Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy B-Day Great Grandma Farnsworth!

Today is John's Grandma's birthday!  Which is obviously Aaron and Ethan's great grandma Farnsworth.  She turned 88.  (Sorry for posting your age grandma, but you should wear it like a badge!)  I'm pretty sure she is one of the most technological grandmas out there as she follows our blog regularly...did I mention she's 88?  You rock Grandma Farnsworth!  Any who.... yesterday we got to visit and celebrate with her and the rest of the fam.  Enjoy! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA FARNSWORTH!!!!!!

Going for a ride with Great Grandpa. 

2nd cousin Alex holding Ethan

Finger Painting

And of course, I love my little trouble maker too.  As I was looking through my last posts I realized that most of them were in a negative yet humorous light in regards to Aaron.  We have our good days too you know.  Like the other day when we finger painted.  Our kitchen has pergo flooring (a fake wood floor look) so it's very easy to clean and as for cabinets and walls?  They can be wiped off easily enough.  So just how "washable" are Crayola fingerpaints?  VERY! And what better way for an ornery toddler to have some fun??

 We even toe-painted!

(The best part is you get to take a bubble bath the middle of the day!!)

Ethan's 1 Month Stats

Speaking of my little angel... though this is about 2 weeks behind, how can I forget to post his one month stats?  Saturday marked 6 weeks old now.  Wow time is flying!!  At his one month check up, Ethan weighed 11 lbs, 1 oz putting him in the 90th percentile for weight.  He was 22.25 inches long which puts him in the 75th percentile for height.  My baby's putting on the pounds now. : )  He's healthy and beautiful and we love him dearly!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommy's Angel

I love having a little baby again!  He is so sweet and cuddly.  Plus he mostly just eats, sleeps, and poops right now!  Overall though I think he really is an easy baby.  I could literally stare at him all day.  I cherish the nights because I get him all to myself with no interruptions.  When John works I usually end up with Ethan in the bed with me and while at first I thought I might smother him, now I absolutely love the cuddle time and I think I still get my sleep for the most part.

 As I'm blogging, he's sleeping next to me...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy A Results

After one week of recording crazy Aaron moments I've come to realize that he causes more mini heart attacks than actual messes.  Could be the timing of my little test though.  We've had some great weather and have been able to get outside a little more.  Here is what Aaron has been up to this last week.

He started off by learning how to escape out the back door.  While Ellie is the actual culprit of ripping our screen door initially last year with her snout, Aaron has learned to open the sliding door and then grab the screen to pull it open.  It doesn't matter if the door is locked, he knows how to unlock it. We will be investing in a new screen door with a grate on the lower half to protect it from both our dog and our child!

It wouldn't be so bad to let him run around in our fenced back yard and occupy himself outside except there is this big staircase that scares me to death.  I'm terrified he's going to get excited, go down too fast, and do a burrito roll all the way down.  (Not to mention all of the dog poop bombs he may, and has, accidentally romped in!)
 So we've been able to keep him out by using the good old stick-behind-the-sliding-door trick.  Heaven help us when he figures this one out too.  So far I haven't allowed him to see me do this.

I've caught him a couple of times now randomly running around in the backyard (doesn't matter what he's wearing or not wearing!) John and I went out back after we heard some screaming one morning.  He was pinned to the ground by a piece of lattace that he tried to climb!  I was too freaked to snap a pic at the time, but this is the lattace.  Just thankful there were no nails!
Next, what toddler doesn't bolt from his parents once in a while?  Aaron is no exception though he seems to do it a lot.  I took him to Gardner Greenway, a park here in Gardner with some walking trails.  We parked just little ways away from the playground area and I saddled up Ethan in the sling and allowed Aaron to walk (to burn some energy off) next to me.  We held hands for a while but there was no one around and no streets to step off into.  It was fine on the way to the playground but on the way back he decided to take after daddy and explore the great outdoors.  I chased him into the woods (totally off any path) with Ethan still strapped on my body.  

That night we ordered pizza and while John was paying the guy, Aaron saw an opportunity to run outside.  He squirmed right through the door and bolted next door.  

We had some park scares too.  Crazy A will try anything with or without mommy's help!  Most of the time if Aaron is getting into trouble, it's while I'm nursing his brother.  He knows when I'm tied up and breaks out the dare devil stunts while I'm preoccupied.

 This is a curved latter that gets harder to climb the further up you go.  Right about now is when he turned and looked at Ethan and I and cried out for help.  He was stuck.  Sorry Ethan, lunch will have to wait AGAIN.

 "I can do it mom!" He often tests for my reaction when he puts his foot over the edge as if he's going to step off.  It makes my heart stop!

This is about a 6 foot "mountain" at one of the parks.  I was clear across the park on a bench, nursing yet again, when I saw him start to attempt this on his own.  This is in a bigger kid section of the park and I've seen him looking up at in wonder before.  Before I could get to him he was all the way up to the top and coming down the slide!  Holy Moly!  

Over this past week we visited the lake with Nanny and Papa.  Aaron particulary liked playing in the cabinet with Nanny.

