Monday, April 30, 2012

Human Bottomless Pit

This kid can eat his weight in food!  He always out eats Aaron and half the time finishes seconds AND the rest of his brothers meal!  Last night he ate 2 hot dogs and the rest of Aarons plus mac and cheese and a fruit cup.  This morning he had a huge bowl of oatmeal - like mommy size - and then a banana and a half. Yet after I cleaned him up and put him down he still managed to pilfer Aarons remaining oatmeal while my back was turned and make a huge mess in the process.  What a chunk! The funny thing is he really isn't chubby at all. The kid must just be growing like a weed! I love our little bottomless pit!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time to Play

Now that the house is up on the market... and fingers crossed it sells...  it's time to keep the kids OUT!!!  That means it's time to play!  Yesterday we went to visit Grammy at her new apartment and then took a long walk to the local elementary school to play in the afternoon.  Today we went to Healthy Kids Day at the Great Mall and played in the kids area, in a bounce house, and Zumba'd for a bit followed by a trip to Burger King and playing in their jungle gym area.  Whew!  They are sound asleep right now.  No problems with naps!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picnic Update

Yup - we're still counting picnics!!  We're ready for 23.  Looks like 100 isn't out of the question for the year!  It is so cool to hear Aaron request "I wanna go on a picnic."  My car is stocked with a picnic blanket, bubbles, balls, wipes, the little stroller, Aaron's bike and helmet and sunscreen.  All we need is food and drinks and we're set.  We love eating outside.  Here are the latest outings.

P 16 - Black Bob Park with Aunt Chelsee  (No Picture)
 P 17 - Veterans Park
 P 18 - The Great Mall
 P 19 - Meadowbrook Park
 P 20 - Gardner Municipal Airport
 P 21 - "The Blue park"
P 22 - Backyard cookout

The Good Life

When does life ever slow down?  Looking back through some of my pictures I can't believe how fast our little boys are growing up.  I am so thankful for our wonderful little family.  It sure feels like we are living in the sweet spot right now.  John has been off for a few days and it is so nice to spend some family time together.  Here is a look at some recent activities.
Daddy and Aaron climbing at the "airplane" park.  (It's one of our new favorite parks located at the Gardner Municipal Airport.)
 Both boys absolutely LOVE to swing.  We like to sing songs while I alternate pushing them.
 Grocery shopping is a little more bearable with cool carts like this one.  They think it's pretty neat to "steer" the cart.
 What did I say?  He LOVES to swing.
 Using whatever kitchen tools we can find, Aaron makes food from play dough.  This one is a green ice cream cone.
 The Heintzleman kids have introduced Aaron to the world of basketball.  He will throw anything into the basket. 
 Bad boo boo from an accident on the front steps.  It was scary and we did take him to the ER but he is doing fine now.  He thought the sticker was cool and he was more concerned with his leg scrape.  He's back to his crazy self and still jumping off of anything and everything!
 Planting flowers with daddy while Ethan watches and mommy cooks dinner.
 Ethan soaking up the sun and giggling at the wind.
 Sweet baby boy.
Chase me!!  He is so fast!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Plans

This is to make everything official.  Over the last few weeks - even months though we didn't understand yet - we feel like God has been opening doors and opportunities for us in Colorado.  He is moving in a big way in our life and it is both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time!  We are feeling so completely drawn to Lakewood in several ways that it is impossible to ignore.  So here is our conclusion:  we are moving to Colorado as soon as our house sells!

There are many things that have led us to this decision but here are the top three:

1.  We feel God is calling us to serve together in a powerful way in Lakewood, CO.  This could possibly be through Red Rocks Church where we have been plugging into messages online and I for one have fallen in love with the heart and mission of this church.

2.  We feel John is being called to a new direction in his career as a Flight Nurse.  This is VERY exciting and he currently has an application and resume submitted for a position with Flight For Life Colorado at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood.  Please be praying for an interview!  He also has an application in for an ICU position in St. Anthonys Hospital in case he can't get into FFL right away.  It is looking very promising that he could start in late May in their Medical ICU (there are 5 ICUs at this hospital).

3.  We have family there that have gone before us.  Matt and Jacquelyn moved to the Denver area in December and though they may not stay in Lakewood specifically, they will be close.  If we are to up and leave everything we know and are comfortable with, and all of our friends and family who are here, it will be nice to have someone to welcome us there.

And of course it goes without saying - this is a life long dream of ours and we look forward to being so close to the mountains where hiking, biking, camping and skiing are right at our fingertips!

Our house goes on the market on the 23rd (Monday!)  We have done a lot of work to it so we pray someone is already out there primed and ready to fall in love with it when they see it.

