Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here goes!  I am officially a Zumba instructor!  If you've never heard of it before, check this video out:

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout.  It is soooo much fun and I know you would have a blast doing it!  I got hired on at the Olathe YMCA but I still have some certifications to get before I'm on the schedule officially.  I have 2 weeks until then so in the mean time they want me to do some practice classes.  These will be actual Zumba sessions that I will get to teach on my own but they aren't a regularly scheduled class.  This is so that I can get some practice and start immediately after I finish up my other certifications. Come mid July I will be doing a Thursday morning at 9:00am class as well as a Friday afternoon 4:30pm class.

I would LOVE for you to come to one or all of my practice classes.  They are free.  Just let the front desk know you are there to take my practice Zumba class and they will give you a 7 day pass to come to more of my classes as well as check out all of the other great features and benefits that the YMCA has to offer. 

I promise you will have a BLAST.  It's basically a party and you won't even realize you've burned over 800 calories!

Here are the dates and times.  Feel free to invite anyone you'd like.  The more the merrier!

Tomorrow (Wed) at 7:30pm,
Friday at 4:30pm,
Saturday at 11:00am,
Next Tues (7/5) 7:30pm,
and Next Friday (7/8) at 11:00am. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Now we're in trouble. I just figured out how to speak my blog posts instead of typing them. Now I can blog and nurse and take care of a screaming toddler all at the same time! Easier said then done I think but still this is pretty neat. I guess my computer has been reduced to a storage unit as I do most of my stuff on my phone now.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A new room and bed for Aaron

Here are pics of Aaron's new room.  It only took us 4 months to complete it! : )  He loves his new cool Jeep bed.  But I think he may love the fact that he can get in and out of his new big boy bed a little too much!!  He slept great last night as he was EXHAUSTED but today for nap was a different story.  He just wanted to play.  He finally slept a little but we are going to have to get used to it still. 

Hat/coat hooks above plus a space for a clock.  These are magnets - it's a color matching game.  Match the color word with the Jeep.

 The awesome bed!  It turned out soooo great! And that's a picture of Daddy's Jeep in the frame.

 Organized toy bins that are portable so we can take them to the living room.  Check out the new rocking chair from Grandma and Granddad!

 Another angle.  Those are the curtains from Nanny's house.  They work well after all.  I was worried about the hue but they look great!

My old desk from childhood revamped.  It used to be white.  That's a pillow case on top.  This will become a changing station until Aaron is potty trained - something we are not quite ready for yet.  I was going to just change Aaron in Ethan's room when he needs a diaper change but that won't work as I don't want to disturb Ethan while he's sleeping.  So, looks like we'll just pick up an extra changing pad and call it good. Oh and that is a poster of Daddy's Jeep.

 First night in his new bed.

First night in Ethan's new bed.

One more party

Last night we celebrated with John's side of the family.  Instead of cooking I ordered pizza from Johnny Brusco's.  I should have done that for both parties!!  It was soooo yummy and super easy for me. : )  We all enjoyed dinner and then watched as Aaron opened more gifts.  He got a cool harmonica, some more cool Thomas stuff and of course, his new bed!  He was so excited about everything and it was so fun watching him open everything.  Thank you again for the gifts and for making Aaron and our family feel so special.  He LOVES his new bed!

The Birthday Boy

On Aaron's actual birthday we took Amy, Jude, and Asher with us to Skate City for Tot skate. I was nervous about whether Aaron would actually enjoy himself and if there would be any skates for him.  As it turned out, they have cute little adjustable Fisher Price skates that went on over his shoes.  And as for having a good time, I think he did pretty well.  He didn't smile much but he was deep in concentration.  He did loosen up and actually dance a little toward the end.  Jude got to wear regular skates.  They both did really well for their first skating rink experience!

Party Time!

Monday night kicked off a week long, event-packed, birthday celebration for Aaron. Nanny, Papa, Aunt Chelsee and Uncle Jay, Aunt Katie, Grandma Great, and her friend Bertha came over for a cookout. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of fruits and veggies. Aaron loved all the fuss about Thomas the Engine- he's a huge fan. He also got to grill out on his very own grill from Nanny and Papa.  And we finally got to reveal his new swing set!

