Friday, November 22, 2013

Skateboard Parks

There are a few things that scream to me, you now live in Colorado.

Like, you might live in Colorado if:

you don't think it's weird to get snow on your birthday (in October).
you wear t-shirts in 45 and 50 degree weather if it's sunny.
you see people biking to work - no matter the weather and no matter how far.
your house smells like pot every other night from your neighbors.
your regular grocery stores are stocked well with natural and organic foods.
you have come to navigate based on where the mountains are. (They are always West!)
and your kids LOVE skateboard parks (there are plenty to choose from.)

I know I'm biased but I really think there is nothing cuter that my little adventurous boys trying out new tricks on their Strider bike and scooter. We have three favorite parks to go to now.  Two of them are usually empty when we go so it's just our boys in the park - which is good because the haven't really learned how to stay out of big kids ways yet.  But it's a public park right?  There is no age requirement.  Aaron is really good on the little Strider though he's outgrown it now.  He likes to trade with Ethan when he can.  Generally it's Aaron on the scooter and Ethan on the bike.  They are quite a pair.  Check out some photos we have taken recently.  (Well some were about a month ago.)

 Check out the look of a joyful scream on his face.  This is Ethan's bike trick look.

 See the look of total concentration?  This Aaron's bike and scooter trick look!


Sometimes, you just need an ice cream cone to top it all off!  Of course, now it will probably be hot chocolate.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Can-can, can you do the can-can....

How do you like my dance reference?  : )  Well, this post isn't about dancing although I've been doing plenty of that lately too.  This post is about my new canning obsession.  In case you haven't seen my health and wellness blog, I thought I'd put a link here for my latest post. Yup, I even made a tutorial video for anyone who wants to give it a go.  I'm not an expert but it sure is addicting!

Check out all I've been canning.  Hmm... Christmas is around the corner....  ;)

Not shown (because we ate it all!!!!!):  Chocolate sauce and pizza sauce

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aaron, The Hula Hoop Pro

Shakin' your booty is good for more than just sweet dance moves.  Hello hula hoop!  The other day when I picked up the boys from the YMCA child watch, I was met at the door with a bright eyed little boy who was positively giddy to show me his new trick.  I walked over to him as he held up a hula hoop with a huge smile.  I guess I was expecting a few times around the waist as he wound up with a twist.

"Three, two, one, blast off!!"  And then before my very eyes, my son did like 50 spins before that hula hoop hit the floor!  Amazing!  I was so impressed that we went to Walmart later that day to get him one.  I mean, talk about burning energy off!

He has been practicing every day.  And today, he even took the hula hoop to school for show and tell.  The day we bought it, he wanted to practice in every parking lot we stopped at while grocery shopping.  Check out his sweet moves!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Little Ninjas

I feel I slacked a little this year for Halloween costumes.  The boys were set on being ninjas and my creative juices just weren't flowing with it.  Their costumes turned out pretty average.  But have no fear, I may not have made it, but you can guarantee I found a thrifty way to make it happen.  Why buy a new $30 (each) costume when you can get the whole shebang for both kids for about $10 total between Goodwill and Dollar Tree?  "mom, mom, she's the bomb..."  (Parent Rap) I digress...

So Halloween.  Aaron went as a Black Ninja and Ethan was a Blue Ninja.  They got to sport their thrifty duds on five different occasions!  Halloween at the Farm at Deanna Rose Farmstead in KC, Party at the YMCA, Fall Festival at the Children's Museum, Party at the Church, and of course, Halloween night as we trick or treated.

Here are my little ninjas: