Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I used to hate Mondays - and for good reason.  I used to work all week, waiting for the weekend to come so I could have some time for myself and my family only I would end up running errands that I couldn't run during the week so my  fun time was cut drastically and the next thing I knew it was Monday morning and I was back to work again.  Now I love Mondays.  My weekends are generally full of stuff - but fun stuff.  I get to run my errands during the week and play on the weekends. Mondays are days to get back in the swing of things around the house and after the last two weeks - I really needed to get back to things around the house!

Like for instance, the laundry.  It's been piled up for a few weeks now and we were down to "recycling" clothes that we wore last week.  No one will notice they're dirty right?  I spent much of my day folding laundry on the bed and catching up on Prison Break.  Prison Break makes laundry quite enjoyable!

I also was able to get back into "Mommy Mode" instead of staring at the computer screen as I worked on video projects.  Aaron and I had fun playing with Ellie - though she is shedding her winter coat right now...  I also got adventurous and let Aaron feed himself with a spoon at lunch.  It was very humorous and extremely messy!  But that moment was more priceless than any carpet or high chair or sliding door that might have gotten dirty in the process.  It's just stuff.  I have come to accept that while I do take care of and am grateful for the things I have, it is still just stuff and it can be washed.
Got to go to Zumba yesterday and renewed my desire to get certified and teach my own class.  Something I'll look into after BAK.  I attempted to go for a bike ride on my newly refurbished road bike that my awesome brother in law fixed up for me but there were a few kinks to work out.  We broke it down when we transported it from Lawrence to Gardner and we must not have put it back together properly.  No worries, Matt can fix anything!  BAK is just around the corner and I need to put in some serious training miles!  In fact, we leave NEXT FRIDAY!!!!  Time is flying by!

So to sum it all up, its back to housework, back to mommy mode, back to working out, and back in the saddle (bike saddle that is) for me!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Partied Out!

These last few weeks have been full the max with graduations and parties.  It's been fun - but now I'm ready to relax!  Congrats to all of our family graduates... Cousin Taylor, my hubby, Katie, Cousin Matthew, and Cousin Luke!  Also congrats to our high school youth group kiddos.... Josh, Nicole, and Bryce.  Couldn't make everyone's party but we certainly tried! 

We also celebrated my Grandma Thies's 90th birthday!  Had lot's of family in town and had a whole festival of events. : ) 

In addition, I completed 5 different video projects in the last few weeks.  So frustrated with my computer and it's issues that I'll probably spend a lot of the profits on updating it.  Video projects just such the memory and wear down the burner so bad.  I've gone through two burners in the last year or so and my external hard drive is toast.  Luckily my fabulous brother-in-law was able to save the contents for us!  Going to pick it up today.

All in all, we've had a great, and busy, couple of weeks and we are ready to start gearing up for the BAK.  Matt hooked me up with a new road bike. (Actually it's Teresa's old bike that Matt refurbished - it's amazing!)  So I basically get a brand new road bike for really cheap.  It pays to know people. : )  I haven't had a chance to ride it yet so I'm anxious to start training on it and get my tush accustomed to the tiny seat that supposedly is better than those cushy ones.  John and I are going looking for bike jerseys and shorts today!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It is now OFFICIALLY...

John Farnsworth, BSN, RN

YAY!!!!  We got the results today and he passed the boards.  Called work and already on the list for the next orientation.  What an amazing day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation Weekend!

Whew!  What a weekend!  It started on Thursday with Katie's Graduation party, then John's Graduation on Friday, his party on Saturday, and Katie's Graduation on Sunday.  We've been busy.  And in the midst of all that, Granddad had his birthday on the 15th.  So sorry we didn't get to celebrate it through all the graduation stuff!  We'll have to do dinner soon.

Words could not express how very proud of my hubby I am.  He is such an amazing father and husband.  He will be an awesome nurse - actually now I can say is an awesome nurse.  Knowing how long he's worked for this moment and how hard he's worked to get here makes his graduation even sweeter.  Talk about delayed gratification... the moment is here, he's graduated and taking the boards. I am so lucky to be his wife.  He works so hard for our family - a provider of much more than just money.  He's allowed me to work towards becoming a Proverbs 31 woman and for that I am so grateful.  I feel like I am truly living my dream right now.  I love you honey.

Part 2

I am sitting here at 9:42 Monday morning, anxiously waiting to hear from John about his boards. I'm going insane! Made him breakfast this morning - nothing big but brain food for sure. Scrambled eggs, toast with peanut butter, coffee, and lucky 7 dark chocolate kisses for the road. He seemed good this morning, much more put together than last night. He was soooo nervous last night. I know he'll do great - just can't wait to hear from him.

While I wait, I guess I'll continue my Farnsworth Family recap before I get back to work on my final video project for a while.

On May 8th, Aaron, my mom, and I went to Salina to see my cousin Taylor gratuate from St. John's Military School.   This is the gang - we took about 5 of these shots but never got everyone looking at the camera at the same time!

Next was Mother's Day on May 9th.  John took Aaron and I to the Kansas City Zoo where moms were free and we got free ice cream.  It was a little chilly and Aaron slept through half of it but we had fun all the same.  He LOVED the monkeys!  I think he'll really enjoy it more when he's older - especially the petting zoo!  He wanted to touch the animals. We were too cheap to pay for tram tickets so we hoofed it everywhere - what a workout!
Mommy and happy baby boy.

