Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling Good

So you know the phrase, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?"  That would be why I haven't posted anything in a few days.  Since last week, Aaron has gotten the puke bug that I had and now so has John.  I've had a significant roller-coaster of emotions going on over the last few days ranging from mopiness and sadness (over anything), irritability and guilt from acting on my irritability (my poor, poor hubby), to extreme exhaustion and weariness, to stress over my inability to "nest" the way I want, and finally anxiety over the prospect of having two little ones while John is working nights.  All of which cause ridiculous amounts of tears that leak like a faucet.  It's the most retarded and frustrating thing about being pregnant.

BUT... today was a good day!  Hooray!!  I've been generally happy all day and not too tired.  I folded a bunch of laundry and spent much needed time with Aaron who was actually in a good (and cuddly) mood.  Then I took him over to Nanny's while I went to my appointment today.  It was a non-stress test which turned out great.  Baby Ethan is doing well and is very active.  My blood pressure was down (130/80) which was a relief to hear.  She waited until I had finished the NST which meant I got to rest for about 20 minutes before hand.  I'm not sure what it was when I arrived.  That is the thing though, when I'm up and about, so is my BP.  But just a little bit of rest brings it right back down.  That's why I'm on bed rest.  As long as I can keep this under control, I'm golden!

I'm ready for the snow storm tomorrow.  No plans to go anywhere.  The pantry/fridge is stocked and my house is pretty well picked up so here's to a day of rest.... as long as Aaron doesn't get too stir crazy!!!

John on the other hand, is scheduled to work which means he'll be on his way to work around 6pm.... during the worst part of the storm!  I think he's secretly excited for the challenge.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bed Rest

Well the curse of 36 weeks has arrived...

First let me say that I was sick last night - really sick.  I threw up 3 times as well as, you know, the other direction, 3 times.  I was crampy to the point of tears and it lasted from about 5:30 to midnight.  I was finally able to fall asleep around 1 am and luckily this morning I was feeling a little better.  I had a doctor appt already scheduled for today so I dropped Aaron off with Amy so I didn't have to drag him with me.

When I arrived I found out that I had lost 5 lbs - probably from last nights episode - and my BP was 152/92 which is too high.  They had me rest and then took it again - 142/90 this time.  Based on my experiences with Aaron, I was admitted to the hospital for further monitoring and tests to make sure I am not Preeclamptic.  So far it's just high BP I'm dealing with.  I stayed for a few hours and then was discharged and placed on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy.  As long as I laid on my left side, my BP was under control.  I am also required to get 2 non-stress tests per week from here on out, in addition to my weekly normal checkup. 

This is all the same story as it was with Aaron, right down to the 36 week mark, and he ended up coming a week early by induction.  I think it's safe to say that Ethan will be a February baby and not March!  I'm feeling OK right now - just tired and a little concerned that this is happening again.  Of course it could have to do with the bug I got last night which caused me to be dehydrated and have the high BP.  Here's hoping, but I'm not holding my breath since it was already on the rise last week.

It should be quite interesting being on bed rest with a toddler but thankfully I have a lot of help from family and friends!  I'll keep you posted.... looks like only a few weeks now. : )

Friday, January 21, 2011

35 Weeks

I'm big.  I mean really big.  I feel like a [insert any large animal here].  I saw my doctor on Wednesday morning and my BP was a little on the rise.  It was not alarming yet as there is no other worry-some symptoms such as swelling, protein in my urine, or major weight gain but 148/86 is a little higher than what I've been averaging.  Since I had such high BP with Aaron, I'm now starting a weekly visit to the doctor's office.  I'm praying that I won't have the same issues with Ethan as I did with Aaron.  (i.e. 3 weeks of bed rest ending in an induction a week early.)

35 Weeks 

I won't lie, the week early thing is enticing.  I feel much more uncomfortable than I did with Aaron.  Maybe my mind blocked that part out.  It seems to fade away after you get the beautiful blessing at the end.  I am extremely exhausted all the time.  I feel I could sleep at any moment and I have little energy to chase Aaron around.  I also stress and subsequently cry over the dumbest things.  I can't seem to calm myself about the usual:  finances, getting the rooms ready, not getting sleep, being so tired... you name it, I'm probably obsessing over it.

Ethan seems to be perfectly healthy however - bouncing around like a jelly bean.  Well actually he's more like rolling around now.  I can't imagine he has much room to do anything!  He wakes me up at night - getting me ready for the ol' middle of the night routine.

Meanwhile we have decided to finish our basement thanks to my amazing dad's help!  It is going to be fabulous when it's finished and we'll be able to move the office downstairs and have two bedrooms upstairs.  So it looks like the boys will be able to have seperate rooms after all.  At least until Ethan won't wake up Aaron in the middle of the night anymore.  Then we might put them together so they can have a room buddy.  We'll see.  We meant to transition Aaron to a big boy bed BEFORE Ethan was born but it looks like we won't be ready for that for a few months still.  Oh well.  Maybe it will be good for Aaron to get special attention with his new bed after Ethan arrives.

 I'm very excited to meet my little E-man and ready to get my body back!  Well at least most of it - I can handle nursing. : )

Whew, what a week!

