Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Plans

Since I left some of you hanging about what our future plans are...  We are selling our house.  Or at least putting it on the market... AGAIN!  This time we're putting some money into it to fix some things up.  The porch is getting mud jacked, the bathroom floors are being tiled, new carpet throughout, new landscaping, and lots of cleaning up/organizing/staging to be done.  We really, Really, REALLY want to sell it and move on.  There are a number of reasons for moving but mostly, we want to be free to go wherever life takes us in the next few years without worrying about a house to sell.  We will be moving to an apartment or town home, or maybe even renting a house as soon as we are able to get a contract on this one.

Ideally we'd like to move to Colorado, some place close to Matt and Jacquelyn if possible.  This may happen as soon as later this year, or a few years from now.  We aren't sure yet.  John is applying for school in the fall at St. Luke's College for their Master's Degree program to become a Nurse Practitioner.  If he for some reason (which I really doubt) does not get in, we will be moving to CO sooner rather than later!  If he has to be on some waiting list for another year or so, we will move and he will apply some place there.  If he gets accepted, we will stay here until he finishes the program and then move.  So either way, we are moving to Colorado!  This is the first step in that direction. 

There is so much to be done around here so we will be very busy in the coming weeks.  We would like to have the house up on the market in April.  It sat on the market for a year last time with no nibbles so we are hoping that with the changes we are making, the surprisingly slight up tilt in the housing market in Gardner, and the changes we've already made (finished room in basement, pergo flooring in the dining room) that we will be out in 6 months or so.

So there you have it!  That is our news.  No more babies on the way, but don't worry we aren't done yet. : )

Hello Blog!

If there are any readers still out there who check my blog from time to time I sincerely apologize for my complete lack of posting and interest in posting over the last several weeks!  It's time to catch up.  So fair warning there will be many posts and most will be bragging on my cute kids so tune out if you want but these are for the blog book. : )

Still to come (big posts):  Colorado Trip and Jenny and Ian's Wedding!  But I'll have to save those for another day.  My time is almost up now! : )

Picnic Season!

Here are the latest on or picnic adventures.

 P 9 - Cornerstone Park, Gardner
 P 10 - Cedar Creek Park, Olathe
 P 11 - Martin Creek, Edgerton
 P 12 - Frontier Park, Olathe  - I cheated a little...  We had McDonald's!
Not Pictured...  P 13 was in our front yard

 P 14 - Frontier Park with Amy and Boys  (This is not the actual pic but it's where it was.)
 P 15 - Garage Picnic

Nap Protesting

It has become a struggle at nap time again.  Ethan, as usual, goes to bed without incident almost every time.  He's not even nursing anymore so you just have to lay him in his crib, turn on his Scout and he puts himself to sleep.  Aaron on the other hand...  (I guess that phrase is used a lot huh?)  Aaron naps about 50% of the time right now.  I thought maybe he was just not tired and getting plenty of sleep at night but that's not the case.  No matter what time I put him to bed at night he still gets up early, as in 6:30 or 7:00 - Even when he stays up late!  Plus when he doesn't nap he first gets really squirrel-y, then cranky, then just plain old mean.  So skipping nap is simply not OK in la casa de Farnsworth!

Here is a picture of one of his protests:

There were curtains but he tore them down, rod and all.  He is not clothed at all - of his own doing.  There is probably urine on the floor and quite possibly poop too.  We don't know if he does that to get back at us for trying to make him nap or what!  The room was clean before putting him bed...

Just when you want to scream and get mad, he says stuff like, "Mommy whats the matter?" So innocently like it's totally normal for him to trash the place.  Or  "I love you mommy."  That's the one that gets me.  He makes it easy and hard at the same time to get mad.  How is that even possible?! 

Today, after 2 straight days of no naps, I took him for a car ride to put him to sleep.  Ethan was out already and John is home - sleeping as he worked last night - so I left Ethan and took Aaron out.  After 12 minutes he was out cold.  He's been asleep now for 30 min.  I don't wan this to be the answer every time but for now, I'm enjoying catching up on the blog!

Valentine's Day

Going back a few weeks.... OK. It was a month and half almost...  we attended a fantastically fun Valentine's Day Party with our Mom's club group.  One of the many perks of being part of a Mom's club is that you get to do cheesy fun parties with other moms and kiddos even though the kids aren't in school  yet!  Both boys got to participate.  We made cute little valentines for everyone (which is pictured somewhere on my missing phone), ate pizza, played Pin-the-Heart-on-the-Snowman, played musical heart, and of course got goodie bags full of thoughtful valentines from all the other kids.

 Waiting for pizza
 Getting ready to play Pin-The-Heart
 A little off...  : )
 Getting his sticker prize for getting stuck with the heart when the music stopped.

 Checking out his valentines

Comparing their loot!

The party was great and we had a ton of people show for it.  I think there were about 25 kids and their moms.  What a great group we have! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We're back!

Colorado was fantastic!  We had such a great trip and it was nice to get away for a few days.  Stories, pics and plans (yes, I said plans) to follow.  But for now, I'm going to attack our basement and attempt to make it look livable.  I'll get back in the swing of this blog once I work out my phone issue or I get this basement cleaned... either way, I'm too busy to blog right now...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Grind

I haven't posted much recently and as I sit here and think about it, maybe it's because it's just been the good old daily grind.  Aside from the occasional picnic, there just isn't a lot going on and yet I feel drained at the end of each day.  Aaron has gone a new direction with potty training.  We've given him the nick name Poop Picaso...  Use your imagination, it's probably better than the real thing.  He has made a habit of pooping where ever he feels like and then painting with it.  Disgusting.  Enough said.

I feel I've been raising my voice more and more and it's just not very effective.  He doesn't care if I put him in time out and my spankings are useless.  So it's back to the reward system.  We stopped doing it because he was doing so great but maybe it was the reason he was doing so great.  So it's back to stickers and fruit snacks and the promise of hot chocolate if he has no accidents.  And hot chocolate is like gold to him.  So far it's working.  I guess positive reinforcement does actually help.  Plus with the loss of my phone I'm making more of an effort to pay better attention to him and he likes it.  Man, raising a toddler is HARD WORK! : )  He is so sweet though.  Even after a rough day he still is sweet at bed time and randomly tells me he loves me.  I just melt when he gives me the I Love You sign with his fingers. 

Ethan is a pro at walking now.  He generally loves life and it's evident on his face.  His smile can seriously make me change my attitude in a heartbeat. He is fearless at the park, just like Aaron was, going down any slide he can climb to.  He tries to do anything that big brother does.  They are so cute when they play together.

John and I are going to Colorado this coming weekend to visit Matt and Jacquelyn and we are sooooo excited!  The boys are going to be staying with both our parents off and on so they will have a blast.  We are so lucky to have such great grandparents for the kids!  I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, going to Colorado or having 4 days alone with my hubby!