Sunday, June 22, 2014

Aaron's Birthday

In the midst of our move we couldn't forget our sweet little boy's birthday.  It seems a little crazy that we now have a big five year old!  And he reminds me everyday that he's 5.  "Mom, now that I'm 5 I can..."  "Here comes the 5 year old!"  "Let the 5 year old show you bubs."  Yeah, it's pretty adorable.

When asked what kind of birthday he wanted, he decided he really wanted to go bowling.  We had never taken him before but he really wanted to try it for real since he is so good at it on the Wii.  I was a little nervous he would get frustrated that it wasn't quite as easy as the video game but I was so wrong.  We had an absolute BLAST!  Kuddos to Aaron for such a great birthday party idea.  It was a perfect way to spend our Sunday with Grandma and Granddad and Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn.  He even got a strike on the very last round!!!  And then he bowled for me on my last turn and bowled ANOTHER strike followed by a spare!!!  I was soooo happy to see the game end that way.  He was the star of the show for sure.  Even Ethan bowled a strike on one of his turns.  I'm thinking bowling is in our future as a family night out.

Look at these adorable pictures!

 Pizza, Motz Sticks, and chips and cheese dip and lemonade.  Cheese OVERLOAD!  But Aaron's choice.  Good choice buddy!

Aaron showing us how it's done.
Ethan's Turn
Trying it big boy style.  He went back to the other method after this!

After bowling we headed to Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn's house for cake and ice cream and presents!  Boy did he rake it in this year!  So many cool things that he and his brother can play with together.  Two of those things get posts of their own they are so cool!!  (Coming soon!!)  Thank you everyone for the awesome gifts and cards and mula for his piggy bank!  He had a lot of fun opening all of his presents.

Dear Aaron,

You are getting to be so independent.  You are right, now that you are 5 you can do so many things!  You love to dress yourself and you aren't bad at matching either!  You know how to put your shoes on by yourself, make your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and turn on your favorite show or video game in the mornings before everyone else is awake.  

Where did my little guy go?  I still see him sometimes when you don't get your way.  A five year old tantrum is somewhat humorous but you try to use it anyway.  You are still into ninjas and love just about anything that has to do with fighting or super powers.  And of course you play in the dirt non stop.  I love that you are always covered from head to toe in dirt.  It means you are playing outside and enjoying nature.  

You enjoy reading stories at bed time and can recognize several words.  The best books are the ones that ask you to find things on the page.  You love studying the pictures.  You gave up naps all together about 6 months ago.  It sometimes makes for a rough afternoon but bedtime is usually easy as you are tired enough to ignore your little brother's ideas of play.  

And speaking of your little brother, he is your best friend.  You two have so much fun together and you get sad or mad if we have to separate you.  However, brothers will be brothers and you also like to pick on him sometimes!  He admires you and wants to be just like you.  You are an amazing older brother.  I look forward to watching your relationship develop through the years.  

You are very curious and are starting to ask a lot of questions.  Some of which are tough for mommy to answer right now!  Never stop asking.  I love that you are so thoughtful and want to know more about your world.  You are so smart.  I'm not just saying that because I am your mom.  You really understand some things that most boys your age can't yet.

We are so excited for you to start Kindergarten this year!  You are going to do great.  Such a big year for you... moving, starting real school, and getting a little sister!  All in just a few months.  Your daddy and I love you so much.  Happy birthday big guy.  

Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Big Move!

Well we finally did it!  It seemed like the closing date was up in the air forever but in reality we only closed 5 days later than originally planned.  And ALL of the things we asked for got fixed!  I still cannot believe the deal we got.

Even though we were not quite closed yet, no one was around to kick us out so we went ahead and started cleaning and painting early.  Each time we came up we took a load with us.  Painting was taking much longer than I thought it would and it turned out that we really only had time to finish the kitchen before we moved in.  Oh well!  We have been slowly unpacking now so painting has been put on hold.  Hoping I can get to work on it again soon as I'm really not a fan of urine yellow!

First night as official homeowners of our place!  The kids had grape juice.  I splurged with about 2 oz and then poured some sparkling grape juice!
Trying to paint through a three year old tantrum takes 4 times as long...

We had sooooo much help from a few friends and family.  We could not have done it without them.  First of all, Grandma and Granddad came to visit and were a huge help in watching the kiddos for us.  Unfortunately we did not get to see a lot of them though!  I look forward to the fall when we can have a real visit and be a little more relaxed.  You know with a newborn and all! : )  We also had the help of Matt and Jacquelyn which was greatly appreciated.  And then a HUGE thank you to our friends Cameron and Heather who stuck it out with us for a 16 hour day consisting of two 20ft Uhaul truck loads and everyone's cars packed out!  We also had another friend, Adrian, who graciously helped us pack up our first load in the morning.  Seriously, without everyone's help, we just could not have done this.  Thank you, thank you!!!  We have some repaying to do in the future!! : )

Here are a few photos of the big move in day.  It's been about three weeks as I write this and we are finally just about done unloading boxes.