We started off the week with a tired and feverish Aaron.  He had a temp on and off and mostly wanted to nap all day.  It was nice for John and I because we layed around in the living room by the fire and watched movies while trading off snuggles.  Not sure who he enjoyed snuggling with more, daddy or Ellie!  (Mommy is a bit uncomfortable to lay on these days.)

On Wednesday we were starting to go a little stir crazy so we took Aaron to Little Monkey Business to burn off some energy.  He was a little timid at first because there were a lot of kids around but he warmed up after a bit.

I've been extremely tired lately so Aaron spent some time with Grandma and Grandad on Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow it's Nanny's turn!  I'm so grateful for close by parents to help watch my little ball of energy while I rest!  Lunch with my BFF tomorrow - so excited!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day!

When it snows - everyday is a snow day since I don't have to go into work and Aaron doesn't have school yet!  But today was a special day in the snow as daddy was able to join us.  It was the first time we really took Aaron out in the good ol' white stuff and played around with sleds.  Tomorrow we're going sledding for real - at least daddy and Aaron are while mommy watches!  I don't think I'll be getting back on a sled for a while still after my broken leg incident a few years back.  Aaron was absolutely delighted to run around, and be drug around, in the snow!  It was the highlight of my day to hear him giggle as daddy or mommy pulled him around with Ellie chasing us.  **Special thanks to cousins Angela and Nicole in New York for giving us the awesome boys snow gear!**  He sure was a little bundled marshmallow!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today my mama celebrated the big 5-0!  Yes folks - she is now 50 years old!!  Oddly, that sounds young to me.  I used to think 40 was old and 50 was ancient... amazing how growing up puts perspective on things!  We had a great time at Jose Peppers for dinner.  Here are the highlights...

Tired and Bored

Well, I'm tired... Aaron is bored.  There must be some magic switch that turns in toddlers when they hit the age of curiosity.  Somehow Aaron has gone from sweet baby boy to mess monster.  I used to be able to do other things while Aaron played nicely in the living room or watched a video.  He's like a wild puppy destroying my house!!!  No bucket, basket, or shelf is safe.  He empties them all.  Trash cans - forget it.  He no longer wants to put things in it - he wants to dump it out and see what's inside.  That goes for ANY trash can in my house.  Oh yes, he also likes to empty his entire dresser full of clothes.  This can happen in a matter of seconds while mom's back is turned. 

He's figured out how to open the dishwasher no matter what - the "lock" feature doesn't phase him - it's just a lever.  Once inside, he likes to pull out all of the dishes and line them up on the bench in the dining room.  Or just throw them all over the floor - or better yet, down into the living room through the railing!  That's really fun!!  Then when he's through with that he figured out he can stand on the dishwasher door to reach what ever is up on the counter top.  The other day it was a package of graham crackers.  I walked in to find a bite missing from each square of the almost full package.  They were then tossed to the side as if he just had to taste each one to see if they all tasted the same.

He is currently running through my house, screaming in delight, or boredom (I'm not sure).  I always used to love the winter but being cooped up with him is driving us all crazy!!!  We need to get out more.  We've got to find a way for him to unleash this cooped up energy on something other than my things!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Communication Changes

We finally did it and switched to Century Link instead of Time Warner Cable for our internet.  We'll see how this goes.  The hope is that our speed will be comparable and CONSISTANT as we were having all sorts of problems with Time Warner.  We also decided that it was silly to pay for our home phone as we both have cell phones so we have canceled our house phone in an effort save even more money. 

That said, if you need to contact us, please call either of our cell phones:

John:      913-709-6462
Kristin:   913-709-3624

We have set up our phones to ring through our cordless phones inside the house so there should never be a time while at home that you cannot reach us at these numbers.

Also, our email addresses have changed so if you would like to email us, please use these emails:


Our house phone number is no longer in service and our old emails will be obsolete in the next week.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boys and thier Toys

This year for Christmas John got a few Jeeps to add to his collection of Jeep stuff.  Toy Jeeps that is!  One is a Wrangler Rescue Jeep we've named "JK."  This was given to him from his parents and it's a great little toy with real headlights!  The other is a Rubicon Muddin' Jeep we've named "Rubi".  This was for Aaron from Grandma Great, hand selected by Papa who is excited to play with us too!  We can't wait to take it outside when the weather is nice!

Today however, the weather was pretty cold and Aaron is getting quite tired of being cooped up inside.  So daddy decided that we should make an indoor playground for the Jeeps to play in.  Out came the mats and the tunnel and the rest, well you'll just have to watch....

Happy New Year!

What a year 2010 was!  I can hardly believe that one family could pack that much stuff into one year!  John graduated from nursing school and got a new job in the ICU, Katie graduated high school, Grandma celebrated her 90th birthday, we biked across the entire state of Kansas, Aaron turned one, we celebrated 8 years of marriage, and of course we are expecting number two baby boy.

Once again, I am so excited for what 2011 has in store for us.  Maybe not quite as many events as last year but I can't wait to meet our new son in February.  We hope everyone had a great New Year's and I look forward to getting our blog book published soon!