Our family at the Zoo

 Daddy showing Aaron the Elephants - one of his Your Baby Can Read words

Mommy showing Aaron a cute little bird inside the monkey cage.

 Stopped for a snack - yummy graham crackers and applesauce.

Catching up...

So this has been a crazy few weeks. I'm 4 video projects in and 1 more to go. Here's a recap on what we've been up to.

We went to John's Spring Banquet the last weekend in April while Grandma and Granddad babysat Aaron. It was nice to get all dolled up and go out.

We decided that our kid is NOT going to have a rat tail. So while I'm not ready for the whole haircut yet, we had to get rid of the tail.

Still to come... Cousin Taylor's Graduation, Mother's Day at the Zoo, and John's Graduation. For now, I must retire to bed as I'm going to get up super early and make my hubby a nice protein packed, brain powered, breakfast so he is well nourished for the boards.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So much to blog about...so little time

I'm falling behind!!!! I forgot to blog about our date to the Spring banquet a few weeks back... and now I need to write about Mother's day at the zoo... and... AARON TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!!!! So much is going on and on top of that, I have been SUPER busy with video projects for graduates. This is graduation week and then next week is my grandma's 90th birthday party! YAY!

All that said... I'll have to tell you about the mentioned events soon...but not right now. Hopefully I'll have some time freed up on Friday. Maybe by then we'll have some video footage of Aaron's first steps! (Daddy won't let me do it until HE can be there too!) :) I guess that's fair since it was him who witnessed the first three steps.

More to come - I'm off to make some mula...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crash and burn...road burn that is!

It finally happened. Today I joined an elite club and hubby is very proud. I flew over my handle bars and skinned my knee and elbow...pretty good. We were training for BAK together on the Shawnee Mission Park Trail. Actually I think it's called the Mill Creek trail... it's about 16 miles from the Mahaffee Farm stead due north to the Kansas River and 16 miles back. (Aaron was with Grandma thank goodness!) We were at mile 28 and I was getting really tired. My thighs were burning and there was a hill up ahead just before College Blvd. So I though, "I'd really like to just coast up that hill so if I get enough momentum going down this little hill I might make it." So off I go pedaling as hard as I can, kicking into the largest cogs on both the front and back (didn't know that was a no-no). I'm even standing, putting all of my weight into it so I can be sure that my incline will be a breeze only the pedals freeze on me, and the chain feels like it snaps.

In a matter of seconds I had slammed down in a straddle position on my cross bar, then flew over the top of the bike and skidded like 5 feet (well maybe not that far.) We went back later to see if I left any skin behind but there wasn't. It seems there are pieces of asphalt in my leg now! I laid there stunned and then FREAKED out but more out of fear and nerves than actual pain. Don't get me wrong, it hurt, but I didn't break anything. Thank goodness!

All I have to say is I BETTER have lost some weight at next weight watchers meeting!!! I thought I did excellent last week - tracked all my points, exercised a lot and I get there last night and was 3.6 lbs heavier! Now I know muscle weighs more than fat but seriously? I haven't changed my routine much - if anything I've added more cardio and skimped on lifting. I even went to Jazzercise with Aunt Marilyn on Sunday!!! At weight watchers they must have noticed I was really upset (and that my face looks like a galaxy of fiery planets) because the lady actually asked me if I was pre-menstrual!!! Only at weight watchers... She told me I'd be sure to have a better weigh in next week. After that ride I would hope so!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleeping Better

It seems Aaron has finally started sleeping a little better. Maybe it's just that we have settled back down into a routine better. I've gotten better at putting him down for naps and MAKING him sleep. (I adopted and adapted John's "Sleeper Hold")

A few nights ago John had a little "chat" with Aaron at 3 in the morning. I have been getting up with him every night for the last few months and it was REALLY wearing on me. Especially since he was sleeping through the night around 4 and 5 months. I was grumpy a lot and John would sleep through it - never even notice he was crying. He used to hear it when Aaron was a newbie but now he knows that I'll take care of it (because I nurse him and he can't do anything about that) so he sleeps soundly knowing that Aaron is taken care of by me. Anyway, this was starting to bug me and I didn't say anything to John. It was to the point where Aaron wasn't really nursing, he was just waking up and wouldn't cry himself back to sleep - I was rocking him back to sleep or turning on Scout - his toy dog that sings to him. Finally I snapped one morning and John and I had some words - he didn't know how I was feeling because I never said anything - I just stewed about it.

So the next night, HE got up with Aaron. He told me he had a conversation with Aaron before he put him back in his bed that went something like this, "Boy, you'd better figure out how to sleep through the night again soon because I don't think I can handle your mommy if you don't." He layed him back down, turned Scout on and he went right to sleep. That was about 4 nights ago
and Aaron has slept through the night since!

Kill Creek Adventure

I've been meaning to blog about this for some time now. A few weeks ago Aaron, Ellie and I went to Kill Creek for the morning. We were hoping that there would be a showing while we were gone but no such luck. We had fun anyway! I took Ellie with us for the first mile then we stopped and rested by the water. Ellie couldn't resist the water and I caught her just before she actually started swimming. She's as attracted to water as a mosquito. I fear I wore her out too much because after I gave her some water and put her in the car (with the windows down) for us to continue our ride, she got sick in the back seat. How come dog puke is so much grosser than baby's?

Aaron got tired of the ride and after 3 miles, we had to stop. Mommy was fine with that because we just set up the pack and play at one of the shelters and I got to lay in the sun and read while he played in the shade. What a great day!