Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo Shoot...sort of...

Sorry mom, my teeth hurt and I'd rather chew on my fingers than smile.

Actually these props are pretty interesting...

Seriously, a hat? You know how I feel about you covering my hair.

Yeah, go ahead, keep snapping as if I'll smile...

I could hang out here with my thumb forever.

But back to these crinkly things...they really are facinating...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peaceful morning

OK - I may be a nerd for reading books and websites about how to parent, but today my book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth, has done the trick.  (Well it's not really mine - a freind let me borrow it and now I can't remember who's it was!) I started reading this book when I was on bed rest and couldn't wait to implement the ideas and suggestions for bed time and nap time but somehow I forgot all about it until yesterday in my desperation.  We haven't ever had trouble with bed time so I sort of let the nap time thing go.  He started throwing what appeared to be tantrums everytime we would try to put him down for a nap.  He would cry and scream and I'd know everything was fine because if you go in the room or pick him up he stops.  I tried to let him cry it out yesterday but after an hour (and two "checks" which probably undermined my cry it out strategy), I ended up nursing him to sleep on my bed and then cuddling with him while he slept.  While enjoyable for me, I can't resort to that every day.

So this morning I took some advice...I got up and stayed up at 7:15 when he first woke up instead of nursing him and going back to sleep, a habit that I started because I go to bed too late.  Before, I would either put him back in his crib and eventually he goes back to sleep too or I prop him up on pillows next to me and turn on Baby Einstine.  So that was the first thing I nixed today.  We both got up and played after I nursed him.  The book says to watch for any signs of tiredness and then put them down immediately for their nap.  He explains that babies get tired after only two hours of wakefullness.  It could actally be less than that - two hours is usually the max.  So there is this "sweet spot" time frame when your baby is tired but still happy.  If you put him down in that time period, there is little fussing and they usually will nap longer.  Aaron was likely getting overtired and too cranky to settle down to sleep.  I could see that because he is this adorable, happy baby all morning until we hit 11:00 at which point he turns into a monster!  Except for today...

So around 8:30 I started noticing that he seemed maybe a little tired.  The signs are still hard for me to notice but I think I can get better at it.  I acutally waited until 9 and then I took him to his room and layed him down in his crib with the mobile on.  He was  a little fussy when I first set him down (a habit at nap time I think.)  But then I put away his laundry while he lay there.  I re-cranked the mobile when it stopped and he was out by the time it finished it's second round.  AMAZING!!  We'll see how long he rests, but already, this is way better than the last few days!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Crankiest Baby on the Block

Mr. Fussipants is driving me a little nutty today...I gotta be honest.  He's perfect when I'm holding him - like right now as I type this post - but if I set him down, the water works start.  I have NO IDEA what is wrong.  I really wish he could telepathically send me a little hint because I've changed his diaper, nursed him, stripped him, and re-dressed him.  I should be doing the dishes or laundry (they are piling up), but instead I'm holding him trying to make sure he stays calm.

I think he's tired - no nap yet today but everytime I lay him down he just wails.  I let him cry for 15 min straight and he never let up.  I feel mean if I leave him to cry longer than that - I guess I'm going to have to man up and let him do it.  He's not a bad baby - we have tons of laughs - but this is wearing on me today. ( I think part of it is that my house is rather messy right now and that always stresses me a little.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The go-go family

Once upon a time there was a family named the Go-gos.  No matter what they tried, they could not escape thier go-go lifestyle.  From the time they were married 7 years ago, they had always found something to fill thier, school, Karate, coaching, Bible studies, church events, working out, school, work, school, school, school, volunteering...

It was never ending.  Then one day they found out they were going to have a baby.  They were so excited and throughout the 9 months they started weaning themselves of activities.  First they stopped helping out with church things on Sunday morning allowing them to sleep in a teensy bit longer before second service.  Then Mrs. go-go finished up school which freed up her Tuesday nights.  Then they decided to temporarily stop volunteering for thier youth group on Wedesday nights and quit hosting a home group on Sunday nights. 

By the time baby go-go was born they had lowered thier commitments to a minimum.  Mrs. go-go even decided to leave her job to stay home with the baby.  She thought that this would make life simpler and less go-goish.  Alas, go-go was in her blood and she soon started to fill her time with daily trips to the gym, multiple trips to the grocery store and Wal-mart each week, and other activities that seemed to pop up.  Baby go-go did not really do well in the go-go lifestyle.  He got cranky from lack of sleep and odd daily patterns.  So Mr. and Mrs. Go-go decided that they were determined not to let the Go-go blood taint thier lifestyle anymore.  Will the Go-go's be able to change?  Only time will tell...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Things I love that Aaron does

The whole body stretch - He reaches his arms and legs as far out as they can possibly go. It's usually accompanied by a yawn. Some day I'm going to catch this photo opp or get good video footage of it.