On the way we stopped at McDonald's with Aunt Katie.  Aaron discovered the ever so cool trick of sucking milk up in a straw, holding it in with his tongue or finger and then spitting it at stuff.  Aunt Katie got a milk bath.

He also decided to climb an 8 foot latter while momentarily left unattended at the lake house.  I walked in to find my little dare devil about 2 rungs from the top and totally happy about it.

Then there is always the everyday stuff that I have become accustomed to but is really quite humorous.  For instance, he has a fascination with light switches and will go to great lengths to flip a switch like drag Ellie's food container around or carry his chair to the closest switches.  Bonus: just tonight I heard him say, "lights."

He sure loves his puppy.  So much that he decided to "feed" her by dumping a cup full of food down the stairs for her.  Thanks Aaron!  You're such a help!

He hasn't done this for a while, but he decided tonight would be a great time to take a swim in Ellie's water dish again.

And last but not least, no baby gate can keep my child from getting to where he wants to go...  Time to bolt that sucker to the wall!

Oh the life of toddler hood.  I love it!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trash Day

Trash day should now be known as Recycle day here at the Farnsworth house.  I am proud to say that we only have 1 bag of trash this week which was made up of diapers and food.  I guess this means if we could get Aaron potty trained, Ethan in cloth diapers, and start a compost we may not have much of a need for a trash bin anymore at all!  I'm not sure I'm ready to put in that much extra work yet though!  It was kind of a game to see how little trash we could put on the curb this week.  I was getting a little embarrassed of the huge pile of trash we seemed to be putting out every week.  Of course some of that was from working on our basement and cleaning out our garage a little but still - our carbon foot print was MASSIVE!  So I called the trash company and signed up for the recycling service and here we are. I can't believe how EASY it is and how MUCH can actually be recycled.  Why doesn't everyone do this?

 Our actual trash
The big bin is the recycle bin - we don't even really need a bin for trash anymore!

A is for...

APPLE!!  I must admit, I've been concerned that Aaron is not really talking yet.  I've had plenty of people say "oh don't worry, he'll talk soon enough" but it's still unnearving when you go out with a group of moms with kids around your child's age and they seem to be talking just fine.  Oh he's said the typical Momma, Dada, ball, and dog but VERY sparingly and never on command.  He does well with some baby sign language like "more," "all done," "eat," and "please," which counts developmentally.

But this weekend we hit a new milestone.  He wanted an apple and so he said, "app-le." I wasn't sure he was really saying it so I asked him again.  "App-le," he said a little louder and more clearly.  My mom heard it too.  So we cut up an apple and for the rest of the day I would say, "Aaron say apple" and he would respond with "app-le."  He really defines the syllables - soooo cute!  Then later in the car, Katie and I taught him "apple juice" which sounds like "app-le jis."  That one is a little harder to come by on command but I've heard it several times now.  We even stopped at a gas station and got him some apple juice - how could we not?!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy A

As you know, Aaron is prone to, shall we say, little disasters.  I'm sure a lot of parents deal with ornery toddlers so for any of them reading my blog you might get a kick out of this.  I've decided to record all the odd, funny, crazy, and dangerous things that Aaron is up to for one whole week.  I'll post the results on March 23rd.  Stay tuned...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Days and ...well... Hard Days

Today was one of the hard ones.  Let me paint a picture.  Last night I probably got a total of about 5 hours of sleep in little 1-2 hour spurts.  John gets home this morning after working all night and gets to bed around 9ish.  Aaron eats very little for breakfast and whines for snacks most of the morning.  Plus he's extremely bored because I am rooted to the couch providing Ethan an all you can get buffet which he can't seem to get enough of.  Both boys are alternatively having melt downs so that as soon as one is resolved another one begins.  For Ethan it's mostly about food or a diaper change.  For Aaron it's because he wants this toy or that one or ANOTHER snack, or he's decided to climb something he shouldn't and has fallen down.  Plus both boys have bad diaper rashes.  Yes, Ethan also inherited super sensitive skin.

After lunch, I put Aaron down for nap with little trouble (thankfully) and begin to work on the finishing touches of a video project I am trying to complete for Tuesday.  Ethan will not have any of it.  I temporarily give up on the project but am gettting stressed because the time is ticking away and Aaron will soon be up again.  In fact, bummer, he IS up again.  Instead of being refreshed from his nap he is whiney and cranky and extrodinarily bored.  He is determined to make a disaster out of the house while I try desperately to finish what should only take an hour or so to do.

