Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home from our whirlwind weekend in Oklahoma!  We had such a great time.  Alee's wedding was beautiful and we survived our first family road trip!  Our four day vacay was full of family get togethers, great food, and yes even a little napping.  We left Thursday morning and hung out at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Macky's house while the boys went to a tool/garage shower for Adam.  Friday was golfing for the men, nails for the women, and then the rehearsal dinner in the evening.  Saturday was spent swimming at the hotel, going to Pops restaurant on Route 66 and then the wedding and reception in the evening.  This morning we had brunch and celebrated 3 birthdays and an anniversary!  Whew!  We truly did have a great time and were so happy that we could go.

 Family pool time!  

 Eman was happy the whole time!  What a ham!

 Dad and I at Pops.  Yes. Those are pop bottles in the window behind us.  They had over 500 varieties.

 Aaron enjoying a milk shake.

 Two very handsome boys.

 Can we dress up more often please? Next time I promise to do better on Ethan's outfit!

 Nanny and Aaron

Our fam at the reception

At the reception.  Ethan thinks Aaron is pretty funny.

Surprisingly I have no pictures of the actual bride!!  I'll be posting pics again later when we get to view the proofs from the professional.  Also, check out my fb page for more pics of the rest of the family.  Thank you Mitchell family for a great weekend and congratulations Alee and Adam!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Oklahoma!

It's finally here! We've been planning this weekend trip to Oklahoma City for my cousin Alee's wedding for months. We arrived at 5:30 after a late start and a handful of stops. All of my cousins on my dads side are here and many of us have kids now. Its was so much fun seeing everyone tonight as people started arriving. Including myself, there are 9 grandchildren (all over 18 now), 6 spouses, and 8 greatchildren all under the age of 8 here! Aunt Sandy's house was packed and it felt like there were kids everywhere.

Aaron has made a few new buddies and got so wound up that he is just now snoring in the bed next to us at 11:12 at night.  We're trying out the big bed tonight but he's already fallen onto the pillows we threw on the floor 'just in case'. We'll see how it works out. Eman may end up getting the big bed and Aaron in the pack n play before this trip is over.

This is a pic of Aaron watching Thomas the Engine on the way down. Thank God for DVD players!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Escape Artist at it again!

Aaron is starting to feel a little better today.  No fever and though he still has a pretty bad cough he is at least bearable to be around!  In fact, I was nursing Ethan in the living room while John was painting up in Aaron's new room and my little escape artist figured out how to open the door to our garage.  (He just learned about how door knobs work this week and he's been testing every door we have.) 

I heard him go downstairs but didn't think he could possibly open that heavy door.  Oh yes.  He can. And he did! Not only that but he then promptly went to the driver side of my car and opened the door.  Then he climbed in and hit the garage door clicker.  He discovered this trick last week when I was unloading groceries with my garage doors closed so as not to lose him down the street.  When I heard the garage door open I immediately stopped Ethan, put him down, and ran downstairs to chase after Aaron!  It's time to get the door knob child-proof stuff out!  Next thing I know, he'll be trying to back my car out!  He has discovered how to put mommy's keys in.  He tried every key until he found one that worked.  Holy Cow - this kid is sooooo curious!!!


Aaron has been off and on sick since just before the first of May.  And I have to say, it's getting old.  I feel so bad for him!  He started getting a fever just before Grandpa Farnsworth's birthday.  The fever eventually died out after several days but the runny nose persisted and he had a cough that nagged him at night.  Then last Friday night the fever crept up again.  At first it hovered around 101 but when it reached 104 on Sunday night we thought it was time to visit the doctor.  At the walk-in you rarely get to see your usual doctor so we saw another one in the practice.  She seemed nice and checked all that she could... throat, ears, lungs.  Aaron was crying most of the time and she could not hear very clearly.  She told us to listen to his lungs later and if John thought he sounded some crackles to call back.  (This is only since John is an ICU nurse and knows what to listen for.)

Later that afternoon, his temperature spiked to 105.1.  I had to give him a tepid bath as he screamed as if I were severly hurting him.  I almost cried too.  He had been on Children's Motrin and Tylenol for several days.  So I gave him another dose and snuggled until he calmed down.  He's a funny boy.  When the medicine kicks in he acts as if nothing is wrong.  He goes on playing and laughing and carrying on like everything is fine.  Then the medicine starts to fade and he reverts to cranky, clingy, I-want-my-blanket, boy.  It's very sad.  He doesn't always want to snuggle and sometimes he ONLY wants to snuggle with daddy.  I savor my rare mommy lovin' moments.

