Friday, May 30, 2014

First Summer Family Night

During the last week of school, John and I caught a nasty cold.  It was so bad that we both called in on Friday and the whole weekend was spent sneezing, coughing, aching, and sleeping for all of us.  Except the kids of course felt better after two days and we were still fighting the worst of the cold so it was pretty crazy around our house while we let them run wild.  

The first days of "summer" were spent cooped up inside and by Tuesday, everyone was itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful evening.  What better way to do so than to light a fire, roast some marshmallows, and have some good old S'mores.  Or "marshmallow san-wiches" as Ethan likes to call them.  We had S'mores for dessert for about nights in a row.  (The other nights were done in the microwave!)  I had to cut it off and explain that S'mores were special treats - not every day things.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Moving to the Mountains

I have hesitated to put this on the blog yet as if feels like it's not totally real yet.  Our dream when we first decided to move to Colorado was to move up into the mountains.  Due to still owning a home in Kansas and not knowing the area, we decided to rent and figured we would continue to rent for quite some time though we never intended on staying in this duplex longer than a year.

A year came and went and then our renters in Kansas vacated, leaving us with double house payments.  Those four months were some of the toughest financially we have ever dealt with and also some of the most blessed.  God provided through friends and family beyond what we could have anticipated and then when our house finally sold in March, our finances took a 180 and suddenly it didn't seem impossible to actually consider buying a house.

Without the home in Gardner we were pre qualified for more than we expected and with the help of our landlord (who is very nit picky about his duplex) we decided it was time to seriously look.  But still we convinced ourselves that the mountains were out of the question for now.  Maybe if we could afford another 100k it might be worth looking.  At least that's what we thought.  So we found a realtor - a great one - and started looking down on the front range, as far west as we could.  It was very frustrating.  Houses here in the metro are in such demand, especially on the west side, that they would be under contract in just days after being listed.  Even though we could look at the MLS every day, it seemed the "good" ones went so fast, for much more than asking, and usually involved a bidding war which we were NOT interested in.  Plus, in our price range, the amount of house we could buy and the neighborhoods we could afford were much more like "starter" homes.  In fact, our Gardner home was nice than about 75% of the houses we saw.  After talking things though with our realtor, she convinced us to just "take a look" at what was up in the mountains since that's where we really wanted to go anyway.

I figured Bailey was just too far.  I had put it out of my mind until one day after I had a cry fest over a house that had five bids on it for over asking that I had really fallen in love with down in the metro.  Upset, John said, lets go for a drive.  So we drove to Bailey.  And surprisingly, it didn't feel as far as I thought it would.  we drove by some of the houses on the list and then we found it.  The house.  You know the one they say you will just know when you walk in.  Well, it was locked but the property was gorgeous and to us, huge.  It was vacant and the back door happened to be unlocked.  Or broken.  Who cares, either way, it was too tempting to not go in.  We walked through the house not knowing the specific specs of it but if felt nice and roomy.  I was sold.  John was very guarded and tried not to get too excited about it.  When we got home we called the realtor and set up a date to go up and see it.

When we finally went up with Danna, our realtor, it was snowing.  A lot in the mountains.  Yeah - it was the day after mother's day and Conifer got 14 inches of snow!  But we wanted to see what it would be like in the snow and what the commute would be like.  Ironically, though Bailey is farther than Conifer, they typically get less snow and even slightly warmer temperatures because of how the mountains are formed.  It wasn't bad at all.  We put an offer in that night.  By Wed of that week we had received and accepted a counter offer!  And not only that, but it was significantly less than the original asking price from when the house first went on the market in January.  The paperwork was signed and the date was set for closing on June 13th!

But the story doesn't end there.  Our lending is all approved which is awesome but the inspection came back not so good.  There are quite a few things wrong with the house that we did not know about.  And they are big items.  The sellers do not have a lot of cash to deal with.  After we found out that we would need a new roof, a new furnace, some work done to the plumbing, a new septic tank, a reverse osmosis drinking filter for the well water, and some work done to the old Federal Pacific electrical panel we were quite discouraged.  We submitted a request to to the sellers called an inspection objection to have all of these items fixed prior to closing.  That is a huge thing to expect the sellers to pay for.  But we felt at peace knowing that if this is the house, it will work out and the things will be fixed.  If not, God must have other plans for us and we will walk.  Either way, we know that the mountains are do-able and while we love this house, we do not want to end up with a money pit.

The sellers were actually relocated for the husbands job and they have a relocation company that is helping them sell the house.  They are very eager to sell it and move on.  As a result, the relocation company is going to buy them out and then fix the issues so they can sell to us.  They have agreed to fix all of the items listed and are in the process of getting bids for everything!  What?  That's crazy.  And there will be a final inspection before closing to make sure everything works and was done properly - a condition our lenders are requiring.  So all of the major big items will be new!  Now we wait.  We are apparently still on track to close June 13th though I have my doubts.  We've been assured the work can get done in time but we are only two weeks out now!  Time will tell.

