Friday, March 26, 2010

Selling our house!!

We've made a decision - we are selling our house.  As in putting it on the market in 5 days! (April 1st - no it's not a joke!)  Our realtor helped us figure out that we probably won't be able to qualify for a loan quick enough to close before June 30th and get that tax credit.  BUT someone else who is looking for a home for the first time might be able to and our house could be perfect for them.  SO... we are going to sell now and look for a house this summer. We will move in with John's parents for a few months (and save a few house payments) and then look for a house when John has started and settled into his new position in the ICU.  Hopefully we'll get a good price for our house by selling now.  A lot of people seem to think the housing market will drop even more after the tax credit expires so getting out now would be wise.  Then it wouldn't matter that we ourselves missed out on it because the house would be cheaper anyway.

Of course, selling now means a LOT of work must be done to our house in 5 days.  Why 5 days?  We want to make sure someone else has enough time to get a contract on the house by the end of April so THEY can qualify for the credit.  That gives them 30 days.  It may be wishful thinking to think that we can sell in 30 days but we are going to try.  The last time the credit was expiring (November) there was a HUGE boost to sell houses so that gives us hope.  Today I'm de-cluttering everything, packing things up and renting a storage unit to keep our stuff in. I also plan to take all of our pictures and fixtures off the wall and move things away from the wall so we can get to it for painting.  Then tomorrow John and I are going to patch, mud, and tape everything.  If we have enough time we might start painting too.  Sunday will be devoted to painting the entire interior.  Monday our roof gets replaced - yay!!!  Then hopefully we'll have Tuesday and Wed. to paint the exterior so the house can be put up on the market on Thursday...whew!!!  We need prayers so we don't go insane!!!  If anyone feels like helping - feel free to stop by!!!!

9 Month Checkup

We had a great visit to the doctor yesterday as expected.  Aaron weighs 19lbs, 2 oz which puts him in the 28-30th percentile.  It's a little lower than he has been but the doctor doesn't seem concerned.  He is SO active right now and in to everything!  I was started to think he was weening himself because we dropped to 2 or 3 nursing sessions a day and the rest solids.  For a little while he didn't even want to nurse before bed which was weird but he's started that back up again.  His height is 28.25 inches which puts him in the 60th percentile.  I guess he's taking after uncle Matt - tall and skinny! : )  He is in perfect health and those little teeth just keep coming.  He's cut 7 so far!!!  Dr. Filardi says we can/should start brushing them so he gets used to it.  I'm excited to find a cute little toothbrush and make a game of it!

I was a little concerned bringing him in because of the various scratches and bruises on his face - the boy is completely top heavy and conks his head on something about every other hour I think!  Of course they understood and didn't even think twice about it. 

He's still not crawling but is curious as ever and has not graduated to the roll-around-on-my-bottom method.  He will be sitting, then roll back a little and swing his legs over to a new direction to scoot that way.  Funny kid.  Mommy really is going to have her hands full.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things Lowered

1. The bed. As demonstrated in the video a few posts back, we really needed to lower Aaron's bed. But as he could not quite get to a seated position on his own we slacked off a little and allowed him to sleep in the bed without lowering it. Yesterday when I went to check on him at nap time, he was up on all fours like he was going to crawl out of his crib. We were only lucky that he didn't grab the top of the crib and pull himself up from there. So we officially lowered the bed last night which did two things: a) freaked him out when he woke up last night as I'm sure he must have though he was a prisoner and b) made it absolutely impossible to lay him down after I rocked him to sleep without him waking up! (Yes, that is a chew guard on the railing though he'll probably decide the sides are more interesting to bite.)

2. Aaron's Hair. Sadly his wild mane has been somewhat tamed as it grows thicker and heavier. I rather liked the spiked fohawk and chops look. Though the spikes continue in the back, we are starting to get a comb-over look in the front. It's starting to get shaggy and John keeps pestering me to cut it but I'm not ready yet. We can do the tuck-behind-the-ear thing for a while right?

3. Time it takes to move across a room. Though still not crawling, Aaron has mastered the art of the all fours-dive-roll-and sit method. From a seated position he moves to all fours, then lunges foward into sort of a face plant/sprawl position. From there he can roll over to gain some distance then roll over again back onto his tummy and finally push himself back up to a seated position and start the process again. Yesterday I set him down on a large blanket - 10x10 at least - and he conquered it in no time winding up half way under the couch before I noticed and went down to rescue him.

4. Aaron's fear of the unknown. I guess he's not really had much fear to date. That little booger is always getting into whatever he can get his hands on. Fortunately for mommy, we had already placed protective coverings on the outlets in the office. Who knew they were so interesting? Seriously kid, are you going to try to crawl up that wall?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. Aaron and I visited Grandma Great at the Atrium's and got to hear her perform with her choir on Saturday. It was their St. Patrick's day concert - so cute! Aaron was a hit as well, as always. Grandma Great loves to show him off to all of her friends. There's just nothing like a smiling baby. Aunt Sandy was in town too which was a great surprise. We got to visit a little bit and then we went over to mom and dad's to watch the KSU/KU basketball game. Actually, Grandma Great, Aunt Sandy, and Nanny and Papa watched the game. Aaron and I sort of played around and enjoyed the food but the company was fun.

Sunday we met up with our friends the Heintzleman's and Chris's sister and family at the Ernie Miller Nature Park. We spent 2 and half hours with 6 adults and 15 kiddos hiking all around the trails. We gathered hiking sticks and sloshed around in the mud. Aaron rode in the Jeep front carrier on my belly facing out the whole time! I tried to turn him around once and he got angry. He just wanted to see everything. He stayed awake the whole time just taking everything in. We had him bundled up in a jacket and blankets and kept his fingers tucked inside his coat so they wouldn't get cold. Esther had little Isaac in a sling on her front facing toward her and he was so little that he fit inside her coat. He was so bundled up that you couldn't hardly tell there was a baby under there! After that everyone was starving so we went over to Chris and Esther's house for dinner. What a great day!