We had a great time and Aaron got some really neat stuff. Thank you all for the great gifts and for showering our little boy with so much love.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Play Dates

A few weeks back Aaron, Ethan and I went on two very fun play dates with Amy and her boys Jude and Asher.  First we went to Wonderscope.  I didn't get many pictures as both Amy and I had our hands full the whole time but the boys had a great time and it was nice to catch up with Amy.  The fact that we both have boys that aren't that far apart in age is perfect.  After Wonderscope we hung out in the parking lot and nursed our little ones while the older boys watched Cars in the back seat.  Then we went out for pizza.  Awesome day.

The next morning we went to see Thomas the Engine in Baldwin City.  The boys were delighted! Aaron loves to watch Thomas on Netflix and we had checked out some toy trains from Parents as Teachers so he is very familiar with Thomas and Friends.  As it turns out, Jude is also a big Thomas fan.  The weather looked if-y but turned out to be perfect and we never got rained on.  We also met up with another one of my friends from Mom's Club and her two little ones.  It was a fun and tiring morning.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's to come...

Once again I seem to have much to blog about and very little time to do so. I'm falling behind! Aaron's birthday has turned into a birthweek somehow this year. This is a habit I don't intend to make but as the day falls on a Wednesday, it was hard to coordinate a big celebration that everyone could come to. So... we just have multiple celebrations! I may not have time to blog until this weekend but as I'm a list maker, here's what is to come.

Playdates including Wonderscope and Thomas the Engine
Thies Family Celebration
Tot Skate at Skate City (tomorrow)
Farnsworth Family Celebration

There are ALL KINDS of cute pictures so stay tuned.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tornado Alley is getting to me

I used to want to be a storm chaser. I dreamed of living the life of Jo in the movie Twister. That was before kids. Where I used to look outside and marvel at the lightning and 'green sky' I now keep away from windows and worry about keeping my kids safe. I wonder if other moms are as paranoid as I am.

About a week and a half ago we lost a very beloved, beautiful tree in our front yard from a micro burst or something like it.  Whatever it was, it was so windy that it felt like what I imagine a hurricane would be without the rain.  This is our poor tree that is now just a stump in our yard.

Last night we had another round of good old Kansas storms. While I love the weather alarm, it makes me even more worried as it goes off all the time. We were under a severe thunderstorm watch when I went to bed. The alarm went off 5 times as the weather continued to get worse. John was working so I began texting. We text a lot at night - well I do and he answers when he can. Here's how it went last night:

Me: I'm such a weather wuss now. Severe storm in Baldwin and headed to Gardner in the next 10 min. I'm so tired but I doubt I'll sleep until its over. The kids have ruined me! 12:01am

John: Me too.crazy busy right now so keep me posted and ill respond when I can. Lylm be safe. 12:04am

Me: I will. We're fine. No tornado threat but damaging winds again in excess of 65 mph. Hope our other BP tree holds up! Its erie- lighting is so bright and frequent but no thunder. Its not quite here yet. 12:07am

Me: Looks like you'll probably get it too.  Quite a light show from the ICU. 12:11am

<Still checking weather on my phone but not too concerned yet.>

Me: Can't stay awake another second... it's here now but seems fine.  Going to sleep. Love you.  12:33am

<Fall asleep for about a half hour. Extremely loud clap of thunder shakes the house but the boys sleep through it.>