So there you have it!  That is our exciting plan.  Now begins the waiting game of selling the house and preparing to re-locate to a different state.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Memorable Moments

Ethan's first ride facing forward was on his birthday on the way to his party.  It seems like he's been facing forward forever now even though it's only been a few months.
We had our front porch mud-jacked and apparently it was quite fascinating
 First time on a "big boy" swing!  He did great and thought it was fun.  Meanwhile big brother played in the baby swing.  Go figure.
What?  I just wanted my cup.  Aaron went through this stage too.  The climbing has truly begun.
The boys' first Jeep ride together. Ethan couldn't stop giggling - I wonder if the wind tickled him.  Aaron thought it was fun too but eventually he asked if we could roll the windows up. : )

Happy Easter!

This year Lent season has been pretty meaningful to me.  We are not Catholic and do not participate in Ash Wednesday or "giving up something" for Lent per say.  But the idea of it makes complete sense to me as a Christian and though it was a little forced (as in I lost it) I went without a smartphone for the duration of Lent from Ash Wednesday through Easter.  It was not my plan in the first few days after I lost it, but I began to feel God telling me that I should go without it for a while and focus on my walk with Him and my time with my family.  The whole story is an incredible testimony of how God has been moving in my life right now but this is not really the place for that so I will not go into it. Suffice it to say, perhaps more than many past Easter seasons, I have witnessed and sensed His true resurrection power working in my life. 

Our church had services on Saturday night as well as Sunday in anticipation of extra visitors so John and I went on Saturday.  It really worked out nicely because he had to work that night so he didn't have to miss the service.  I took the boys with me over to John's grandparents house afterwards for a Farnsworth family dinner and egg hunt.  We had a great time and it was great to see everyone though I wish John would have been able to come with us.  Sunday morning John slept after having worked all night while the kids and I went back to church to help out in the nursery.  Everyone told me it would be CRAZY and I was nuts to volunteer on such a busy Sunday but as it turned out there were a ton of volunteers which was great so it wasn't bad at all.  We had a turkey/ham Easter dinner at my family's house that afternoon followed by an egg hunt for the boys.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

The Easter bunny was pretty busy this year.  He managed to make it to our house, drop off goodies at Grandma and Granddad's house that they brought over for the boys, AND go to Nanny and Papa's house!  Whew!  The boys were thrilled with such a showering of gifts and love.  Thank you everyone for loving on our kiddos so much. 

 Hunting for eggs at Pam's (John's Co-worker)

 Sleepy baby
 Aaron finds a "special" egg with Papa and Aunt Chelsee

 We tried really hard for good pics with Papa and Nanny but they were just not having it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Visit to CO

It's hard to believe it's been a month since we visited but time flies by!  Last month John and I got to go and visit Matt and Jacquelyn in Denver.  We left the kiddos in the care of both of our parents (alternating days).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching the boys while we were gone!!!!!  How lucky we are to escape for a few days. : )

We left Friday morning and that night we ate dinner in downtown Denver at a neat bar with both Matt and Jacquelyn.  On Saturday we spent some time hanging out with Jacquelyn while Matt was at work.  We looked at some houses in the area, went to REI, visited Matt at the paint shop where he was working at the time, rented our skis, and then had an awesome home cooked meal at their place for dinner.  Jacquelyn made these awesome calzones with broccoli and sausage.  They were VERY tasty. : )

On Sunday we all headed for the slopes at Loveland.  Matt and Jacquelyn snow boarded while John and I skied.  I was pretty proud that out of the whole day I only had one panic attack!  Seriously though, we did have a blast and wore ourselves out as we did run after run from the time they opened in the morning to the time they shut down the lifts in the afternoon.  Ok, so John and I quit about 45 minutes early...  After a brief Jeep tour along the continental divide, we headed back to their place for take out and movies.

 Lunch break
 Matt and Jacquelyn on the lift in front of us
 hmm... I think I have another pic like this from several years ago...
 The view on top of the black runs along the continental divide.  I did not witness this one in person!  Matt, Jacquelyn and John all made it to the top or should I say made it DOWN from the top.

 We stopped very briefly (it was so windy!) for a photo opp from our Jeep ride on Loveland Pass

By Monday we were ready to see the kids but not ready to leave CO yet.  We left early (or attempted to) and headed for Frisco, the place where John and I got engaged over 10 years ago.  It was quite nostalgic and we reminisced of the places we had eaten and the hotel we stayed at.  The ride home seemed to take forever but we finally got back around 8:00pm and were happy to see the boys again.  The trip certainly stirred something inside us though...  We'll be headed back soon.

 March 12th, 2012
October 20th, 2001