Friday, January 17, 2014

Superman and Batman: AKA Super A and Eman

The other day was an especially windy day.  Actually this whole last week has been windy.  What's one way to get out the door without any arguments?  Let the kids wear their capes!  I made these capes out of thrift store t-shirts that I cut up and ironed logos on.  They LOVED the idea of going out in public sporting their super hero capes.  And I LOVED not having to push and prod and beg and bribe them into the car to head out of the house on our errands.

First stop, a play date at the park.  Since it was super windy their capes blew in the wind, especially on the swings and down the slide.  Next stop, the YMCA so I could teach a class.  Everyone commented on how cute they looked.  And after a good behavior report, we played outside some more in the field running around.  Next up, the grocery store.  They had fun hanging on either side of the cart with the capes flowing behind them and they got lots of attention as we made our way through the store which of course they loved.  All in all, it was totally worth it to let them wear them out.

Little Eman was so cute.  He kept referring to himself as Batman.  "Batman is tired mommy."  "Batman is super hungry."   I may do it again.  Especially on those days they simply do not want to get up early and get out of the house.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The New Bed

For Christmas, we told the boys we were going to be ordering a new bed for Aaron and Ethan would get to upgrade to the Jeep bed.  They got to open up new bedding and Eman got a new stuffed Ninja Turtle to go with his new blanket.  Since we got back from KC, Aaron has been anxiously waiting the arrival of his new bed.  So yesterday when the FedEx truck pulled up to our house, he was bouncing off the walls excited!!  We just couldn't make him wait one more day so John put it together last night.  It made for a 10pm bed time but the boys didn't care!

 Dad laying down the rules

 First night - Aaron told Ethan he could sleep with him.  Too bad they just wanted to play so we had to separate them later.

Ethan's "nook"

Friday, January 10, 2014

Building Snowmen

With the temperatures in the mid 40's and the sun shining, it was finally warm enough to actually play in the snow.  The boys have been itching to use their new snow man making kit from Grandma and Granddad.  It has enough wooden decorations for a "family" of snowmen.  We only got through one and half before they were ready to decorate though!

My little snow buddies were hard at work today.  I'd say the snowman turned out great! And we even found a design for our little blob which the kids lovingly call the baby snowman.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ethan's 1st Day of School

Ethan started school this week.  While it was exciting the first day, I don't think Ethan thought much of it!  The boys are so used to being dropped off at daycare while I teach for a few hours that I think it must have been a similar experience!  As we pulled up to the school Ethan said, "There's your school Aaron!"  John told him it was not their school and as if on cue, Aaron says to Ethan, "yeah Bubs, it's our school now!"

Aaron was a good big brother and showed Ethan where to hang his coat and then where his class room was.  The whole thing went down without a hitch and his teacher told me later after class how sweet he was during class.  And how sweet Aaron was to him when they saw each other in Chapel.  They even got to sit together.  Ethan made a cute snowman book as they are learning all about circles and how to draw them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my "me" time.  On Tuesday I literally just sat on the couch the whole time!  Totally lazy but it was worth it.  Then today I got so much done.  I did dishes, made bread, got some pot roast in the crock pot, did a couple loads of laundry, wrote a post for my other blog and still had time to sit and watch a TV show! Three hours twice a week is going to be amazing!  John had to work both of those days (he went in later on Tuesday so he could be with us to drop Ethan off) but one of these days we are going to do some hikes together when he is off.

Need to get Ethan's name embroidered on his backpack still but at least it came today!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Go, go gadget Kitchen!

Let's play a game.  How many kitchen conveniences or "gadgets" can I play with in a 24 hour period?  Ok, we'll make it 36 hours for kicks.  Because everyone has one, lets not count the refrigerator or the freezer.  Or any regular hand held utensils.

1. Rice cooker for brown rice for our Mexican dinner
2. Salad spinner for lettuce

3.  Food Saver for excess chopped lettuce that would not fit in my spinner. (NEW!  Thanks mom and dad!)

and leftover chicken for the freezer.

4. Crock Pot for whole chicken (and later bones for broth) to can soup.

5. Stove top: brown grown beef, simmer black beans for dinner, big pot of black beans to be canned, pot of more chicken bones for broth.

6.  Kitchenaid chopper/shredder for our cheddar cheese that went with dinner.  (NEW!  Thanks Gma and Gpa Farnsworth for the Christmas money!)
 And for carrots and celery for soup.

7.  The dehydrator for some peppers to be later crushed and used as seasoning and to dry tomatoes for salads, pasta, and pizza.

8. Water bath canning pot to keep jars warm.

9.  Pressure canner for my organic black beans, chicken soup, and chicken stock. (NEW!  Thanks Mom and Dad Farnsworth!)

10.  Kitchenaid mixer for pancake batter. (and an Ethan to lick the spatula.)
11. Electric Griddle.  Aaron helping me flip the pancakes.

12.  The Ninja to grind my coffee. (And later for chopping onions for my soup)

13. The coffee maker to fuel my caffeine needs.
14. The dishwasher.  Oh the dishwasher.  I run it twice a day at least.

  15.  The oven.  For baking my these ninjabread men.

 And my black beans and tortilla chips.

 16. Kitchen aid pasta attachment for make and store pasta for the next week.

17. Pasta Drying rack for my pasta.

 18.  Immersion Blender for Alfredo sauce.

19.  Bread Machine for sandwich bread.  I make a new loaf every other day.

20.  Microwave for defrosting meat, melting butter, and warming up maple syrup.

21. Tea kettle for our evening cup of tea. (Never mind the dirty stove) 

22.  (Not pictured)  Toaster for the boys favorite fast breakfast, peanut butter toast.

23. Mortar and Pestle to crush  my dried peppers.

So there you have it.  23.  There are probably more.  These are things that I use on a regular basis.  If not everyday, at least weekly.  Yes, even the canning stuff.  When I grocery shop I purposly look for things on sale to make a big batch of and can.  Then we have fast, easy, natural, and nutritious food on hand for nights when I have Zumba or we need something fast.

It makes me want to sing that song that Aerial sings in The Little Mermaid.... "I've got gadgets and gizzmos a plenty.  I've whos-its and whats-its galore.  You want think-a-ma-bobs?  I've got twenty!  But who cares, no big deal.... I want more......."

Ha!  I love my kitchen toys!  : )   Rest assured, if you give me a kitchen tool, it will be used!