Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our first real Snowy day in Denver

This week we woke to our first accumulation of snow!  So it melted  by the next afternoon but still it was exciting. It was the perfect kind of wet packing snow for snow balls and snowmen.  I'm thinking I was probably more excited than the boys. :) We started the day off with a hot breakfast compliments of chef daddy - waffles, sausage, and coffee.  Mmmm.....  Then we bundled the kids up in their snow suits and went outside to play in the snow before it melted!

 Poor Ethan did not like the cold on his hands and we couldn't find good gloves for him so we used socks. A problem which was resolved today when we went to REI and got nice waterproof mittens for him.  Aaron helped me roll snowballs for our snowman and then he used his "digger" to dig around in the snow for a while. We never quite finished the face.
Warming up with daddy

Next it was snack time!  I made cute little snow shoe treats in honor of the first snow.  We've decided to make this a family tradition.  Each year for the first snow day we are going to have a special snow related snack.  As the kids get older I'll let them use their imagination and see what fun treats we come up with.

Then it was time for a little indoor snow activity.  We made some snow globes using baby food jars, small toys, and glitter.  They turned out cute.  The kids favorite part was picking out which color of glitter to use and sprinkling it in the jar.

Last but not least, we picked up our new "snow vehicle!"  We've been hunting for a bigger, Colorado friendly, family car and we found it on Monday this week.  We got to pick it up Thursday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day driving around up in the mountains looking at pretty homes and enjoying the fresh snow while the kids watched movies in the back.

It was a fantastic day!!  The snow is all gone now but I'm looking forward to the next one already. : )

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ready for Snow

So tonight we are supposed to be getting snow!!!  I've heard different amounts but maybe 3-6 inches by tomorrow night.  Yay!!!  We've had a dusting but I don't think it really counted as the official "first snow." I've got lots of fun things planned for tomorrow for our first snowy day in Colorado.  A special "1st snow" treat (a new tradition I'm starting), a fun activity to do inside (the kids will be making snow globes from baby food jars), snow suits out and ready to play in, hot chocolate on hand, and even a drive planned to enjoy the fresh flakes.  Yes, I said drive... but will it be in my Sonata?  Hmmm.....I guess you'll have to wait to hear about it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My birthday weekend

Three words: I FEEL SO LOVED!  Ok, that was four but who's counting.  My birthday gifts just kept coming after I got the child carrier from John early.  Friday night John texted me after dinner saying he had a patient that wasn't doing great and he had to stay.  After a while he said his patient passed and the family went nuts and he had to call security.  He assured me he was ok but bogged down with paperwork and wouldn't be home for a while.  I was starting to get worried when 10:00 rolled around and he still wasn't home.  Then he walked in the front door and said, "so... I lied..." I was so confused because the next thing that came through the door was our baby carrier!  Then I saw Amy but it still took me a second to realize what was happening!!  I was soooooo glad to see her.  I've been a little lonely recently and it was just fantastic timing.

One of the cool things about Amy coming was that she brought baby Jet with her.  I had seen him once in the hospital before we moved but was unable to touch him as he was still in the NICU and only mom and dad could touch him.  So for the first time, I got to hold that sweet little boy!  We pulled out our baby gear so she didn't have to lug stuff with her.

On Saturday after breakfast, John gave me a card to open and inside was a gift certificate to Tall Grass Spa and Salon! He had already made us reservations and everything.  So Amy and I left the kiddos with John (Aaron, Ethan, and Jet) and went out to lunch, took a beautiful drive in the mountains, and ended up at the spa where we still didn't know what were getting.  We were treated to the most luxurious spa pedicure I have ever had and a shellac manicure.  Plus we both got our make up done as well.  The spa was beautiful and the service was impeccable.  We were certainly pampered!  When we got back home Matt (Amy's brother) was there holding baby Jet.  It was the first time he had seen the little peanut too!  We went to dinner at a nice restaurant and the kids actually did pretty well!  Amy gave me a beautiful friendship ring necklace.  I love it!