The Maaaas and Mama's that seem to come from his cries. I love it! Is it weird to love crying?

Rolling his eyes back in his head when he first starts to eat.

Our cooing conversations. He'll coo and then I coo, back and forth for like 20 minutes!

His yawns - Ever since he discovered his voice, he makes this adorable sighing noise.

Singing in the car - I think he likes the change in his voice from the vibrations. He moves his lips a lot while cooing now.

His happy little legs as they try desperately to move him as he buries his head during tummy time.

Is this for real?

This week has been the week of restfull nights!  But is this for real or just a little phase?  We weren't very good with a bed time routine this week as he went to bed at lots of different times plus he did get his shots yesterday so maybe he is just over tired.  Here is how bed time has gone down this week:

Sunday night - B-day party at Mom and Dad's, got home at 9:00, he slept until 5:30 the next morning
Monday night - Criger's came over for dinner, put him down around 9:00 again, woke up at 3 like normal
Tuesday night - bed by 8:00, woke up at 7:00!
Wednesday night - Bible study, got home at 9:30, bed at 10:00 : ( - slept until 8:00
Thursday night - bed at 7:00, slept until 7:00!!!

The only night he woke up at 3 like normal was Monday night!  Is this a fluke or just a sleepy boy?  We'll see! 

In other news...he cried out mama twice again today!!!  Ok, he was fussing and doing his general Maaaaa noise but I swear he said mama. : )  This time Grandma heard it!  So Nanny's heard it, Grandma's heard it...daddy needs to hear it!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My lil' sis is 18 and Aaron is 4 months today!

Happy 18th Birthday Katie!!!! I can't believe my little sister is an adult now... wow I feel old... (Sorry mom!)

Aaron turned 4 months old today and to celebrate we got him...shots... ouch! His 4 month check up was today with his second round of vacinations. It's so sad when he is all smiles and cooing when we go in and then tears and yawns for the rest of the day. He did well - a little warm and tired but he had some Tylenol and took lots of naps. Nanny came over to say hi and in his mess of tears he blurted out, "mama." Of course, he probably didn't know what he was saying because a lot of his cries sound like ma but we both looked at each other like, "did you just hear that? He said mama!!"

Here are his latest stats:

16lbs, 10 oz - 80th percentile
26.25 inches long - 90th percentile
Head circumference...can't remember but 25th percentile
Strong for his age and really good at cooing! More like a 6 month old!
Great head control - ok to start solids, but doesn't need them yet
Going to continue exclusive breast feeding due to allergies, eczema, and celiac in family history
His tooth looks good - normal

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our house is falling apart...

I'm ready to move...well let me put it another way.  I would like to move.  All in good time of course.  I'm just bummed out because we had a bug guy come out and discover that we have ants in our walls, rotted siding (all over), and a crack in the skylight seam...nice.  Mix that with the fact that we already know our roof is leaking in couple of places and the front half of our house is sinking and you can understand my frustration.  This place is a money pit!  What to do.... it's a catch 22.  Dump a bunch of money into fixing everything we would like fixed and stay for a while, or try to patch things up enough to sell it and get out!  Either way... it's going to take some mu-la.  Oh the joys of homeownership! 

But seriously - other than the whole house thing - I totally love my life right now.  I can't remember the last time I was this content.  (Wait...I think it was shortly after we got married, before we started school, when all we would do was come home and watch CSI together or go on fun bike rides.)  I love my hubby more than ever - he's a wonderful daddy too.  And I love my little boy.  He is the joy of my life!  Leaving my job was the greatest descision we've ever made.

BTW...we did get the whole ants-in-the-wall thing fixed today.  : )

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hair Loss : (

As I'm cleaning up Aaron's room today I noticed something odd in his crib.  At first I thought it was animal hair - like Ellie hair but it was dark.  If we had a cat I'd think it had nested in Aaron's bed.  Then I realized that what I uncovered was Aaron't bald spot spread all over his sheets!  I guess it only makes sense - the hair went somewhere.  He's been balding in the back and on the sides now for a while.  We switch his postions on the bed when we put him down at night so there are actually two spots on the sheets.  Check it out:

You have to look closely and I had to put the objects in the picture for the camera to focus and take the picture.  Poor guy, I hope it comes back ok.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prince Aaron