I actually don't have any yet of the house itself!  I will post an update soon so you can see it before we paint it.  It's lovely...  <insert sarcasm>

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Like Mother's Day, Father's day this year was not hugely eventful.  We still had fun with daddy as he actually had the day off.  Yay!  And we sort of trespassed in our new house that wasn't quite ours yet which was exciting!  We knew we were going to close on it but had not taken possession yet.  So we used the code to the key lock box and let ourselves in to do some cleaning and yard work.  Sounds fun right?  Actually, it really was.  And we even "grilled" on John's little camping stove that we brought with us and had a real meal on a card table.  Pretty fancy!

The boys loved exploring the property and just helping daddy in general with outside chores.  And of course, helping him unwrap his Father's day gifts which consisted mostly of archery stuff.  When we finally get settled, I look forward to watching John play with his new toys for the bow.

All in all, it was a great day.  Tiring, but very fun.  Just goes to show that gifts and activities are no match for quality time together.  That's the most important thing.

 Donuts first!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Walk Thru Day

We were supposed to close today but due to timing of things with our loan, it has been pushed to next Wed.  But the good news is, it really will happen Wed.  Today we went up to the house to do a final walk through to make sure everything was completed as promised.  There was quite a party going on at the house with the furnace guy, the carpet cleaner, and the septic tank guys.  We are still in awe that everything really is complete.  Here is what we had done this week at the sellers expense...

Roof repair and 5 year certification/guarantee
Brand new Septic Tank installed (and old one dug out)
Plumbing work
Reverse Osmosis water treatment under sink and run to the fridge also (Hooray for ice makers!!)
Brand new furnace 96% efficiency so for every dollar of propane we spend, only 4 pennies goes to waste
New furnace closet door put in to insure no fumes leak into guest bedroom (your welcome guests) and new venting system for it to bring to code.
Chimney professionally cleaned
Electrical box brought up to code and fixed
Settling crack sealed and fixed in the back and certified to NOT be structurally damaging
All carpets professionally cleaned

Yeah.  I'd say we are pretty blessed!  We can't wait to move our stuff in!  We actually plan on sneaking in this weekend to clean it since we thought we would close today and would have a whole week to clean and paint.  We'll wait to paint until we officially take possession on Wed.  There is a TON of landscaping/yard work to be done.  Who knew we actually had grass?  It's a special mountain kind of grass and its like a foot tall.  That was not there the last time we were out there.  So we have some outside clean up to do too.

 Check out the foot tall grass...  and the totally ugly pipes coming out of the house.  That is apparently the vent system for the furnace.  I am going to have to do some major thinking ans pinteresting to figure a way to make that look nice.
 Wild flowers Ethan picked for me.
Future site of an attached garage? Unless we go the detached route.

We also had some wildlife come join our party.  Ethan was the first to spot the young buck loafing around in the loafing shed.  He was so pretty.   We later saw a very young - as in less than a week old - deer that looked strikingly like Bambie.  And later, we saw it's mama too.  We also did some scoping around for some birthday gifts that Aaron doesn't know about yet.  We think we found a great spot for both.  You who are gifting know what I am talking about!  The rest of you will know after Aaron's big day!

It was a pretty fun trip. At about 12 degrees cooler than down in Denver, it was much more pleasant to cruise without air conditioner.  Too bad the boys were not up for a meandering car ride afterwards.  John and I wanted to scope out local hiking and climbing spots but the boys were totally done with the car and refused to nap.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Baby Shower at the YMCA

I have been blessed over and over with the wonderful people at Duncan YMCA.  Even before I ever got pregnant or announced I would be leaving I would come home with gifts quite frequently from the sweet gals that take my class.  I have never known such a generous group of people.  After I got pregnant and announced it was a girl I basically came home every day after class with a gift or card.  When I announced I would unfortunately be leaving they said, "not before we throw you a shower!"

So today, after class, several of the gang got together and threw me a baby shower for little Chloe.  It was sooooo sweet.  When I saw the banner that Laurie made I teared up.  It was the first time I've seen her name all spelled out in decoration and I am looking forward to hanging it in her bedroom.

Words really can't describe how grateful and loved I feel.  It makes it very hard to give up my classes!  Here are the pictures from the shower.  I received all kinds of adorable outfits and things for baby Chloe and for her room.  I'm really having a girl!  I can hardly contain my excitement!

 Thank you Laurie for organizing and putting together everything.  And for all of the homemade decorations!