Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brotherly Love

Today big brother is 20 months old and baby Ethan is 10 days old!  Aaron has warmed up quite a bit to our new family member.  He been giving him hugs, bringing him blankets and pacifiers, and even started giving kisses.  In fact mommy was jealous because Ethan was the first to get a "real" kiss from Aaron!  That was a few days ago and I just got my first one today!  They are so cute together.

 Aaron's "hug"

 Helping with the pacifier

Checking on baby brother and bringing him a blanket

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hospital Pictures

I'm still compliling all of our pictures so I'm missing some great ones right now but I'll get them posted later.

  This is Aaron's "hug"

 Nanny and Papa

 "Aunt" Amy

 Aunt Chelsee

 Grandma and Granddad

 Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Farnsworth

 Daddy Love's to Snuggle

All my boys

 Mama and Ethan

 Mommy's little boys


All in a week

As you may have guessed, it has become a little harder to find time to blog these days!  I'm not complaining though.  I'd rather hold my baby than sit at a computer!  Right now I am enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the clicking of the swing where Ethan is sleeping while John, Aaron, and Granddad are visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth.  I figured now was as good a time as ever to post a new blog entry. 

Today is Ethan's 1 week birthday! I cannot believe how fast time is flying and at the same time, how it feels like Ethan has always been here, part of the family.  This week has been a little bit of a blur as neither John or I have gotten much sleep.  But its the kind of sleep deprivation that is acceptable because you know that you're taking care of little miracle who can't do anything for himself.  It's nice to feel so needed and to get back that snuggle time that is lost on Aaron now! 

Aaron is adjusting well to the big brother role.  We were a little worried the first day we were home together as a family by ourselves.  He acted out a lot and was quite a handful.  We've nick-named him the Destructor due to the constant trouble/messes he makes!  He also wanted very little to do with Ethan or the parent who was holding him at first.  Now he regularly checks on his little brother when he's in the swing or will go and give him a hug or pet his head.  He was very concerned at Ethan's doctor appointment and stood guard while the doctor checked him out.

Ethan is an angel.  He is perfectly healthy which we are so grateful for.  He rarely cries and so far has been a pretty easy baby.  We aren't near as worried about things as we were with Aaron - something that just comes with the second child I suppose.  I think we stayed dormant for several weeks when Aaron was born but we've already gotten out a little bit with Ethan.  Our growing family fits perfectly in my car right now but there isn't a lot of room for anything else!

We've gone to the park twice this week and Aaron couldn't be more happy to get out and run around.  He mustered up even more courage between our last visit to the park in the fall.  Daddy showed him how to do the rock wall and by the time we left Aaron could do it on his own. (With John spotting him.)  He also goes down the tallest slides like a pro now.

I still hope to get the birth story up soon.  It's a little more time involved so I'll post it another time.  For now, here are some more pictures of life at the Farnsworth house over the last week.

 1st "Bath"

Daddy feeding Ethan

Aaron with his favorite hat from Amy

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who does he look like?

Everyone always tries to figure out who babies look like.  Mom? Dad? Big Brother?  So that got me wondering...  What do you think?

Ethan William Farnsworth

Our sweet baby boy was born February 12th at 6:40pm weighing 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 20.5 inches long.  We are so in love with our new addition to the family!  What an amazing miracle we have been blessed with.  Ethan is a healthy happy little boy and mommy is feeling great too. 

 Big brother is adjusting but is finally loving on his little brother more and more.  Daddy has been so wonderful and has transitioned back into baby mode like a pro - even on next to no sleep! (He worked the last two nights before Ethan was born with only a few hours of sleep.)  It is so sweet to see Aaron give Ethan a hug.  I'm sure we have some tiring days ahead of us but we are looking forward to growing together as a family of four.  John doesn't have to go back to work until March 3rd so we plan to have plenty of family bonding time. 

Birth story to come later...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Baby Day!!!!

Just letting everyone know we're on our way to the hospital!  I am going to be induced today.  Don't know what time that means we'll be meeting Ethan but it will be soon!!  He can decide to come today or maybe tomorrow, just after midnight as Amy is predicting!  Either way, his birthday will either be 2/12 or 2/13!

Friday, February 11, 2011

No baby tonight...

Come on Baby Ethan... Mommy really wants to meet you.  Aren't you ready to come out and let me snuggle you?  Anytime would be great, we're ready for you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby tommorow? Maybe...

My NST today was a little abnormal - not terrible but when your doctor is out of the office and a different doctor looks at your stuff they are a little more cautious.  My BP was actually in check, relatively speaking, but Ethan was just not moving around much.  I was sent to get a sonogram and he looks pretty healthy.  He has plenty of fluid and he's breathing which means his lungs are developed.  He scored a 6 out of 8.  (I honestly don't really know what that means for sure but it's not bad.)