After much fussing, I decided that Aaron is a boy afterall, so... I took off his pants, built him a thrown, and turned on the tube.  If he was able to eat snacks I would have given him that too.  It seemed to work for a little while.  At least long enough to fold some laundry!  His little outfit that Grandma put him in yesterday was soooo cute!  I took some pictures before he turned all fussy on me.  He was all dressed up with no where to go.  Strike that - we had places to go but who wants to hawl a crying baby around?  Not me!  Plus, he wouldn't have enjoyed it with that poor little mouth bothering him.  The Tylenol did seem to help.  I gave him .4 ml at about 6:30, nursed him, bathed him, and put him down to bed. 
Today is my birthday - yay!  We are going to Home Depot to pick out some paint for the living room and then out to dinner tonight with the Farnsworths.  I hope Aaron is up for it!  (We get to celebrate again on Sunday at mom and dad's with Aunt Chelsee and Aunt Katie!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I guess I'm having a frustrated mommy day.  I feel so blessed to stay at home with Aaron that I almost feel like I can't complain about anything.  Almost...everyone's entitled to complain sometimes right?

Let me just say...teething SUCKS!  I don't know what to do for him and all he's doing is fuss, fuss, fuss today.  Why did he have to get teeth so early?  It brings up all these stupid "worry thoughts" like, Is he going to have buck teeth since they're coming in on top first?  Is this stage going to last months on end?  Where did my happy baby go?  Is his mental developement going to stall since it's hard to stimulate him while he's in pain?  How do I know that it really is his tooth that's bothering him?

I think the most worrisome for me is the developement of other things.  I've been tring to do the tummy time thing but he is just not having it. Lately, anytime we play it's just short lived and then he gets fussy again.  He has trouble taking naps which I don't know if that has to do with his teeth.  There are sometimes that he wakes up in the night and I'm sure it was his tooth that woke him up.  Maybe it hinders day time sleep too?  I don't want to drug him up all the time but I think I am going to resort to Tylenol today.  We'll see how that goes.  I've rubbed his gums, let him chew on my finger, tried teething rings and a cold wash cloth to chew on...nothing seems to work.  Part of the problem is that he doesn't quite get the grabbing thing yet.  He's getting there but since it's so early, he doesn't really hold things up to his mouth on his own yet.

So much for house projects today... or laundry... or dishes... heck, maybe not even dinner...  he practically won't let me put him down.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What's that smell?

So our basement has smelled funny for a few weeks now but it's gotten a LOT worse in the last day or so. We have been trying to pin point it to no avail. I thought for sure it was mold of some type. I found some nasty drier lint molding on the drainage grate next to the washing machine and figured the smell was coming from there. I cleaned it out real well with OxiClean and then vacuumed the basement with that powder stuff that makes the room smell good. It only helped temporarily but then the smell came back.

John thought maybe it was a dead animal, like a mouse or something. He figured it died behind the stairs and if we couldn't find it, the smell would go away eventually. He had planned to get the Christmas stuff out and check back there but just hadn't gotten around to it.

So tonight we get home after our trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill with the Farnsworth’s (which by the way was awesome!) and Ron and Teresa were helping us carry stuff upstairs. They noticed the smell immediately...natural gas! What???!!! We've been living in a puff of gas for the last few weeks! Then I realized that the heater is right next to the washing machine at the base of the stairs which would explain why both of us thought the smell was in that area. Plus, John just turned the furnace on the other day for the first time this winter. So of course Teresa called up Uncle Danny since he did this kind of stuff for a living. He came over right away, found the leak, and patched it up for us. No more gas smell!

We both just thought that gas was supposed to smell like rotten eggs...apparently that's only propane gas. Natural gas just smells like moldy dead animals!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Laundry, Bread, and Baby Einstein

Let's talk about Laundry...who knew that I'd be doing more of my own laundry than Aaron's?  See, his little clothes are so small so I maybe do one load per week for him.  He has enough outfits to last so when I change him multiple times a day, I still have other things to put him in.  Mine on the other hand gets spit-up on, slobbered on, peed on, and yes, even pooped on - everyday!  I change as much as he does!  And my clothes are way bigger which means a lot more loads.  I used to wear things a couple of times before washing if I didn't sweat a lot and they still smelled good. : )  Now - I change at least twice a day and they MUST be washed before wearing again! 

Today I successfully made bread from scratch!  Yay for me!  After yesterday's failed attempt I figured practice makes perfect so I gave it another shot.  Turns out you only need 1/2 cup of water, not a full cup.  Oops...that would be what made the dough so sticky yesterday.  Anyway, it turned out pretty good - not perfect of course.  But I've got Esther to help me perfect it!

