Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eight I'm slacking. The funny thing is - a LOT can happen in eight days with a 5 month old in the house. Let's see, recently we've learned how to squeal with delight and whine instead of cry. The first part has been a blessing - I love listening to him "talk" and squeal at his mobile friends while in his crib. He rarely cries anymore. He's a happy baby when he wakes up. Nap time has been going great and he's learned to talk himself to sleep. It's really cute. He does it in the car too. He'll be singing along and all of the sudden it's quiet in the back seat and I notice his head is bobbing a little.

The other new-found sound is not as fun although still cute in its own way. He has started this whining thing. Instead of full blown tears he's learned that he can just whine instead and mommy will rescue him out of his exersaucer or pick him up off the floor or something. It's ok for a little while but it does tend to wear down the nerves. I had to turn him over to daddy for a while today because he just wanted to whine and whine and I was exhausted from trying to keep him happy while attempting to wrap packages.

He hasn't rolled over again since that one day but I think it's coming soon. He can scootch on his tummy a little by using his head and knees. Pretty talented I'd say. He goes about two inches and then slumps to the floor in defeat. He'd much prefer to be on his feet and jumping. He has pretty powerful ups in a Johnny jumper!

Thanksgiving was fun at Aunt Chelsee's house this year. We went a little early to help cook and mommy packed the car up with Aaron stuff... the Bumbo, Pack n' Play, diaper bag full of toys, and even his exersaucer. They all came in handy though and Aaron was happy so it was worth it. He took two naps while we were there and for the most part was a happy kid with no real crankiness. It was very enjoyable. Daddy played video games with Jay while the girls cooked and then cleaned up after dinner.  No complaints from me though - I actually enjoyed the cooking and cleaning.  We later took him to Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth’s while we went to a movie and then spent the rest of the evening at their house just browsing Black Friday ads.

Shopping was an adventure on Black Friday! I've never been out shopping as I always had to work. John and I scored some great deals and we bought something for everyone. We aren't quite done as a few people on our list are not finished yet but we're way ahead of the game now. John got our lights out on the house and we finished putting out our Christmas decorations today. We're ready to entertain now! Thinking of having a party for the teenagers. Should be fun.

I've got to blog more often or I'm going to end up writing a book every eight days!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun cooking

Last night we had the Farnsworth crew over. I got to try out a lot of recipes that I've wanted to make and it turned out to be an early Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, sausage stuffing, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, zucchini chips, corn, and home made bread. It was so much fun! Aaron napped really well all day - I think he was catching up from the last two nights of being up too late. We had a great rhythm going so I was able to cook and clean and top the night off with a relaxing dinner. I'm really loving this cooking thing!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog Title

I think this title is more fitting than "Farnsworth Adventures in Parenthood" since I intend to make this into a book.

BTW, Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let it snow!

We are a snow family.  Most people around here protest it but we love it - even if it's a pain to drive in sometimes.  Someday maybe we will be able to fulfill our dream of living in the mountains but for now we take what we can get.  This morning there was a tiny dusting on the ground.  When John left for work he kissed me goodbye (like he does every morning) and told me I should get a picture of Aaron's first snow.  So before it all melted I bundled our kiddo up in unmatching warm clothes with his funny shoes and cute little hat and went outside to document his very first encounter with the cold white stuff. 

He liked it of course - he is a Farnsworth after all!  Sadly all traces of snow were gone by 11:00am but the weatherman says this year we are due for lots of snow this season.  They said that Kansas City has not seen 6 inch dumps of snow since 2005 but to expect more than one occasion of 6+ this winter.  I can't wait!  Too bad Aaron's not quite old enough for snow angels yet.

Monday, November 16, 2009

All Bundled Up

Feels more like November today!  It was in the 30's and snowing just north of us.  I busted out a sweater and his cute little hat that Aunt Amy made him.  He was so cute and he actually wore the sweater all day.  I was afraid it would be too hot but I guess not!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A weekend at the Lakehouse

There were too many good photos to choose from!  What a great weekend we had - lots of lounging and relaxing. 

