Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Proofing

Well I've learned a lot in the last few weeks about what to proof...meaning EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe for him! I started by covering the outlets of course. Everyone knows to do that. We even bought a little cover for one of the outlets that has cords plugged in. It makes it so he can't pull them out. Then I bought some corner covers for the edge of the fireplace. They are made of foam so if he fell over and bonked his head it wouldn't split open. And I also thought about a baby gate but couldn't find one that adequately fit so I decided I'd just "watch" him.

I had no idea all the other things I would need to do... Here is a picture of our living room now.

If you look closely (click on the picture) you will see

Duck tape on the fire place doors as he figured out how to open them and almost sliced his fingers off closing it back up several times.

A blanket over the fireplace to deter him from crawling all over it or at least buffer a fall - yes he can climb up there. Just today he got up from one end, crawled across to the other, and paused to sit and look at his reflection in the glass.

A card table blocking off the DVD and CD players (and cases that are stacked on the shelves).

The pack and play blocking the entrance to the living room. "Watching" him has not worked out. He has fallen down a few stairs a couple of times now. He's even made it all the way up (under supervision.)

Ellie - she is very protective of Aaron and is a good distraction to keep him from getting into trouble. Aaron likes to play with her.

Baby Einstien on the TV - also another good distraction.

Though you can't see it, the cords that are plugged in by the cabinet are actually duck taped to the back of the cabinet so they won't pull anything down if he tugs on them which he's tried a few times.

8) The blinds are pulled up a bit - they are just way to inviting. He likes to pull them, tap them, hide under them... you get the picture.

I guess we live and learn - I'm sure he'll get into more things as he starts to walk! That may be coming real soon as he is now starting to balance himself and try to stand without help.

Family Pics

Real quick - an update to the tooth brushing thing... I am soooo bad at remembering!!! He hasn't had his teeth brushed since that first time. Bad mommy! Oh well - he only has 7 of them right?

A few weeks ago we went to Target to get some family pics done by Aunt Katie. Aaron was sooo cranky he whined and cried the whole time. Luckily Katie still got some great photos. You can't even really tell he was that upset. I felt bad for Katie but it turned out that it was good practice for her.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First time brushing our teeth

Today we introduced Aaron to his new Elmo toothbrush! He wasn't too sure what to think of it at first and fussed a little. But once he figured out the toothpaste tastes yummy, he was all about putting that thing in his mouth! In fact, he didn't want daddy to stop. Mommy held him while daddy brushed his tiny little teeth. All 7 of them!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We've been busy

In the midst of getting our house ready to sell and showing it, I have fallen behind on posting to the blog. So, here is an update of what we've been up to recently....

Aaron has been upgraded to his Bigger-boy seat. It's not quite a real "Big Boy" seat so we just call it a bigger boy seat. Unfortunately it doesn't recline as much so it's hard to sleep in!

The weather has been beautiful so mommy decided to take Aaron out on the deck for lunch. He really enjoyed it! I love how he crosses his feet under his tray.

Nothing is sweeter than a happy baby in overalls.

Visited Great Grandpa Farnsworth in the hospital. Aaron loved his walker and provided much needed laughs and smiles.

We went to an Earth Day Celebration with Amy and Jude and got to sit in a Fire Truck. Then we went inside to play. Aaron was very excited about the different shaped mats to crawl on. Check out his face!

Today we went for a hike with our friends at Hillsdale Lake. What a blast! (Even if he doesn't look like it in this picture!)

Maiden Voyage much to blog about!  Unfortunately I don't have all the pics with me that I'd like to include so we'll have to go back later and write about our visit to the hospital to see Great Grandpa Farnsworth, our trip to the Earth Day Celebration with Amy and Judo-chop and our general orneriness these days.

For now, I can write about our new adventure with the bike trailer!  As John and I are getting ready to get back on the band wagon and start training hard core for Bike Across Kansas, we've decided that it is time to break Aaron into the life of bicycling.  Of course he gets the easy seat, chilaxing in the bike trailer with his pal Scout, a blanket, and a mum mum.  Oh to be 10 months old!  He was not too happy about it after a while but that has something to do with going on our first ride at 6:30 in the evening just before dinner time.  Don't mess with a baby's eating schedule!  He seemed fine at first and he certainly looked all snug and comfortable.  We only went up to the high school and played around in the parking lot for about 10 minutes just to see what he would do.  I'm looking forward to taking him on a REAL bike ride soon!  Maybe when it's around nap time and he can just sleep.  I think he'll really come to enjoy it after a few trips.  Here are some pics from our first ride.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Cute Pics of our Curious Son

Good thing there is a chew guard....

He'll grab anything that dangles in front of him - at least this is a toy.

It's no fun unless you dump it all out first.

Keeping himself occupied while mommy puts the bathroom back together.

Learning to pull up on anything that will support him.

Eating real veggies with lunch.

The Bumbo used to be for helping with sitting. Now it is to keep him sitting! He can't get out!

He now cruises around the Leap Frog stand..

He sure keeps us busy!!! I love it!