 Giddy in the bathroom after changing into my robe.  First time I've ever gotten a pedi with no pants on!

 My throne! : )

 Matty and baby Jet

On Sunday we went to church and then I had a Zumba interview that I would have rescheduled had I known the surprises that were in store for me that weekend!  Amy and I left my boys with John later and we headed for the mall to look for some jeans.  Little Jet was an angel.  We had pizza for dinner at our house with Matt and Jaquelyn too and then I had to take Amy back to the airport.  I was very sad to see her go but so happy we got to spend the weekend together!  Did they do good or what?

Monday - my actual birthday - John and I took the kids out for a beautiful mountain hike where we could actually see Pikes peak in the distance!  I could not believe we could see it from that close to Denver.  The pack is amazing.  I carried Ethan up the mountain, and Aaron down.  I don't think I'll be carrying Aaron much - he's heavy!!!  But for short distances it's not too bad.  Finally, we made it to our last parenting class that we have been taking at Red Rocks Church and they had brought a birthday cake for me.  : )

 Pikes Peak in the distance

I opened my cards from my family and John's family and with my birthday money I have ordered 3 new Zumba tops and a pair of Zumba cargo pants!  I'm also planning on getting a new pair of hiking pants and some trekking poles.  I also got a nice package from Chelsee with shadow boxes that I wanted to display the kids artwork.  Man - I am soooooooo blessed!  What a FANTASTIC 30th birthday this has been.  Thank you so much to everyone.  I feel so loved.
I don't know why but 30 just feels like the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life full of possibilities.  And... I have the BEST husband EVER!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Early Birthday

Two nights ago John took the boys and I to REI to pick out my birthday gift.  He wanted to surprise me but we really wanted to try the packs on with both the boys and see how it fit as we walked around the store.  So after much debate I decided on the Osprey Poco Premium.  Yup.  My wonderful hubby (unlike me) has no qualms buying the most expensive, best quality things for me.  It is sooooo awesome!!  They were having a big sale which is why I got it early.

We are planning on going out this Saturday as a family to do some hiking.  Well I think that's the plan.  But I couldn't wait!!  So today I took the boys out to Red Rocks Amphitheater for a picnic lunch.  Red Rocks park is huge and there is a great trail system I'm told.  But we only had time to check out the amphitheater  today.   I look forward to going back with John later.  Check out the pics!

 All ready to go!

 Enjoying our picnic lunch on the top row of the beautiful outdoor theatre

The view from the top.  BTW, Aaron made it ALL the way to the top all by himself!  Can you see Denver way off on the horizon?
 Blankie thief! 
 All packed up and ready to head down.  This is the pack from the back.  The sunshade pulls out of the pack and clips on the front.  It was very helpful since we were in the bright sun and Ethan is NOT a fan of sun in his eyes!

 I brought a water bottle for the boys but it was more convenient and WAY more fun to drink from mommy's camelbak!
Amazing.  We really are so small on God's beautiful planet.
"Higher than the mountains that I face
Stronger than the power of the grave
Constant in the trial and the change
One thing… Remains 
Your love never fails, never gives up
Never runs out on me"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Art Studio

Winter is quickly approaching here in Denver.  Or at least the cold weather is!  We had our first dusting of snow the other day and the kids were ecstatic!  I'm told people still get outside a lot even in the winter with littles.  The Mountain Mamas hike all year round.  The only rule is it can't be raining or snowing during the hike. We'll see!  I'm used to staying indoors all winter long during those nasty cold/icey days back in KC.

We decided to bust out some indoor activiites this week.  After all, there are lots of birthdays and anniversaries coming up that need special cards...  : )  I pulled out an old shower curtain to protect the living room carpet and then set up both the table and the easel along with all of our crayola paints.  The kids had a blast!  Although I'm not sure if they enjoyed making the huge mess or cleaning it up better!  I let them take all the paint utensils and such in the tub with them afterwards to clean everything together.  I bet they were occupied for at least an hour between playing in their "art studio" and in the tub.

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up (you know who you are!) you're in for a special card soon! : )  Love you all and miss you guys.