Friday, September 2, 2011

Huggies Points

Having 2 kids in diapers is pretty expensive - especially since I'm a brand snob when it comes to my babies rear-ends.  No other brand seems to be such a perfect fit as Huggies.  So here at La Casa de Farnsworth, we buy Huggies size 3, size 4, and even our diaper wipes.  They have a rewards program which is enticing and annoying all at the same time.  Save up 382 points and you get this lovely dangly cow...

Awesome.  I only spent like $1000 to get a dumb cow. 

I was actually quite taken in by this rewards program.  I've been saving the little stickers off of every package of diapers and wipes and tonight I spent over an hour entering all the codes.  I was up to 800 something!  I couldn't believe it.  I started browsing the catalog and had decided on a $15 gift card to starbucks, a year subscription to the magazine Family Fun, and with a little more points saved up I could even get this Thomas set for Aaron for Christmas.
So I went for the gift card first.  Everything was smooth.  I clicked on the redeem button and then was asked to click a confirm button.  On to the magazine.  I clicked on the redeem button, chickened out because I wanted to get the Thomas set now and magazine later so I simply did not confirm it.  

Then I got to thinking, what about shipping?  I got a brilliant idea to click on the redeem button for the dumb cow (which was first in the catalog) just to see if it said anything about shipping.  Nope.  Not a word about shipping.  Instead it said, "thank you for redeeming your dumb cow, fool."  Followed by a charming "he he he he..."  What a sucker I am!  So now I have like 140 points left which is a long ways from the 635 to get the Thomas set.  Hmph.

Anyone have any Huggies stickers they want to give me?  Anyone?  Mom?  They are also on swim diapers, pull-ups and supposedly other Huggies brand items. : )  I know, it's a sick obsession...

****UPDATE****  The dumb cow turned out to be mildly cool.  At least Ethan enjoys it....

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