Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the go and "no!"

I'm happy to report (about 2 weeks overdue) that little Eman is officially rolling around like a little rolly-polly!  It started when I found him on his tummy 4 mornings in a row.  I knew he could roll over at that point but I had not yet witnessed it and I wasn't sure he could roll both directions.  He has always enjoyed tummy time so I kept putting him down on the floor more and more until I finally witnessed his skills!  He rolled from his back to his tummy like he'd been doing it for months or something.  I'll have to add the video later because of course I whippped my phone out to capture the moment.  It wasn't until this morning though that I realized he had learned to roll both directions and use it as a means to travel.  He went halfway across our living room today just rolling over and then over again - laughing in true Ethan form.  It was the cutest thing ever!  No more leaving him places he might roll off of!

In other news...  Aaron has mastered the word "no" and uses it quite often!  Sometimes it is very cute, sometimes it's informative like when I ask him a question, and sometimes it's toddler defiant! Here we go...  I'm glad he's finally using his words more though.  His list of words and phrases is growing almost daily but it still seems a little slow going at times.  We are meeting with a speech therapist every two weeks and it seems to be helping.  I don't think anything is wrong - just a late talker.  I love it when he says mama. He recently started saying "where dada go?"  So sweet!  He replaces dada with any word he currently knows such as "mama," "bubba," "book," etc.  Or sometimes he just says "where he go?" meaning himself!  Then he pops up and says, "there he is!"  I love my boys so much!!!

Don't know if I'll get to it tonight, but I need to post about our weekend lake trip!  Lots of good pics to share. : )

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's free and fun and helps you stay cool?

The sprinkler!!!  At our house the backyard is decently shaded in the morning and the front is shaded in the evening.  So this morning while Ethan napped, Aaron and I went outside to play.

 The pool was a little crowded today.

 Splash!!  After starting out small he was ready to advance to the next level slide.

 Super cheese! This is what he does now when I ask him to smile. :)

After Ethan woke up he sat content in this swing for about 45 minutes!

Aaron testing out the slide to find his ball that he threw in the pool.

He discovered he could aim the sprinkler.  Too bad we didn't have targets - although the trees worked well!

After dinner we went out front to wave bye bye to daddy as he went to work and ended up playing for an hour before bath time.  Ethan wasn't a fan of the heat but Aaron was perfectly content and DID NOT want to come in.  Not even to play in the bath tub.
 Poor baby.

 We made a train track on the drive way.  It was perfect for keeping Aaron close. (This trick will only last a few times I imagine!)  Aaron had fun pushing and riding his toys along the track.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


This was the phrase I heard when I walked into Ethan's room and saw that Aaron had discovered the magical power of baby powder. That stuff is the coolest ever. When you turn it over and sprinkle it everywhere it's like it snowing and it smells good too! Plus, for Aaron any kind of mess he can make is just awesome!

So I walked in and he froze in his tracks. He looked up at me with the cutest little sigh and said uh-oh. Then he opened Ethan's drawer, grabbed a onesie, and proceeded to clean up his mess. Right idea but wrong kind of cloth! I gave him a damp washcloth and he went to town cleaning up. Maybe I should give him a damp washcloth more often!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just for Kicks...

It's way late and I should be in bed but I thought this was interesting.  I'm cleaning up my office and I ran across this information. For all of those who think Ethan is a chunker...  I told you Aaron had a chunky phase too!  Contrary to popular belief, Eman is actually a little bit SMALLER than Aaron was at his age.  Check out the 4 month stats.  Of course he is now almost 5 months but you get the picture.

16lbs, 10 oz - 80th percentile
26.25 inches long - 90th percentile
Head circumference...can't remember but 25th percentile

Weight: 16lbs, 2oz, 75%
Height: 25.5 inches, 52%
Head: 16 inch, 15%

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Summer

You may have noticed that I haven't posted a lot on the blog recently.  That's because we've been crazy busy!  And you may not be able to believe your eyes when you read this, but I've slacked on the picture taking front!  What?!  Let's see, since Aaron's birthday week we've celebrated Aunt Jenny's birthday, had a 4th of July picnic with my family (homemade ice cream and everything!), and participated in the neighborhood 4th of July parade which by the way was a lot of fun!  I have some pics from the parade but not anything else.

Plus on top of all of this, I have been finishing up my certifications for teaching my Zumba classes.  I now have 5 certifications in all: Zumba instruction, CPR, First Aid, Group Exercise, and a required course for the YMCA call Healthy Lifestyles.  Whew!  It was 4 days in a row of school basically.  But I'm ready to go.  I start my Zumba classes this week!  They will be every Thursday morning at 10:00am and Friday afternoon at 4:30.  Here's hoping to a healthier me and a fun class for others to attend!

Coming up next this month... more birthday parties to go to including Jude and Asher Criger, Grandma and Daddy!!  And a weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks!  Can't wait!

Sweet Ethan

Dear Ethan,

I hope you realize how much your dad and I totally adore you. You are such an amazing baby and I hope that someday when you look back and you read this you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are cherished. I just finished nursing you and rocking you for a long time.  I know sometimes I blog a lot about your big brother but trust me you are just as loved.

I love that you smile more than any other baby I know.  And you feel the need to squawk in delight at the most random moments.  I LOVE that you sleep all the way through the night.  Ever since we put you in your crib to sleep when your older brother got his new bed, you have slept around 11 or 12 hours every night.  I love how laid back you are.  I love that you have a couple of really long hairs among the rest of your hair that stick up and dance in the breeze. I love your dimples.  Your left cheek boasts a dimple every time you smile but your right one only shows up when you are really happy.  I love trying to make you giggle so I can admire it.

I love how you watch your big brother and daddy play as if you wish you could join in the fun right now.  I also love the way you watch everyone eat and think it's your turn too.  Your eyes track food across the table as you drool all over your shirt as if to say, "Mom, I can eat that.  Just let me at it, I'll show you."  I love the way you find your thumb when you need to sooth yourself to sleep.  Someday we'll have to break that habit but right now, it is so adorable.  There are so many things I love about you, I could right a entire book I think.  But for now, I have some things to do around the house while you and your brother sleep peacefully.  Sweet dreams little one.