I have been asked to check into the hospital tomorrow for another NST to check on Ethan again and to monitor my BP.  I go in at 3:30 and hopefully will get to come back home but if things aren't just right then I might be induced.  I don't know how big the chance is for me to be induced but we'll see.  (Part of me is secretly super excited to maybe meet him so soon.)  Tonight John took my BP before work and it is up in the 150's/90's again.  Blah.  We didn't call anyone to tell them.... I'll ride it out until tomorrow.  I'll be putting Aaron down for bed soon and then it's Hypno Babies for me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ethan's Crib

Today I got all - well most - of Ethan's stuff all ready to go.  His clothes and blankets are washed and his bed is all ready for him to come home to!

 The pack n play is all set up complete with a mobile and everything!
This is his temporary "dresser" on top of mommy's dresser since he doesn't actually have a room yet...

Where do the diapers go you ask?  Well we're going to try the handy storage net on the side of the pack n play but if it drives me crazy I'll bust out another cute basket and stock it full of diaper changing stuff.  (I love baskets.)

Baby Ethan Update

I'm really glad we got so much done last week because it seems we may be meeting our sweet baby boy within a week or so!  I went to the doctor yesterday (Monday) and wouldn't you know... my BP was elevated back to the 150's/90's.  Eeek!  I guess I should have taken bed rest a little more seriously but John took my BP a couple of times and it was fine - which by the way is the ONLY reason Dr. Swartzman didn't send me to be induced yesterday! 

John is to monitor my BP and report back to her.  It seems under control right now - not perfect but not really high.  I have a NST on Thursday and if it's elevated then she will induce Friday or sometime this weekend.  If not she says we can wait until next week and see how my Tuesday appointment goes.  It's looking like February 16th might just be the day.  We'll see!!!!  I was pretty nervous and bummed that I'm here yet again looking at induction instead of Ethan coming when he's ready.  But, I've had some time to dwell on it and I've decided that I'm super excited to meet him and ready to be done being pregnant!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bed Rest? Well....

This week I have felt great!  Aside from some crampy Braxton Hicks, I have no complaints.  My BP has been under control even when I go out to grocery shop!  It's nice having a nurse at home who can take your blood pressure whenever.  My two NST went great and Ethan is doing well.  Plus my BP was down at each of those appointments.  I didn't get to see my doctor at all last week due to the weather so I'm not sure if I've progressed any farther but I see her on Monday.

So about this bed rest thing...  Yes, I'm still technically on it and most likely will not be taken off of it but I must say that I haven't really been following doctors orders where this is concerned.  As long as my BP is under control, I have no other preeclamptic symptoms, and I'm feeling great, I see no reason to sit around and do nothing.  So it's back to our house projects!  A couple of you have requested to see some of our progress.  While we have a ways to go here is what we're working on...

First - The Basement.  Dad and John have been working on creating an office for us downstairs.  It's going to be great!
. So the cubbyholes you see will house 12 different plastic bins and have white doors to cover them.  That way I can organize and store stuff like out of season clothes, craft supplies, extra blankets, etc.

This is looking in from the door.  The left wall will have a built in desk on it and the there will be a built in book case straight ahead, next to the window.

This is a messy shot, but it's the laundry room.  When you walk in the basement this is what you will see first.  Someday it will be finished too but for now, it will be left alone.  We'll probably do some little things to make it seem more finished but right now that darn heating unit is in the way.

Aside from the basement, we will be making Aaron a new room where the old office was.  This is the border we have picked out.  As you may have guessed, this will be a Jeep themed room and John could not be more excited to get started on it!

Of course that means Aaron's old room will soon be Ethans and we have some minor plans for it but haven't started yet.  It will be similar but instead of Noah's Arc, we are going with a teddy bear theme.  For now, he has a temporary "dresser" set up in our bedroom and we'll use the Pack N Play for him to sleep in.

Then there is the living room.  Piece by piece we are trying to make it more homey since taking our house off the market.  So far we've added curtains (this is before I got the wrinkles out), put up my wall words that I got for Christmas, and put in a new couch (Thanks Chelsee and Jay!).

It's coming along slowly but surely.  Perhaps one of the biggest jobs is in the garage.  I'll spare you a picture - just take my word for it, it's full of stuff to go through and either give away, sell, or pitch.

These won't all be done before Ethan gets here - in fact it will probably be late spring before everything gets finished!!  I promise I'm not over-doing it for all those worry-worts out there.  John is doing most of the work!  He keeps telling me I'm making the honey-do list longer even as he's finishing up something.  I can't help it!  I have an extreme case of nesting going on!