Me: K that was loud... 1:08am

Getting a little nervous at this point but still no tornado threat and the kids are sound alseep.  The house seems to be shifting a lot in the wind though.  So tired I drift off again.  I can't get Joplin out of my head.  I've been having tornado nightmares.  It's been on my mind every time we get another storm lately.  I keep thinking of that poor family who huddled in their hallway with their toddler.  I picture the mother as the tornado throws them all in the air, destroying their house and ripping their son from her arms.  I picture them discovering that child 3 miles away obviously not alive.  I pray that God took that little boy before he knew what was happening.  And I pray that it NEVER happens to me.  I lay there in bed deciding what the quickest way to get my kids to the basement is and what I might have time to grab... shoes, a flashlight, a bottle of water maybe, blankets...  Suddenly the alarm goes off again and I see TORNADO WARNING scrolling across the front of the weather alarm.  Without hesitation I throw the covers off, snatch up Ethan, and make a bee line for the basement.  I lay him on the floor and sprint back upstairs to get Aaron.  On the way back down I grab a handful of blankets and make a pallet on the basement floor among the spiders. (I've seen so many spiders down there lately and I'm scared to walk down there without shoes let alone lay on the ground!) But spiders are better than tornadoes.

Me: In the basement. 1:19am

My hysteria increases as I cannot seem to get service on my phone and my computer will not turn on for some reason.  (Probably because I was pushing too many buttons and freaking out.) The wind outside was crazy and I realized that we were far too close to a window because I could see the branches outside bending to the ground.  The kids are still asleep at this point.  Aaron woke up for a brief moment and then went right back to sleep.  I ripped the storage boxes out of the their place, prepared to take cover in the cabinet they are stored in if need be.  I ran to the garage and grabbed a flashlight then, heart pounding, I ran to the living room and turned on the TV.  I fumbled for the remote and started flipping channels.

Nothing.  Not a single station was covering the weather.  And come to think of it, I didn't hear the sirens. There was simply a little map in the corner of the screen with colors indicating various warnings and watches.  There was also a little weather service banner scrolling across the bottom that said there was a tornado warning in MIAMI county!  Not Johnson county! I was a little relieved but still uncertain.  My phone started to work again and I was able to pull up the radar.  Nope. No tornado threat to Johnson county.  In fact, the worst of the storm had already passed.  Wow.  I totally freaked for NOTHING!!! 

Me: Think we'll hang out here for a while to ease my nerves. 1:29am

Me: I was positive we were going to get it.  Phone lost sevirce, couldn't get the ocmputer to turn on... you think my dreams were wierd before. Now we're hanging out in spider town, in the dark, for no reason. 1:30am

Me: Brown recluse spider town I might add. 1:31am

Me: But no worries... Ellie is right here beside me.  She's such a good dog.  Maybe she'll eat them for me. 1:32am

Me: Might have to blog about my craziness in the morning.  Really.  I'm still shaking. 1:39am

Me: No wind at all right now.  I think it's over here. Just lighting and rolling thunder. 1:40am

Since it was so bright from all the lightening flashes I figured it would be OK to snap a picture. It's a good thing my kids sleep so well!!!!  It makes me jealous - oh to be young and ignorant again. It was about 2am before I fell back asleep.

If only I could stop having horrible tornado dreams now!  The sad thing is, we are again under a severe thunderstorm watch. Happy sleeping...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blueberry Picking

What a great family outing today!  We packed the kids up, armed with sunscreen and a picnic lunch and headed for The Berry Patch.  It was so much fun and I think we'll make it an annual trip.  For those of you who have never heard of them, they are the largest blueberry farm in Missouri located near 69 Hwy and 223rd street.  It was pretty decently priced in my opinion - $2.85/lb.  Aaron had more fun eating the blueberries than actually picking them but I guess some of what he picked made it into the bucket!  He's still asleep as I type this (5pm)! We got home around 2pm and after an active morning in the sun, both boys slept very well!  We have a bag full of blueberries, some Thunder Mountain muffins, and a bunch of memories to show for it. 

 Riding the Blueberry Train

 Mr. Mom!

 Eatin' blueberries while Daddy picks 'em

 Taking a rest.  It was warm but there was a great breeze.

 Helping pick them.  

 Our loot

 Ethan hanging out while we ate lunch

Testing out his balancing skills
Yum! Fresh blueberries.

 You'd never know I was nursing Ethan in the carrier with my little cover.  It was so peaceful picking berries in the field in the quite morning with a gentle breeze.