Yesterday Aaron and I went to the Library and checked out some cool Baby Einstein videos.  He LOVES them!  Well actually he loves the TV period!  I don't know if that's a good thing.  For now, at least he's learning about the farm, colors, and baby sign language.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Farns

Yesterday Grandma and Grandad Farnsworth celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!!!!  We went over and visited with his cute onesie that says, "That's it, I'm going to Grandmas!" and as always, Aaron spit up and slobered all over it!  I guess that's what they do best at this age.  Anyway, mommy forgot to bring an extra outfit so Grandma pulled out this cute shirt to put on him.  Yes, it says "Little Farns" and it was daddy's!!  Aunt Marilyn had it made for him when he was Aaron's age.  I almost started bawling!  They look so cute together.  I'm sure this won't be the first time he wears his daddy's clothes.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleep Please

Really sleepy boy + early bedtime = 10 hours of sleep straight last night!!!!  Yay!

But... painful teething + little naps = cranky, sleepy boy.

Can sleepy boy + late bedtime still = 10 hours of sleep?

Let's hope so... : )

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hanging Out With The Fam

Today we hung out with Nanny and Papa, Aunt Katie and great Grandma Thies. We went to Applebee's and the Louisburg Cider Mill. Aaron is working on a new tooth and has been quite cranky recently. Luckily he still has those brief moments of pure joy though. Aunt Katie took a few snaps while Nanny made him laugh and blow bubbles for us.

The Cider Mill was PACKED!!! I had trouble maneuvering around with the stroller and the crowds made me downright claustrophobic. No one ever warned me about the weird maternal instinct to protect your child from strangers getting near enough to breath on them. A lady at Applebee's came over to admire Aaron (a lady's man already) and started running her fingers through his hair. Gross! I have no idea who she was and while she was nice as could be - where have those hands been? Has she ever been exposed to the H1N1 virus?! I'm a freak! Of course I was friendly to her but inside I wanted to pull him away or soak her in hand sanitizer.

Babies get away with everything. When he burps, we congratulate him and say how proud we are. The more rolls and chins he has, the cuter he gets. And when he has a belly ache and finally poops, we say "good job buddy - feels better huh?" Today I thought he must have a tummy ache because he hadn't pooped all day. Around 4 he decided it was time...1st clean diaper...poops again...second clean diaper...another poo...third clean diaper...ok mom seriously, I'm not done yet. I still have to pee. It took 4 diapers to get him changed!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Overview of the last few months

Look at how little he was.  Those socks wouldn't stay on because they were so they won't stay on because they roll right off - they're too small!

The first bath was not too fun but now we love it!

He's learning to hold his head up.  It's still a little wobbly but he's getting it.

If you put something in his hand he knows how to hang on.  He's even grabbing at things and learning to hold a rattle now.

This was our first trip on the boat.  We went to Tablerock to Nanny and Papa's lakehouse.  He was about 6 weeks old and slept most the time!

We've been practicing "tummy time" to strengthen those arms.  He likes to rest his head and push his rear up with his knees so he can kick away.  We're still working on that upper body strength!

We had to bust out the cute bath robe.  It finaly fits a little better though it's mostly for looks.  He's such a cutie.

It seems like he's learning all the time - just taking in everything around him.  He makes a lot of noises right now.  I love to hear him "talk" to us.  It's gurgles and coos - I love it!  He also recently learned how to blow bubbles with his slobber and he's facinated by it!  His little legs are growing stronger by the day.  We put him in his little exersaucer the other day for the first time.  John was showing him how to make the music play and we thought that he didn't really get it.  Then John turned away for a moment and boom!  He's making it sing songs with the pull of a plastic ring!  He's so smart!

He slept all the way through the night...once...the other day.  It was like 11 hours or something crazy like that.  It was the first and last time that he's done it so far.  He usually wakes up around 3 every night to nurse.  I don't really mind though - I love nurisng him.

Today he tried out the Johnny Jumper at Grandma's house.  I guess he liked it pretty well.  Can't wait to try ours out! 

We think he has his first tooth coming in.  It's pretty rough and you can see a little white coming through on his gums.  Poor little guy has been fussy, had low fever, and has filled his drawers a lot in the last week.  It's wierd what one little tooth can do!

Well that should pretty much bring us up to date I think.  In other news...John and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary tomorrow!!!  (It was actually Monday but we're going out tomorrow.)

Hello Again!

So we had to come up with a different name for our blog since our "futurefarnsworth" has officially arrived! A ton has happened in the last few months. I can't believe that Aaron is already 3 and half months old! Oh how time flies!

For those of you who haven't heard, I am now officially a stay at home mom - yes as of today! I love to write so I plan to post often about the wonderful world of parenthood and how our little man is making out these days. We have tons of pictures to share and of course video too! So check in from time to time and see how our new little family is doing. : )