Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving dinner in Colorado went without a hitch. It was kind of weird to be so far away from the rest of our family but we are so thankful to have Matt and Jaquelyn close.  Matt and John's friend, Dane also joined us for dinner.  Together we pulled off an old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings including pies!  Jaquelyn made the pumpkin and pecan pies and Dane made the apple pie.  Yum!  John's work gave away turkeys and hams to all of their associates so we were set. We toasted with champagne and felt like real grown ups having fixed such a huge meal by ourselves. Of course the holiday made us miss everyone back in KC.  We love you all and can't wait to see you for Christmas.

 The kids morning project
 Matt hard at work on the veggies
 The kids watched Cars in the basement while we cooked
 John carving the bird
 Our "while we wait" snacks
Time to eat!
Ready to eat!  This is the kids table. Remember when it was fun to eat at your own kid sized table?  Then it got old over the years!  

I forgot to get a picture of the grown up table!  We were so hungry and ready to eat I just forgot. Oh well!  The food and company was great.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Doh! (or rather dough!)

We had an interesting Wal-mart experience today.  The boys were surprisingly well behaved. I think it had something to do with the chicken nuggets and french fries they were eating while I zoomed around like a mad woman to get my groceries before the last of their lunch disappeared.  It was sort of like having a sand timer or something.

Anyway, I digress.  So we're standing in line and Aaron decides to help me load the groceries onto the conveyor belt for the cashier to check out.  This is fairly normal as he likes to help but sometimes he has a tendency to sort of throw the food up on the counter a little too hard.  Not usually a problem unless it's a can of refrigerated dough.  Crescents specifically.  He lobbed the can up on the counter top and the next thing I hear is a mini explosion followed by a plume of dust.  Apparently the can hit the counter and exploded sending the can almost to the ceiling and showering dough on the surrounding customers!!  There was dough hanging from the numbered light above the cashier and a large piece of the can landed two rows over on a display.  I'm thinking the dust was from the top of the light were some dough plopped down. At first it was scary but then people were laughing.

Side note: If you've ever been around me while opening one of these said cans you have witnessed the completely irrational fear of them that I have.  I usually make John open them.  They make me jump EVERY time!  This has not helped!

But that's not the end of it.  I continue to load up groceries when I hear a man say, "uh miss? Your son is eating the dough."  Sure enough Aaron is standing in the cart with a fist full of the refrigerated dough in his hands taking a bite out of it like a piece of fruit!  I'm pretty sure we deserve a spot on the "people of Wal-mart list" for this one! Ha! Never a dull moment.

Momma's Monkeys

I know I'm missing a Thanksgiving post and a family picture post but I'll get to it later...  I feel like I need to update the blog more often but I'm having difficulty finding the motivation lately.  Seems like not a lot is new these days.  Sure, I got a Zumba job (finally) every other Tuesday night which is exciting but not nearly often enough.  And we DID just celebrate Thanksgiving and all. But mostly our days are spent killing time in front of the TV and going to the park.  I'm trying to fix the TV issue but I realized I depend on it (letting the boys watch it) to get through my day.  We used to be such busy people, there wasn't much time to watch hours of TV a day. 

Anyhow, about the park.  Ethan is a CLIMBER!  And I mean really.  I don't think that kid has fear or boundaries.  Aaron gets a little freaked by certain things and I used to think he was the climber.  Ethan's doing the rock walls at the playground.  Like the 12 foot rock walls up to the slide all by himself.  SCARY!  But he loves it and so far we haven't had to make any ER visits.  Ha!  This park didn't have a rock wall but it did have a climb-y thing.  That's the technical name for it I think. : )

 Ooo... let me try!
 I got this mom.

 That would be Aaron going head first down the steep slide. 
This is cool - It's kind of like a merry go round.  The closest I've seen to one in a long time.  The boys think it's the neatest thing.

More blogging to come.  Promise.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beautiful Weather: 60 Picnics!

Picnics started to slow a little but because of the awesome weather we've had, we have been spending time outdoors.  We're up to 60 picnics for 2012!!  With only a month left, it's doubtful we'll make 100 this year as was our goal, but maybe we'll reach 75... 
 P 49 - Daniels Park with Daddy
 P 50 - Maxwell Falls with Daddy and Uncle Matt
 P 51 - RMNP
 P 52 - Red Rocks
 P 53 - Castle Rock Hike
 P 54 - Xenon St Backyard
 P 55 - Green Mountain
 P 56 - Idaho Springs
 P 57 - Discovery Park, Golden CO
 P 58 - Kendrick Park, Lakewood
 P 59 - Walmart, Lakewood
P 60 - McDonnell Park

Sunday, November 4, 2012


This Halloween season came and went fast! We put up our fun Halloween decorations including new window stickers we got and had fun opening care packages from family!  The kids absolutely LOVED getting packages in the mail. ; )  Here's a picture recap of our Halloween in Denver.

 We made carmel apples.
 The perfect snack and fun cup to drink milk out of.

 Meet "Scout"
 Zumba Zombie awesomeness
 Trick or treating at Uncle Matt and Aunt Jaquelyn's
 Taking a break at "Trek or Treat"
 All ready to go and playing with their cool pumpkin lights
Trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Ethan the talker

Aaron may have waited until past 2 to talk but he sure is a good teacher now.  Ethan is becoming quite the talker.  He is very good at mimicking us and especially his older brother.  It is so sweet to hear him talking.  Some of our favorites are:

peeze {please}
ma dad-dy {instead of simply saying daddy, it's "my daddy"}
ya oo {love you}
nuggle? {can we snuggle?}
hhhike {hike}
yep {always with a head nod}
ook! {look - at him or at something else.  He does tricks like Aaron!}
uckie {yucky}

And his dog bark.  When asked what sound a dog makes he replies with his version of a bark.  It sounds a lot like he's pretending to take a bite out of something.  So cute!

Tonight he said, "nuggle, show?"  He wanted to snuggle up and watch a show before bed.  How could we say no to such a cute little boy with his bankie and thumb all ready to snuggle?  The whole family watched an episode of Curious George.  Or as Ethan would say, just "George."

He adds new words everyday and repeats almost everything he hears.  And he LOVES his older brother!