Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OMG Pics and Video!!

This last weekend was the big OMG Fitness Event!!!  Even today I am still kind of on a high about it all!  It was such an amazing experience to be on a big stage rockin it with all of those crazy Zumba nuts!  After weeks of practice, the whole day was just one big adrenaline rush for me.  It was very similar to Drill Team competitions in high school only a grown up version of it.  We got there early so we could get spacing down on the stage and we each had our own cubbie in the dressing room.  I really felt like a star.  Through the process I have met so many wonderful new Zumba friends and feel like I'm part of the Zumba instructor community in Denver now.

I have a zillion pics from myself, friends, and my awesome sis Katie.  She was so fantastic to have there and took many great photos and video so you all could see!  I have posted many of them on FB so I apologize if you are seeing all of these twice.  There are even more on FB if you want to check them out.  I figured this was plenty for the blog!

Pre Show

John, Katie, Adam, & Ellie at the Event

 That's my awesome hubby workin it!!


Fun Pics

Here are some video clips

I'm in the greenish yellow top.  For the first little part I'm on the right of the screen. Then the center for a while, then the left.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flooding in Colorado

So as a lot of you may have heard there was a lot of flooding going on here in Colorado.  I thought I'd give everyone an update on our end.

We are all fine - no flooding here at our house or Matt and Jacquelyn's house.  Our only loss is our garden - which is very sad but not near the devastation that others are feeling.  We feel very fortunate compared to some of the other areas in the city.  Estes Park, Lyons, Longmont, and Boulder all had many people that had to be evacuated.  Aurora was hit hard as well.  We did have some friends that we know in Boulder who lost a lot as the whole bottom half of their house was under water.  It is so sad!  I'm sure you've seen pictures on TV of all the destruction.  One photo I saw on FB that's been going around shows a rain cloud over Denver. It was taken from someone in an airplane and it's insane looking!

Here at our house we had a lot of rain and hail at the beginning of the seven day rain stretch, but it tapered significantly after the first day or so.  Here are some pictures of the hail storm.  I already posted several of these on Face Book.

A few days later I went down to Clear Creek in Downtown Golden to check it out.  The creek was very high but fully contained thankfully.  You can see the creek and the road in this picture.  It is usually a lot lower and people crowd along the rock wall to watch kayackers.

You can't quite tell, but there is a crazy kayacker on the creek while I'm videoing. 

On my way home I drove past the street where Matt and Jacquelyn live.  There is a big culvert that is under construction right now.  It was flooded and looked like a river.  It actually ate away a parking lot near by and a truck was swallowed by the water.  It's still there.  

A few days later our gutters were so full that it was just like a waterfall coming off of them.  The water came up quick but also quickly went down when the rain let up.  Luckily, it did not reach our windows.

We are so happy that it's back to good old sunny Colorado now.  There is a lot of work to be done across the state.  News anchors are calling this the 500 year storm. No one here can remember a worse flood in their time.  It reminds me of the flood of '93 in Kansas City.  We are praying for the families left without homes and even some without their loved ones.  We hope to be able to provide some kind of help in the near future.  If you think of it, please say a prayer for the people of Colorado as they work to put their lives back together.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aaron's First Day of School

First day of Pre-K.  It's supposed to be a fun and exciting time as Aaron heads back to school this year.  I mean, he gets to move up from preschool to pre-k right?  I think mommy put a little too much pressure on him to have a good first day.  I wanted everything to be perfect but little Aaron was actually nervous.  I could tell he was nervous because he wanted nothing to do with anyone.  When he gets embarrassed or unsure about something, he reacts in anger and opposition.  I was worried he wouldn't have a good day but by the time we picked him up he had a fun time and is now getting used to going to school again.

I figure I have another chance to get a good picture next year as it is likely we will put him in pre-k again next year instead of kindergarten because of his summer birthday.  His little picture is cute anyway.  Even if he wouldn't smile for me. I love this stinker of mine!

Signing in - all business!

Happy Birthday Amy!

The same week that my mama and Grammy came, we were fortunate enough to also have my best friend and family come!  Amy, Job, Jude, Asher, and Jet stayed with us for 2 nights earlier that week.  It was SO fun to have a house full of boys!!!  And a little nuts but who would expect anything less.  My boys were thrilled to have friends stay the night!  Of course they wanted to show Amy's boys all of their toys and take them to play at their favorite pool, the "pirate ship" pool.

 The crew!

It was fun having everyone stay with us but my favorite part of their visit by far was the spa.  Amy and I have started a tradition.  Each year we are going to go out to Tall Grass Spa in Evergreen for a treatment or two.  Last year we went for my 30th birthday and this year it was Amy's turn to turn the big 3-0.  We got ourselves a massage and a facial.  Complete with a steam shower and time to relax in the great room and sip tea while we caught up.  We also had a little makeup application to top it off.  ahhhh... Bliss.

Later that night Matt came over to help us celebrate Amy's b-day.  I'm so grateful to have been able to have them stay with us for a few nights.  Thirty is a big b-day and in true best friend fashion, we both celebrated this milestone together.  Since the days of the "first grade walk" we have celebrated almost three decades of birthdays together.  Here's to another decade! Love you Amy!  Thanks for the day at the spa!