Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aaron Writes his first Letter

Not like letter of the alphabet... an actual letter to someone.  Who was it to?  A friend at the YMCA.  I had come to pick up the boys from child watch when one of my friend's kids told me that Aaron was not being nice to him that day.  Sure enough, when I talked to Aaron about it he said he just didn't feel like being nice and he was rude to him in the bounce house.  We talked about how that hurts feelings and tried to decide what we should do about it.  I suggested he write an apology.  This was an idea that I actually got from my friend Kelly (Andrew's mom) several weeks earlier regarding something else.

Surprisingly, he was thrilled by the idea.  So when we got home I wrote out on a piece of paper:

I am sorry.

And Aaron dutifully proceeded to make his letter out to Andrew.  It is the cutest thing ever. He later gave the card to Andrew and all is well now.  Well for the most part!  I think Aaron is still pretty moody around Andrew for some reason.  Maybe it's the age difference.  Maybe it's just Aaron's personality.  But at least I know he can now write an apology.  I might have to use this trick more often.  Help him learn to write and be sorry for things?  Yes please!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sidewalk Paint

I saw on Pinterest a neat idea of something to do with the kids.  Sidewalk paint!  As opposed to just chalk.  While in KC we went to a new HyVee by my parents house and they had gobs of cool things for Easter baskets.  One of those things was a set of sponges that was supposed to come with said sidewalk paint but they must have been out.  I figured I'd surely be able to find a do it yourself recipe and sure enough, I did.

It's so simple.  It's one part corn starch, one part water and food coloring.  That's it.  Lucky for me, I have a TON of food coloring because when we switched to natural eating I stopped using it but I couldn't just throw it away.  What a great way to put it to use.  And the kids of course loved it.  Especially my little artist, Aaron.  He loved making all sorts of shapes on the ground and then practicing his letters.  In fact, one day he even spelled everyone's name in our family including Grandma and Granddad and Nanny and Papa.  Of course I helped him with the spelling but he did all the work himself.  The best part is, you can either wait until it drys and simply sweep it away, or let it stay there until it rains and it washes away.  Plus, it did NOT stain their clothes or their hands as I was afraid it might.  We will definitely be doing this again.

Here's some of the kids handiwork.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Trip to KC

I'm writing about this more than a month after the fact so the details might be slim!  We had a great visit back to KC for Easter this year.  The ride to was not too bad although it seemed like a really long drive.  The boys did OK and we stopped only a few times to let them run around a bit.  It was the drive back that got us with like 8 stops and nothing but whines!  We survived though.  Someday it might be nice to fly... : ) The night before we left I was up late packing and I got to see the Lunar Eclipse!  It was mesmerizing.  Too bad my phone didn't quite catch it's awesomeness.

The moon was full and bright when we left town early in the morning.

We spend the first half of our trip with John's family and finally got to meet precious baby Rosie!  What a doll she is.  Totally perfect and beautiful and squeezable.  The boys unfortunately had a cold and so we kept our distance for most of the trip but were so happy to get to see her.

Of course, one of the boys favorite parts of visiting Grandma and Granddad is getting to help feed the horses and the chickens.  Especially little Ethan who is such a little animal lover.  Aaron was very proud of himself for catching one of those buggers on his own to hold.

A trip to KC wouldn't be complete without a play date with the Crigers.  We got to have two this time around!  Once at the park near their house and then also at a play gym with lunch and park again.

Haha!  So much for my group lunch pic!  I couldn't tell what I was taking a pic of since it was so bright!

Aunt Chelsee was had to clean two kiddos teeth for class credit this semester.  Aaron was a wonderful patient!  He did so well.  And I was so very impressed by my little sis.  She is going to be an amazing Dental Hygienist.  (And mother someday with patience like that!)  It was a very fun visit to her school and I'm glad we got to be there for it.

And she earned serious Aunt points later when she introduced them to the movie Frozen and cuddled them in the chair.  They must have watched that movie 15 times while we were there.

 What Easter would be complete without a visit to Great Grandma and Papa's house complete with an egg hunt?  The kids had fun opening their Easter baskets from Grandma and Granddad and hunting all the eggs in the back yard.  It's much more fun when there are only two of you to hunt the eggs!

 I absolutely LOVE this pic.  Look at the joy on their faces.  

Aaron got to show everyone his awesome hula hoop skills in person.

For Easter dinner, mom and dad took us out to Jack Stack along with Grammy and Chelsee.  It was this pregnant mamma's dream come true!  Ha!  I was craving bbq especially since I can't have it in Colorado - at least not Jack Stack.  And all of us girls got to wear our new Easter dresses to church that mom so graciously bought us.  This of course was after a great service at their church.  The kids loved their church so much they were almost bummed to go back to ours at first!  Of course, the theme was Frozen and they got to meet Elsa and Olaf in person.  What kid wouldn't love that?

After naps it was time for an Easter egg hunt round two.  And boy did they have a lot of eggs to hunt for!  And as an added bonus we got my talented sister Katie to take pictures for us.  They turned out amazing.  Thank Katie for always being the eye behind the camera at our family events.  You are so gifted!

 Waiting to go.

 Papa: Ready, Set, Go!!!

 The haul.  I'm not kidding - it was a LOT of eggs!

As always, our trip felt so short.  We never quite get to spend all the time we want.  But it was a great trip jam packed full of fun things to do.  I feel like we didn't get to spend too much time with John's family this time around with work schedules and stuff but we are so looking forward to your visit in June.  Lets get lots of Grandma and Granddad pics! : )  

KC, we don't know when we'll be back but it will be sometime this fall.  Maybe Thanksgiving for cousin Katie's wedding.  We are still working on plans and will have to play by ear a little after baby is born.  We miss you all already!  Happy Easter.