Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picnic Update

Since I lost my phone I don't have picnics 4,5, or 6.  Bummer.  I think John may still have the one that he took the boys on though. 

P4 - John and the Boys at the Great Mall
P5 - Jude, Asher, Amy, myself, and the boys at the Great Mall
P6 - Aaron and I in a pop up tent on the Living room floor

 P7 - Celebration Park, Gardner
P8 - Backyard Playhouse

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL and we can't get enough outside time. I think we'll make it to 50 with no sweat.  Maybe even 75 this year.  Time will tell!

Ethan Turns One!!!

So this post is delayed by a few weeks but better late than never!!!  Our sweet little Eman turned 1 on February 12th and even though we were having a rough weekend with Grandma's funeral and all, we still were able to make it special with the help of family and friends.  First, here is a video I put together and posted on Facebook on his special day.

His party was a great success.  We met at Ryan's Family Restaurant in a special room which we decorated just for him.  There was just no way we could have it at our house in the winter when we can't utilize the backyard.  We went with an elephant theme mostly because I just thought elephants are adorable and he has a few stuffed animals.  For some reason they make me think of him.  Then I realized that "E" stands for "Elephant" and I knew it was the perfect theme.

 Treat bags - Adults got peanuts and kiddos got circus marshmallow peanuts and fruit snacks
The fabulous cake that John and I made together.  We were inspired by Cake Boss...

 Notice the banner in the background...  He's in the exact opposite pose!

 Big brother helped unwrap

He knew what to do right away.  
 Big brother followed suit

More pics to be posted to Facebook soon.  Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate.  It was so fun to see everyone loving on little Ethan.  He has been having a lot of fun with all his new toys and clothes.  I promise I AM sending out thank you notes soon! : ) 
~ ~ ~

His 1 year checkup went great.  He's perfectly healthy with the exception of a little fluid in his ears from this silly cold that keeps plaguing our house.  Here are his current stats:

Weight: 21 lbs, 13 oz - % 30-40
Height: 30 1/4 inches - % 60
Head circ: 17 3/4 inches - %20

So he's filling out a little and certainly growing taller!!  We can tell in the way his clothes are fitting! He still has a little head but it was somewhere around the 10th percentile last time.  That's ok.  I love his little noggin and the fact that he can still rock the 6 month hats we have.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing phone. Part 2

Yes.  Now I have officially lost not one but TWO phones since Aaron was born!!!  Hmmm.... I'm not saying he did it exactly but I have a sneaking suspicion...

My world has become soooo dependent on that silly thing and as I step back and look how much I used it I am amazed I had time for anything!  I used it for so many purposes like Facebook, Pinterest, email, calendar, listening to music, using it for Zumba classes, playing kids music in the living room, alarm clock, recipe finder, weight watcher point tracker, grocery lists, making lists for all kinds of silly things, texting with John while he's at work, checking the weather, checking the news, checking my bank account and credit cards, GPS navigating, blogging, checking other peoples blogs, shopping on amazon, playing games like words with friends and Mahjong, oh yeah, and actually talking on the phone since I have no house line!  And there's more too but I can't think of it right off the top of my head.  It's been gone since Sunday and I've had to use a little back up phone that we were letting Aaron use as a play phone.  It's like 10 years old or something but it actually allows me to talk and if I am patient enough (which I'm not) I could text and use the old T9 feature.

At first (and even still a little) I was so angry that I cannot find it.  I am about 95% sure it's in my house somewhere but I can't locate it as it's in airplane mode I presume which means there is no way to call it or make it ring through GPS or wifi features.  It's simply gone.  After brewing over this and obsessing with finding it for going on 4 days I have come to believe that there is a huge lesson here for me.  It's largely spiritual and to completely go into it would take too much time and may bore you so I'll spare the details but suffice it to say, I have a lot of seeking to do besides finding my phone.  I am even considering not getting a smartphone right away and taking the extra time I spent fiddling with my phone to enjoy my kids more and grow spiritually with the Lord.  Not forever of course.  I mean, I don't think I can go FOREVER without my smartphone!  Hehehe.  But I think I'll wait a while, a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe more to buy a new one.

