Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Might as Well Be Marley

Sometimes having a kid is lot like having an ornery dog.  I walked into what looked like a scene out of Marley and Me this morning.  I was diligently working an a project for Christmas, keeping an ear out for Aaron, when it suddenly got a little too quite.  After a few minutes I went to check on him and found this...only he was actually sitting on top of the table eating the Cheerios!  Both my cameras failed me as the batteries were dead but my trusty phone did the trick.

 That is an ENTIRE Cheerios box all over my table and floor.  We JUST opened it this morning.
  I have to give him some credit, he tried to sweep it up with the broom.

So the question of the day is, How do you punish a 1 year old who just innocently wanted to eat some cheerios?!  He got in trouble for being on the table - we've been over that with him before.  Still, it is so hard to be mad when he is so dang cute!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a terrific thanksgiving!  Spent the whole day with my family hanging out with Nanny, Papa, Aunt Katie, Aunt Chelsee, Grammy, Grandma Great, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Mackey, cousins Matthew, Alee, and Adam.  It was a full house and there was no shortage of good food.  The cinnamon rolls and Grandma's Butterhorn rolls turned out great.  We spent the afternoon digesting food and sitting around talking and some watched the good old football games.  Then Friday morning we headed for the lake house.  It had been several months since we had been down there.  It was nice to veg around eating leftovers and watching Harry Potter movies.  Mom, Grammy, Katie and I got to go shopping and saw a movie together while the boys watched Aaron on Saturday.  I picked up some good Christmas gifts!  I REALLY wanted family pictures so this morning we headed down for the water to take some pics by the dock.  We made it half way down the wooded path taking pics as we went when all of the sudden by battery went dead!  Ugh!  We still got a couple of good shots but I was so looking forward to lakeside photos.  Oh well.  Here are my favs.

I am forever thankful for such a wonderful family who loves me, a hubby who loves me and provides for our family, and a happy, healthy son who is our world.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

What a fantastic (and busy) day!  Aaron and I started out by visiting my BFF, Amy.  It was so good to see her and catch up a little.  Aaron had fun playing with Jude and now I'm stocked with maternity clothes for the winter!!  Then from 11:30 - 5:00 I baked...

  and baked...
 and baked some more...
  and had to save some in the fridge to bake later...

 In total I made approximately 4 dozen cinnamon rolls: 2 pans regular, 1 pan pecan, 1 pan gluten free.  Plus approximately 3 1/2 dozen crescent dinner rolls: 3 dozen regular and a half dozen gluten free.

At 5:00 we loaded up and headed to Grandma and Granddad's and got to see Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt too!  We had lasagna for dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert.  Then we just sat around and talked which was wonderful.  Aaron decided to play "phone" with Uncle Matt's cell phone and before we knew it, he had dialed the police who called back a few times before Matt realized it was the cops.  They ended up sending an officer out even after Matt explained it was his 17 month old nephew who placed the call by accident!!!  It was rather humorous but I feel bad the cop had to come out and check on us anyway!  It was the first of what I fear will be more accidental phone calls in the future!

We are home now and little man is exausted!  He'll sleep well tonight -we aren't even going to try to skip morning nap tomorrow as we need him to be awake for the big turkey dinner!  So excited to eat yummy food and hang out with family.

(I am now baking yet again... for John's co-workers tomorrow night...  and have to finish the rolls that were in the fridge! )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A week of nap-less mornings

A week is stretching the truth a little...try 3 days.  I've gone back and forth in my head on whether we should really skip the AM slumber yet but it's getting harder and harder for him to sleep in the afternoon, thus making a very irritable boy come 4 or 5pm.  We have been very diligent in our morning nap routine - very rarely swaying from the 10:00/10:30ish nap time.  I never make morning plans and we are ALWAYS home for morning naps as he would be a bear all day if we skipped them in the past.  It seems he's ready to go down to one nap a day though and I would rather that one nap be in the afternoon than in the morning only hours after he woke up for the day.

So how is it going?  Well change is rough.  And this change is no exception.  I have to say I am starting to morn my lovely free time in the mornings but I do like the fact that we can go do things with the local Mom's Club or Parents As Teachers Group.  I meant to start on Monday but he practically begged me to put him down and he wasn't feeling well so he got a morning nap in AND actually managed to sleep in the afternoon too.  Bonus!  So Tuesday was the first day.  We went to a playgroup with Parents as Teachers from 10:30-11:30 - right during is typical nap time.  He did great - no melt downs.  You should have seen me in the car on the way home though!  I probably looked hysterical as I made a fool of myself trying desperatly to keep Aaron laughing and not sleeping.  We had lunch when we got home and I managed to keep him up until 1:00.  He went straight down for nap but only slept an hour...  We're used to about 3 hours total per day of naps between the two usually.  So we tried again on Wednesday only it was rainy and cold and we couldn't go outside.  PBS was a hit for about 5 minutes and then it got old and Aaron was a bear to try to keep awake.  At 12:30 he fell asleep in his high chair while attempting to eat lunch.  Poor thing!  I put him down and he slept til 2.  We gained a half hour. : )

Then today was pretty much off schedule all together so we got a 20 minute nap in the car and an hour afternoon nap - went to bed a little early.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.  Man it's work to keep him awake!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday

What a great relaxing day for our little family.  This morning John took care of Aaron and let me sleep in which was fabulous.  Then when I finally got out of bed around 9:30 I walked into the living room to find my happy little family (John, Aaron, and Ellie) all relaxing around a fire and watching the movie Brother Bear.  (By the way, John and I also got to enjoy a movie fireside last night as well.)

