Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Honey Help!"

This is the phrase I heard at about 7:20 this evening as we were headed out the door for Bible class. I rushed into Aaron's stinky room to find John with two poopy hands and a giggling baby. Aaron's little body has not digested the rice cereal very well and he's been quite constipated. I was getting worried about it but today he jumped a lot at Grandma's and must have loosened it all up. That little diaper was not going to do the trick. He had poop all the way up to his hair!!!! I wish it was on video because I'm sure it was hilarious to see mommy trying to strip him down while daddy is using wipe after wipe to get the poop off of his hands and Aaron's bottom. Mommy ended up getting it on her hands too in the process of taking off his long sleeve shirt and the onsie below it. Once he was stripped down to nothing John raised him up while I gave him a wipe bath all over. We couldn't put him back down on the changing table so John set him down in the crib and put a diaper on him while I went to rinse out his clothes, strip down the changing table and attempt to Lysol everything to kill the stench. Solid food poo smells disgusting!! I'm not sure how many wipes we went through but I had to use a grocery bag to dispose of the diaper and wipes. There was no wrapping it up nice and neat in a little ball to put in the diaper pail. To top it all off, Aaron thought the whole thing was quite humorous. He would go from huge smiles to all out laughs while mommy and daddy scrambled around his room trying to clean him, and everything around him up. What an adventurous evening....

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