John wakes up to find me deshelved while both boys are yet again crying and melting down.  I leave the boys with him so I can run to Cartridge World to pick up ink for my computer to finish up my project.  I spend $70! (Which is actually a good deal for this ink but still - $70!!)  When I get home, John is feeding Ethan a bottle...I had just nursed before I left - he is acting like he's starving all the time! I plug the new ink in and it doesn't work.  Two of the six cartridges aren't even printing anything and the others are very poor quality.  John is rushing, trying to help me and stressing about getting ready for work while I am attempting to get the kids under control.  We can't figure it out so I call the store and tell them they don't work and I just spent $70 on them!  They tell me to return them and they'll give me new ones.  Yeah right - not happening tonight!  I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

So now it's about 8:30 and Aaron is asleep, Ethan has just finished nursing, my house is still a disaster, and I am absolutely exhausted.  It turns out Ethan must be going through a grow spurt.  I was starting to think I just wasn't producing enough milk so I looked up some info online as a refresher.  So... 1) Your baby wants to eat nonstop - Check. 2) Your baby will be up more often at night - Check. 3) Your baby will be crankier than usual - Check.  Yup, definitely a growth spurt!  At least I'm not going crazy and this growth spurt won't last that long. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be one of those "good days!"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life with Two Kids

I love being a mom.  It is the greatest job in the whole world!  Having two little ones is great but also tiring!  As to be expected there is quite an adjustment going from 1 to 2 kids.  You would think everything would take twice as long but that is just not the case.  It takes about 4 times as long!  Why? Because I am constantly chasing my hyperactive toddler!  A lot of times during the day it is hard to completely nurse Ethan without being interrupted.  i.e. putting him down to check on or reprimand Aaron. 

Aaron is constantly testing his boundaries with me and it stinks because he is so dang cute too!  We’ve been working on time out but it’s not going that great.  So… we’ve had to add some “swats” too.  Now before you get all funky on me and accuse me of child abuse, here are my rules:  1) Swats are never given in anger or threatened by yelling.  2) There is always a warning given beforehand. 3) Swats are followed by a short time out. 4) There is always plenty of love given afterward (hugs and kisses from both he and I) and an explanation of why we got a swat.  They say every child is different and you have to do what works… I’m not sure what “works” yet so we’ll see.

Here is what my boys have been up to recently…

 Mr. Curly brushing his teeth

This is what Ethan does most of the day... not that I'm complaining!

Enjoying a graham cracker with chocolate frosting

Playing with his toys

Acting like baby brother

Wide eyed

 On the counter (did it by himself!) helping himself (and the dog) to snacks

Oh the messes I have to deal with at 5am!

 This is what happens at 1:00 every day - finally have nap time down!

More Rainy Day Fun

Let's make a tambourine!  Yesterday was another gloomy day.  Aaron had fun decorating and filling this fun little craft.  Then we took it down to the living room to dance around to some toddler tunes.  He thought it was pretty cool for about 2 minutes!  Now he just bangs on things with it but oh well, I guess that's fun too!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chef Aaron Makes Mommy Lunch

Rainy day blues?  Not here! Today I taught Aaron how to make mini pizzas.  He LOVED it!  We had a great time making them and it was an excellent lunch.  Here's Aaron to show you how you can make them too! : )

First we split the English muffins

Then we spread the pizza sauce on each half

Then we add cheese to each pizza

Next we sprinkle seasoning on top for extra flavor

Then we bake it for 10 minutes and eat apples as an appetizer

Mommy carefully takes them out of the oven to cool

And finally we get to eat them!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Real World

Well these last few weeks have been bliss.  My wonderful husband has been such a HUGE help!!!  He has done dishes, kept the house picked up, and most importantly - let me sleep every morning while he got up with Aaron!!!  I know, I know, I'm totally spoiled!  To top it off we've had friends and family bring us dinners so I haven't even had to cook much!! (BTW, thank you to everyone who has brought us dinner - it was a huge help and I will be getting real thank yous out soon!)

Unfortunately it must end and my sweet hubby must return to work.  Tonight is his first night back.  The boys are fed, bathed, and sleeping currently so I figured I have some blog catching up to do.

We've done a lot of laying around and relaxing in the last few weeks as we are adjusting to this wonderful family of four thing.  We did manage to get out to the park a few times.  Though big brother got to go more often, Ethan has been to the park three times already!  Of course he stays bundled up with mommy while Aaron plays.  Here are some of our pics from the last few weeks....

 Mommy and the boys taking a nap

 Our sweet baby Ethan

 Daddy and Ethan just chillin

 Ethan's first real bath - Aaron got to join him!

 "My belly button looks different mom."

 Taken on his "due date," Feb 25th - he was 13 days old by then!

Sleeping through his bath

Of course, life is not just about Ethan though Aaron thinks that sometimes!  We've had to make sure Aaron gets equal attention so we went on a few "mommy dates."  Another great thing about having John home - he can watch Ethan while I take Aaron out.  We've gone on 2 play dates with the Mom's club and have been to the park a few times.  He's also been on a few Jeep rides with daddy when he runs errands.

Helping daddy zip his jacket
 Getting into the shower... again.  We have named him the Destructor!
 Eating just the frosting off the cookie at Moms Club meeting

Going down the tunnel slide

Lots of kisses for baby brother!
 It's been a great couple of weeks.  I have a feeling this next one will be quite exhausting as I figure out how to do all this on my own.  John is going to be working a lot which means I lose my fantastic helper for a bit.  I'll be fine once I get a routine down.  Someday soon I hope to be brave enough to take them both out on my own! : )  It's quite a bit of work!!  I never knew how tiring parenthood could be!  Speaking of.... it's 9:46 and if I don't go to sleep soon I'll be a mess tomorrow considering I'll only sleep about half of the time between now and the morning!