In the meantime, we are packing up our duplex and making all kinds of plans for future projects.  It's quite exciting.  And to make things even sweeter, we unexpectedly received an early inheritance check from John's Uncle K!  His timing couldn't have been more perfect.  We are so very grateful!  If you want to check out the link, here is the listing.  Of course it needs new paint inside and out so the pictures are not awesome.  It's kind of one of those have to see it person things.  And we'll have plenty of room for company...  I'll keep you posted on what happens.

The House Listing - Oops!  I didn't realize the address and stuff was on the link so I have removed it.  I don't really want that advertised to the world.  If you would like to see the MLS, please email me or FB message me and I'm happy to send you the link personally.  I just don't want the address floating out there for the world to see. : )

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well Hello Blog!

One month is far too long to go without a post.  But it isn't that I haven't thought about blogging, I just haven't made the time to sit down and focus on it.  So, to break up the packing and the cleaning and the laying around from this dumb cold I'm fighting, and to take a break from trying to work up a new playlist for Zumba, or cooking, or trying to keep my preschoolers occupied without school...  I will take a few minutes to simply reflect on the last month and all the craziness (also know as life) that ensued.

Over the next few days I hope to post about several things such as our Easter trip back to KC, Sidewalk Paint, Mother's Day, the Kids last day of school,  a pregnancy update (It's a girl if you didn't know!), news on the big move this summer, and our first summer family night.  I will back date some so that they appear in order for the blog book sake.  (Which I still need to complete for 2013!  Sigh.)

That's one tall order for this girl but I am determined to catch up and stay on top of it!  So stay tuned.  And make sure you scroll all the way back to April 13th.  That was the last post until this onset of posts I'm working on.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The kids last day of school

May simply flew by!  All of the sudden it was the last week of school and the kids were coming home with all of their cool school projects they've done over the year and a sign posted at the school advertised an upcoming "continuation" ceremony for all of the Pre-K kiddos.  The kids have both really enjoyed South Table Mountain Preschool.  This was Aaron's second year and Ethan went for just half a year for 2 days a week.  Since we will be moving (a post I'll get to) and Aaron will be a big Kindergartner next year, their last day was really the LAST day there.

 Of course they had to climb the wall one last time!

That evening was the special program.  It was so adorable!  This little preggo couldn't keep the tears at bay.  I had to keep blinking and fighting so as to not look like a blubbering fool!  As they marched in the Pre K students that will be going on to Kindergarten, Ethan couldn't contain his excitement and shouted out, "Hi Aaron!"

After they came in and got settled, the teachers invited the preschool class up to join them in singing some songs.  Both boys on one stage singing about Jesus?  I thought my heart would explode!  There were several grandparents there too and it made me a little homesick knowing that their grandparents were too far away to come to a silly preschool program.

My phone died so I used John's to take more pics and video.  I will update later.

We made special gifts for all of their teachers and preschool director.  I think they turned out pretty nice.  We filled them assorted bags of tea.

I am still in awe that I have a Kindergartner now!  So crazy!  It was a great end to the school year and we will miss all our little preschool buddies.  Luckily, some of them go to the local YMCA and Aaron gets to hang out there for at least another month while I continue teaching.  Then it's on to the next chapter.  Next year, Aaron may even be riding a bus to school!  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

It's not every year that you get a foot of snow on Mother's Day!  Well, we didn't quite get as much as they predicted but it sure was interesting to sit and watch the snow come down instead of planting stuff outside in the garden on a warm sunny day.

John had to work that day so I got to hang out with the kiddos.  We went to Denny's (in the snow) and then went to get my oil changed, watched movies all day and finally to church.  Both boys made me special gifts.  I LOVE them!

 After talking to Nanny on the phone, Aaron kept himself busy at Denny's by practicing his letters.  
Ok, it sounds absurd that we would go to Jiffy Lube when it was snowing and on Mother's Day of all days!  But there was no one else there and the staff was super kind to us, even offering the boys hot chocolate.

Later when John got home, I got to open more Mother's Day gifts and cards - I even got a card from baby girl!  I don't have a picture of it, but I really wanted a floppy hat to wear when I garden.  John nailed it.  It makes me feel country girl-ish!  I love it!  I also got a new water bottle I had been asking for in pink of course and a new clip for my keys that I must clip to something or I lose!

I am so blessed to have such a great role model for a mother and mother in law as well.  I love you both dearly and hope you had a great day.  Mom - I wish we could have been together for our annual pedicure!  And please forgive me, we really did make cute Mother's Day cards of which I still have...  I will get them out before Father's day!  Hopefully...  : )  Love you guys.