Somehow, it was noted that his lungs sounded just fine when we went in on Monday and when John called to say he thought he heard crakeling when he listened to his lungs, they told him they couldn't take his word for it and they would not prescribe anything since his check up was "fine."  Completly annoyed and with little other option, we took him to Children's Mercy on Wednesday, as ordered by the pediatrition's office, to get a chest x-ray.  They concluded that it is Bronchitus.  But is it viral or bacterial?  We were told to wait it out and call back if the fever and cough persists...  This must be their favorite line.  It seems to me that we are no better off than when we started.  The cough has gotten much worse and though we have times when his fever is low-grade or almost normal, it always creeps back at night.

It is now Thursday night and he went to bed with yet another 101.5 fever.  As has become normal for the last several days, he woke up coughing and crying.  When will this end?  Apparently it is a very serious thing to give kiddos antibiotics anymore and the doctors must be positive that they are needed before prescribing them.  I appreciate the concern and do not want to give medicine that is not needed either.  HOWEVER, if it is in fact bacterial than I would really like to get it all cleared up before we go to Oklahoma!!  Do colds with this kind of fever pattern really persist for over 3 weeks? 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Even more bizzare....

Ok, it's back now.  Weird.  Enjoy the double pics!

How bizzare....

I swear I had a post up entitled "Busy Bees."  I even posted a link to it on Face Book and had comments on it.  I have NO idea what happened to it!!!  It was just explaining that we have been pretty busy lately with getting our basement finished up.  My dad has been soooo awesome in helping us create a functional, storage filled, office space.  We've now moved everything downstairs from the old "office" and are getting ready to transform it into Aaron's new bedroom.  I can't wait to post pictures of all three finished rooms. (The new office, Aaron's new room, and Ethan's room.)  I can't believe Ethan is 3 months old now and still has no space to claim his own!  I've had to rotate lots of clothes out of the piddly 2 drawer plastic set on top of my dresser!  With all the work we've been doing, we've still had time for fun stuff.  These were the pics I had posted a few days ago that mysteriously went missing - and a few extras.

 Introducing Ethan to Elmo's World
 Mr. Smiles

 ...and giggles (or more like gurgles)

 Bird watching - Aaron thinks it's a window seat in the basement

Sleeping while the rest of the fam enjoys pizza

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Bee's

We are so close to completing our basement project.  Yay!  All that's left are the little details but everything is moved downstairs now.  Thank you dad for such amazing work!  Aaron's room is our next project.  We've been so busy clearing out junk, having a garage sale, and attempting to get Ethan moved into his own room (which can't happen until Aaron gets moved into his new room, which can't happen until we finish his new room) that we haven't had much time for family outings or park trips.  Not to say we haven't had any fun though...

 We giggled...

We bird watched...

and we went for pizza.  Well Ethan slept through it, but the rest of us had fun.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Being a mother myself now, I appreciate so much more the things that my mother has done for me growing up.  Not that I didn't before, but now I know just how much work goes into raising kids.  So mom, on this Mother's day, know that I love you very much.  Thank you for your sleepless nights, cleaning my messes, fixing my boo-boos, and countless heart to hearts.  Motherhood doesn't end just because your kids are grown and out on thier own.  You still continue to fix my "boo-boos" and you are always there for a heart to heart.  And even though you may not stay up all night taking care of me, you still worry and think of me.  I love you for all that you have done for me, that you do for me, and who you are to my kids.  You are such a wonderful "Nanny." 

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grandpa Farnsworth Turns 90!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Farnsworth!!!  Today we celebrated his 90th birthday.  Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim opened up their house and hosted a FABULOUS party for him with guests from all over the country! Unfortunately Aaron was feeling crummy (we debated on taking him at all) so I took him home early but we simply couldn't miss such a grand event.  John and Ethan got to stay and hang out all afternoon.

There was lots of food to be had and of course, 90 candles to be blown out!  We also got to see many relatives we don't normally get to see.  I can't believe I forgot the camera!  I hope to get a peek at (and a copy of) some of the footage and pictures that Uncle Gary took.  Here is one I got with my phone...

Our boys are so fortunate to have Great Grandparents in their lives.  May we celebrate many more birthdays to come!!