Aaron has a new favorite toy - his Pooh bear that the Adrians gave him.  He loves the crinkle noise the butterfly makes and the squeek that Pooh makes when you squeeze him tight.  This is him watching his show on the bed while mommy packs all of our bags. (Yes, there were many.)
We figured out that the exersaucer actually folds up! Well let me rephrase that - John figured it out. : ) We were able to bring it with us so he could play in it at the lake.
Looking outside the kitchen you can see nanny holding Aaron.  It is unusually warm weather for November as Papa blows leaves and waters the grass.
Grandma Great's rings are very facinating.  They could keep him occupied for at least 20 minutes while we finished getting dinner ready.
Nanny flew Aaron around which he loves!  Buster was constantly wanting in on the action.  He went everywhere Aaron was.
This is his latest trick.  When he lays on his back he'll hold his legs and head up, strain every muscle in is body and grimice.  He wants to sit up soooo bad!  It's adorable to watch.
Grandma Great had fun holding Aaron.

We can't forget bath time. Nanny got to witness the happy bath moments. He loves the water.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The stubborn gene

Yes, he has it.  I thought we were done with the bottle strike but my little man is persistant.  It's not that he doesn't know how to take the bottle or that he's not hungry.  He is just plain stubborn.  Yesterday at grandmas house he took the bottle for me before I left to work out but when I gave him to grandma, he wouldn't have it.  I wonder if this means he's going to be a stubborn eater all his life.

I guess part of the blame is mine because we haven't been consistant with the bottle - I guess we're going to have to reinstitute the one bottle a day thing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You'd think I'd learn my lesson...

Bad mommy!  The little guy woke up at 7 (which is pretty normal) this morning and I was still exausted.  So after I nursed him I brought him in the room with me, propped him next to me on the bed in his boppy and turned on the colors show.  He intently watched while I dozed.  I noticed sometime later that the video had stopped so like a snooze button I hit play and let him watch it AGAIN!  Sometime during the second round he must have fallen asleep because I woke up at 9:00 and he had dozed off.  As soon as I moved he woke up.  I have no idea how long he slept so our little up for 2 hours thing before taking a morning nap thing was totally blown.  I couldn't tell if he was really tired or what so I tried putting him down at 10 for his nap.  It's now 10:42 and finally peaceful.  He cried and cried.  I think he was overtired.  I know that when I try to go back to sleep or doze some more it always seems to turn out bad later on.  Why didn't I just wait until his nap time?  I hate mornings! Ok- let me rephrase that - I hate getting up in the mornings!  If I would only go to bed at a normal time I might actually get some sleep. 

Ok - enough complaining - I don't have to go to work anymore!  Life is good...even if I have to get up early with Aaron.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Same blog - new look

I needed a channge of scenery - maybe I'll change it up for the Fall season.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aunt Katie The Photographer

Check out some of our pics from the Mildale Farm. They turned out great! Can't wait for our next photo shoot - Katie you rock!!


It's official now - no more leaving Aaron unattended for the slightest of moments.  No propping him up on the bed and running to the kitchen. No more setting him on the changing table and getting something from the closet, or sitting him in his bumbo on the counter while I turn around to cook.  Little Aaronmister has learned to "scooch" himself by arching his back and using his legs.  It looks like the crab walk without the arms.  Forget the army crawl - he'd rather be on his back!  (I think eventually he'll like his tummy when he figures out he can get around better that way.)  This morning I found him in his crib with he head wedged in the corner, perpendicular!  He probably got stuck that way because he moved so much he couldn't go any farther.  This is why they say no pillows in the crib!  Good thing we cleared them out long ago.

I've noticed for the last few days that he has started arching his back when he doesn't want to be somewhere.  Yesterday he arched his back in the bumbo and almost pushed himself up out of it.  He also has discovered how to move down the bed when we are watching Baby Einstein by arching his back.  I just left him long enough to go to the restroom and when I got back he was at the edge of the bed! 

Little scoocher is keeping us on our toes and he's not even crawling yet!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Victorious Day!

First off, I finally got the guts to let John pull out my ingrown toenail.  It was huge!  There is no way I would have been able to just soak it out like I read online.  I thought I could wait it out and let the thing grow but it just got more painful as time went by.  Plus this morning it really started to puss up - gross!  My wonderful hubby did a block on my toe with Litacain and numbed it all up.  It was done in just a few minutes.  It's still sore right now but I'm confident all will be well soon.