Today should be a good one too.... I just paid off our credit card!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! So therapeutic...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Dreaming

Now that John is guaranteed a position and we know what he will make... I find myself dreaming of a new house. We've already decided that we are going to move - hopefully this year but we haven't really started looking or planning what we need to do to our house to get it ready. I never thought we would make the deadline for the tax credit but now I'm hopeful.

I was looking on line today at the Reece and Nicoles site and found this house... (You'll have to cut and paste.)

I'm in love!!!! Well I guess I should wait to say that until I see it in person but seriously. It has 5 bedrooms so plenty of room to grow into. It's almost 3000 sq ft which is almost three times bigger than our current house. But the best part for me is the location. Smack dab in between SMMC and SM Park! Less than 3 miles away in either direction. John could actually ride his bike to work if he wanted! : ) I know I'm just super pumped right now. There would be a LOT of work to do if we actually do decide to move soon. I would have to commit to doing most of the work myself because John really has to focus on finishing school. If we get our new roof as planned than I think we would just have to do some painting inside and out and something to the front porch and we could sell it. That $6500 tax credit is very enticing but we would have to have a contract by the end of April and close by the end of June. Not impossible I guess but maybe stressful. We want the next place we move to be the house we raise our kids in. This house looks positively dreamy to me with its big trees and newly renovated interior.

I can't wait to see what John thinks... of course he's at work right now so I can't talk to him about it. : (

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Poor little Aaron

He's still waking up several times a night. Last night when we went to work out and he was with Nanny he wasn't feeling too hot. I think Nanny liked it though because Aaron let her rub his back and hold him while he slept in her arms. We gave him Tylenol before we left her house. Then about an hour and a half later we took his temp because he still felt warm - 99.5 When he woke up at 1:30 it was 101.2. I gave him another dose of Tylenol and this morning it went back down to 99.6 although it has gone up to 100.6 again. So is this from the cold or the teeth???? His nose isn't running much anymore but he seems a little lethargic.

I wish he would go back to his happy little self so daddy can have some Aaron time too. I think he's feeling a little left out these days since Aaron is so clingy with me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Newest developements...

First off, we now know that Aaron does NOT have an ear infection thanks to a somewhat pointless doctor's visit on Saturday. I guess peace of mind isn't free. Turns out he has 5 teeth coming in which is compounded by a cold. I am so glad we don't remember getting those boogers in - God must have done that on purpose. He has been downright miserable for the last several days...waking several times a night...not eating solids...fussy... I'm glad he's not officially "sick" but at least then we could have cured it. Now we just have to wait out these silly teeth. There are 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. We've tried all sorts of things to sooth him including frozen teethers, washcloths in the freezer, oral Gel, Tylenol and good old back rubbing. I'm going to try the ginger trick next. He's better when I'm holding him so maybe I'll just have to keep him in my arms for a while. : )

In other news, Aaron is becoming a strong little boy. Today he pulled himself up in his crib. After he did it twice in a row, I grabbed the camera and caught this...

I'm sure he'll be crawling any day now. He can easily go from sitting to all fours with no problem. His little rear doesn't seem to be quite as heavy as it used to be. It's just he's not sure what to do next but I know he'll figure it out soon.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big day at the Farnsworth House

Yesterday was a great day. I always have good days when positive money issues are involved. First of all, we received our refund money from our tax return and it was almost exactly enough to pay off the Jeep! We had seven dollars and some change left over! So that means we now OWN everything in our garage! YAY!!!

The best news came around 10:30 in the morning though when I got a call from John. He got the job at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in the ICU!!!!!! We are so excited that he now has everything lined up for when he graduates. He will start as soon as he passed the boards and receives his license. While he's doing orientation he will be working days but once he's finished with that he will be working nights for a while. He has to work the 3rd weekend of every month. But that means he gets the other three weekends off! The best part of it all is that he is going to make enough to support us on one income. We have been using some of our savings these last few months so that I can stay home. We were looking for a certain number in order to make things work on just his income when he finished and it looks like we are going to surpass that. We are so blessed. It can only mean that I was destined to be a stay at home mom! :)

I am so proud of my hubby. He has worked SOOOO hard the last several years and it is all paying off now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Honor Society Dinner

Last week we attended the first ever (at Saint Luke's College) Honor Society dinner. John's parents joined John, Aaron, and I (and Katie came too to take photos for the school!). It was fun seeing John cross the stage to receive his honor cords and certificate. I am so proud of him! : ) Katie took some great pics for the school - it was her first real photo shoot and she did awesome! I can't post too many of them yet because we haven't given them to the school yet but here are a few of just our family. I'll post some more after we get permission to use them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Fit and Strong

I've been sweating up a storm for the last several weeks and I feel GREAT!!! I've been working out at the YMCA since October and recently I've been going 5-6 times per week. Since we're training for BAK I have set goals for logging miles. My February goal was 130 miles and I finished strong with 134.77! I've upped it for March and plan to ride 250 miles. So far I'm already 10.74 miles in. Some rides are real ones, some are on the stationary bike. If I could just get as motivated about the weight machines as I am about cardio I would really be rockin. I'm hoping all of my efforts show up on the scale. It's slow moving but still going. It doesn't matter how small, I still celebrate every loss each week at weight watchers - even if it's less than a pound. I'm hoping to do really well at weigh in tomorrow. I'm currently down 45.4 pounds since coming home from the hospital with little Aaron man! Yay!!!