Then it was cinnamon roll time.  My first attempt at my grandma's famous recipe.  They turned out pretty good but not quite exactly like hers.  I'll make some tweaks before Thanksgiving when I make them for the whole family.  This was my yummy end result.

The rest of the day was spent laying around with the exception of a Wal-mart run in the afternoon.  Then it was lasagna for dinner.  It's been a great day.  I think I'll end it with a few 24 episodes and hot cup of cocoa.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Pro Hair Cut

Mommy needed some help with the shaping process so we let Aaron's hair grow out and took him to Shear Madness - a hair cut place just for kids.  He thought the cars were pretty neat and did well for the most part.  The cut was fast but I took some good mental notes.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Funny Aaron

"OK pumpkin, you have 15 minutes to play and then we'll read a story and go night night."  I'm sitting at my computer catching up on the latest FB posts and blog entries on friends websites when I hear Aaron opening and closing his bedroom door.  I figure he's just playing around and don't give it much thought.  After about 15 times I wonder what in the world he's up to.  This is what I found...

Warm Fall Day

As some of you already know, our family actually likes the cold weather.  Ok, I might say we love winter!  Most think we are crazy but there is something magical about falling snow, warm baggy sweaters, fires in the fireplace, and hot chocolate.  I can't wait for the real fall weather to get here.  That said, I must say that I will miss these days when I can pack up my kid and head out for a stroll.  Since daylight savings we haven't been able to hit the park after dinner to burn off some energy because it gets dark so early.  Pretty soon we'll see fewer and fewer days that are worthy for a park trips at all.  So while the weather is nice (70's in November!) I will count my blessings and take advantage of it!  Today I packed up Aaron and Ellie and headed for the KCPL wetlands here in Gardner for a little afternoon hike.  Ellie is supposed to be on bed rest due to her injured hind leg but she's been cooped up in this little house and this could be the last of beautiful weather days to take advantage of. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Helpful Toddler

This is one of those oxymoron phrases like "a little big," "good grief," or "dry snow."  Helpful Toddler isn't exactly helpful but he really wants to be.  Which by the way is about the cutest thing on earth!  He likes to help me with just about anything that I do from loading the dishwasher or dryer, to folding clothes and vacuuming.  If it involves a button he's right on top of it, namely the garage door button and the dryer button.  He also likes to shut doors for me including the dishwasher and dryer doors.  Today, as I posted on my status on Face Book, Aaron decided that his empty laundry basket simply wouldn't do. He filled it with all the clean clothes from his drawers and drug it to the hallway for me to see!  Did I mention I've been doing laundry all day!!!  I think he thought he was being helpful.  But while a "helpful toddler" may not truly be "helpful" he is learning new things everyday and I don't mind picking up after him.

Cookies taste better when you make a mess

Today Aaron and I made some chocolate chip cookies...one of mommies undying cravings!  We had fun baking together and Aaron learned how to push his chair around so he could stir, wash, and help load dough onto the cookie sheets.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feeling the burn

Ethan must be growing hair right now because I have uncontrollable heart burn again!  It's crazy.  I am popping Rolaids/tums like it's my job.  It helps keep it under control but I did not miss this part of pregnancy...  Aaron turned out to have a head of hair - maybe Ethan will too.  Maybe his will be curly like his daddy's!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Three parties and trick or treating makes for a very fun-filled (and tiring) weekend!  We started off by attending Grandma Great's Halloween party at the Atriums.  This was the best party for Aaron - he had so much fun collecting candy and strutting his stuff.  He laughed with Nanny and Papa, showed off for Grandma Great, and even got to see Aunt Sandy from Oklahoma.  I've never seen him on such a sugar high!  They had the whole 2nd floor decked out with residents and their buckets of candy so the kids could trick or treat.  He was a maniac when we got home!  I thought for sure he would fall asleep on the 30 min drive home but he just talked and talked and giggled -actually full out belly laughed - from the back seat.  It was very fun to listen to!  He finally got to sleep around 9:30 after running circles in the living room.

Second stop - Henry's Hallo-Eve customer appreciation party out at Biermans pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm.  This was Saturday and we had hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, played in their playground, and took a hay ride.  Amy and family and her friend Stacy and little girl met us up there and we all got to ride the train together a little bit later.

Saturday night, John and I went to our friend Angela's 30th birthday party - decked out for an 80's prom!  We had a great time - Happy birthday Angela!

Finally - we went trick or treating last night.  We tried a trunk or treat at a local church but the line was really long and Aaron wasn't very patient - he just wanted to run around and could care less about the candy.  So we headed home and hit up some houses in the neighborhood before turning on our light and handing candy out ourselves.  He had fun walking from house to house in his costume and even more fun keeping a lookout from our front door for trick or treaters coming to our house.  This was the first year we actually ran out of candy we had so many kiddos come.  Luckily it was around 8 when the traffic was slowing down anyway.

All in all we had a terrific weekend.  We're taking it easy today!  Our poor puppy has a bum leg that she won't set down.  Ellie looks a little like a three legged dog right now so we'll be taking her into the vet this afternoon.  But other than that, we are all just resting after such a packed weekend!