So since I've lost a lot of pics that I had on the phone I haven't been blogging lately.  That will change.  Time to bust out the ol' camera and do it that way.  I have several picnics to add to our list and of course I still need to blog about little Ethan's birthday party!!!!  I just got the sd card from John's parents last night so I'll be sure to get some pics up soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tribute to Grandma Great

Last week my grandmother, Peggy Thies, passed away.  Grandma, or Grandma Great as my kiddos called her, went to be with the Lord on late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  She had a bad fall before Christmas and while she was in the hospital it was discovered that she had some underlying issues that ultimately took her life. It was a short 8 weeks or so between then and her passing.  All of her children where able to make it here before she went and she spent her last moments in her own bed with her family surrounding her.

The funeral was held in Salina Kansas last Saturday and it was a beautiful service. She touched many lives throughout her time on earth.  I enjoyed spending time with my cousins and reminiscing all the memories we shared as kids.  Chelsee, Katie and I came up with a poem that summed up some of the most memorable things about her.  I would love to post it when I get a copy from Chelsee. 

We got to spend a few moments with her on Monday morning before she passed. We told the boys that we were going to go visit grandma great and that she was not feeling well.  She may even be asleep when we got there.  Aaron's response was, "she need a night night story?"  How I love the innocence of a child.  Book in tow, we got there and read to her the book, "No Matter What."  It is a great little book about how no matter what, we are always loved.  Grandma enjoyed it and smiled.  I think what I will remember most about her is how much she adored my children.  Aaron still doesn't quite understand that grandma great is with Jesus. We went to her apartment tonight and he asked where she was again.  I'm sad that they will probably not remember much about her.  Hopefully they will read this blog post later on in life and see that they had some great times with her.

Since moving to the Atriums in 2007, Grandma was able to come to so many events.  Looking back through pictures it really is neat that she was there for so many life changing moments. She NEVER wanted to miss out on a party.  And most everything was reason enough for a party or get together.  These are only a few of them.

Thanksgiving, 2008 - We revealed we were expecting

May 2007 - She came to my Graduation from JCCC

 May 2009 - She came to my graduation from MNU

June 2009 - She was there for the birth of Aaron Michael

 She spend many 1sts with Aaron
His first Christmas and New Years - We had a PJ party

February 2011 - She was there for Ethan's birth

She loved these kids very much

There were so many other things she came to and was a part of like of course John and I's wedding, John's graduation from nursing school, and many many birthdays. 

Grandma led a long and happy life.  She never wanted to miss out on anything!  Anyone who met her could never forget her vibrant colored clothes, rings on all fingers, and huge colorful matching jewelry!  She will be missed by many.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eating out or Eating OUT

It's a new year (still) and as usual I'm thinking about our family's health and finances.  They seem to always be the largest on-going resolutions for us. And most everyone else too I imagine.  For the month of January I said we were not going to eat out at all.  Hmmm....  That didn't go over so well.  We lasted for less than a week.  Now, we haven't done it near as much as in previous months, but still, we have got to get a handle on it.  It's the "Oh I'll just stop at McDonald's and get chicken nuggets for the kids because I'm running around town and they are starving." Or "I'll stop and get them food that they can eat in the car and then I won't have to mess with dinner when we get home - just baths and bed."  Or of course the, "I don't at all feel like cooking - let's order pizza," "I need to go to the grocery store," or "nothing sounds good."  ENOUGH.  It's neither healthy or cost effective. 

This wonderful weather has inspired me with a new idea.  A plan to help us eat better, be active, and save money.  We are going to become creative picnic-ers! The boys absolutely love to eat outside.  Especially if there is playtime to be had before or after.  We have gone on three picnics just this week.  We love going to parks so I've been scoping out future picnic sites.  I thought it would be fun to document, by photo, each place we picnic in 2012.  It can be as normal or creative as we want.  The key is to have good food on hand and be ready to throw a lunch together when there is even a possibility that we might want to picnic that day.  And a picnic doesn't have to be outside either.  Just a few weeks ago I brought lunch with us to story time at the library and we sat on the carpet in the foyer afterwards.  Today I knew we would be out running errands and I wasn't sure what time we'd be home so when I left the house at 9:30 this morning I had lunches with us just in case.  If I have lunch with me, why stop somewhere and spend money?

Cool huh?  I wonder how many we can do?  25? 50? 100?  So far we're up to 3. (Not including our library trip because I didn't take a photo of it!)

 Picnic 1 (P1) Meadowbrook Park, Gardner

 P2 Celebration Park, Gardner

P3 James Place Area, Overland Park