Then an amazing thing happened this afternoon - Aaron decided to give up the bottle strike!!!  Yay!!!!  He was going through a phase of refusing to take a bottle - something that made it difficult to leave for any extended period of time.  John's mom bought some cool new bottles that are supposed to be great for breastfed babies.  At first he wasn't having it while I was still home.  Then I left to go to a Scentsy party at Chelsee's and he ate like a champ while I was gone!  We tried it again for dinner tonight just to see if it was fluke.  No tears or fussing - he ate the whole bottle just fine.  I'm so excited that John, my parents and John's parents can feed him once again.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Nail woes

I have a bad ingrown toe nail on my right foot (big toe).  It hurts like crazy and when I called the foot doctor they said it would cost me anywhere from $180 to $300 for them to dig it out.  That's just ridiculous!  But what's more riduculous is that I am such a baby about needles that I'd rather sit here in pain then have them poke me with the litacain.  I agreed to let John look at it, numb it up and try to take care of it himself.  He's still mad at me this morning for my childish behaivior last night.  It hurt so bad and I never did let him get the litacain all the way in so he quit and I went to bed still in pain and embarrased that I couldn't handle it.  I don't want to go to the doctor - they'll just do the same thing and it will be even more embarrasing.  Plus they'll charge me when I could have had it done for free.  Maybe my sweet hubby will forgive me and try again today.

I'm not having good luck with nails.  This morning I was trying to cut Aaron's nails with the clippers.  His nails grow faster than the dandelions in our yard in the spring.  Usually I wait until he is really sleepy so he doesn't move too much.  He was calm I thought, but not really sleepy.  I did the dreaded cut too far thing and made his pinky bleed!  I felt sooooo bad!!!  He cried and cried, getting louder as he got over the initial shock.  I'm not sure who cried more, him this morning, or me last night.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Helping mommy

Well we've gone from being afraid of the vacumn to helping mommy clean.  "Here mom, I'll hold that for you."  He keeps the chord out of the way for me!

**Bonus! He got so sleepy from the rythmic noise that he fell asleep! I didn't know he was sleeping until he did the head nod thing.

Play Time

Ellie joins in the fun for tummy time.

We sure love the exersaucer!

Awe and Wonder

How many times have I read about people being filled with awe and wonder? Countless. There's story after story in the Bible of people filled with awe after experiencing the presence of God. I myself have experienced this awe. But what would it be like to live in those awesome moments everyday? I bet Aaron knows. I see his little eyes light up with every new thing he experiences. It is the most amazing thing. I get positively giddy watching him and helping him discover his surroundings and himself. Though he cannot say a word, I can tell he is taking it in. He is so full of life.

Why do we lose that wonder? I wonder if God feels the same way about me as I do when I'm watching Aaron filled with that sense of awe? It's in those moments when we know that God is truly leading our lives and revealing himself to us that we experience that same innocent, awestruck sensation. Does God get giddy too? I would like to think he does!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rolled over!

Yesterday as we were doing our tummy time, Aaron rolled over on his own!!!  I was helping him roll from his tummy to his back and then back to his tummy and all of the sudden he rolled back over to his back all by himself!  I don't know if it was momentum or if he really figured it out.  Doesn't matter, I'm counting it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a really eventfull Halloween- so eventfull that little Aaron couldn't keep up and we had to stretch it out over the whole weekend.  Luckily, he didn't know that Sunday wasn't Halloween too so he didn't mind wearing the costume again. : )  On Saturday we went and visited Teresa at work dressed as both a Lion and a nurse!  He was adorable in his little scrubs but they barely fit and were really hot under that Lion suit.

Then it was off to visit Great Grandma Thies at the Atriums. She was thrilled to see him and got some great pics in front of her decorated door. When I get a copy of them I'll post it.

After that it was on to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth.  They were plesantly suprised to see little Aaron.  By that time he had just about enough of that costume and wasn't in the mood to wear it anymore.  He was great for them but started to get really sleepy so we decided to head home for a nap.  Too bad he just cried and cried and never napped.  He finally conked out at 6 and slept ALL NIGHT until 5 the next morning!!!  No trick or treating for us.  We didn't even have candy to pass out because we thought we'd be out.

But the next day we got to dress him up again and go visit Nanny and Papa and Aunt Katie.  He was in good spirits as he showed off his Lion cosutme yet again.  Of course everyone thought he was adorable.  When the suit got too hot we took it off and papa told him about the hat collection that he would one day have.  Too cute!

Finally we stopped over at Grandma and Grandad's house to show them our Lion.  He was pretty sleepy by then.  He probably should have gone to bed but we were determined to take him over so they could see him too.  I know they were glad they got see his cute little outfit and he was pretty cuddly since he was tired.  All in all, we had a great Halloween.  Can't wait unitl he can understand what costume he's wearing.  Or better yet, be able to pick one out and I can help make it/put it together for him!