since then too!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amy Comes to Visit

Amy was supposed to be there for the birth of little miss Chloe.  We had planned it ahead of time and my best friend (and stand in doula) were all set to come the weekend of September 5th.  You know, since I was planning and being induced and all.  But since Chloe came on her own terms a whole week early we had some alone family time for a week. It's ironic because looking back I was planning on being there for Jett's birth (baby number 3) but missed it because I was out of town almost exactly 2 years ago.  Jett was born on August 31st so Amy was home celebrating with her big 2 year old while we were in the hospital with our baby number 3.

I was so happy to see her.  We of course did fun girly stuff that best friends do but mostly she cleaned my house, took care of my boys, and generally made me relax.  It was so awesome!  Amy, we are so very grateful for all of your help!  I wanted to keep her but I knew there were four boys (three kids and a hubby) who missed her while she was gone.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our New Bundle - the first week

The first week with little miss is kind of a blur.  But the kids still had school and life went on - just with five of us instead of four!  Here's what our first week looked like in pictures.  I honestly can't remember much of it now writing two months later!

My first meal at home.  Steak and broccoli with sliced tomatoes and a baked potato.  I think I was lacking in iron! 

 I started wearing her right away.  This was us in the kitchen baking something I'm sure.
 I went to the grocery store - yes with week old baby!  She even nursed a little while I shopped.

 The kids and John had their first fire in the fire pit.

And we got our first snow.  OK it was a dusting but still exciting.