Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guanella Pass

After a brief breakdown on my part (hormones and such combined with all work and no play) we decided to take a family day.  The whole day was spent exploring Guanella Pass and a four wheel trail.

Guanella Pass connects highway 285 (which we live off of) at Grant to Georgetown off 70 highway.  It goes right next to Mt. Beirstadt which is a 14'er near Mt. Evans - also a 14'er.  Along the way there are a few Jeep trails to explore and tons of places to camp and hike.  We had fun taking the Geneva trail to try to see the ghost town of Geneva.  Unfortunately SNOW kept us from making it all the way there!  Yup, there is still snow covering some of the pass! We may not have been able to see the ghost town but we did make it all the way across Guanella Pass and took the long way home traveling to Frisco and around to Breckenridge and Fairplay, back down to Bailey.  It was a little long in the car but it was so fun to explore!  We stopped at a waterfall/creek area and got out to stretch and explore a little and we made a 7-11 stop for snacks too!

 The boys...
and the girls...

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